Cool decor ideas and color schemes for the bedroom

Cool decor ideas and color schemes for the bedroom

Cool decor ideas and color schemes for the bedroom

The bedroom as our private recreational area also deserves attention in its design. Not only the colors we choose for furnishing and also for painting, play an important role in the cozy space perception of a bedroom. A great effect also the little things or the decorative elements, which are available as wall or room decoration in this room. The variants for bedroom decoration are many and varied. Of course, the decoration must be adapted to emphasize the desired style and ambiance according to the color scheme. With the help of different objects, you can create the leitmotif of bedroom design or stress. Take the example of a Maritimes-bedroom, which is painted in a color combination of blue and white. If we have chosen the sea as the theme for this bedroom, we can support it by means of a decoration with images of ships with ropes, or with others for dasMeer typical objects and expand. So the decoration and color design go hand in hand with each other. To help you in the bedroom design, we have prepared several examples of cool decorating ideas and color schemes.

simple and modern wall decoration minimalist loft bedroom

modern bedroom ideas for cool decoration and design with Holzwandpaneel and modern pendulum lamps and floor lamp weiß_licht idea bedrooms with sloping roof

One of the main design elements of a bedroom is the essential furniture alone. Various cabinets, chairs, benches, tables and storage furniture, such as wall shelves and open storage systems, which represent a functional decoration. Depending on materiality and color of the furniture surface, the room gets its look certain Still direction. Since the bed is the main character in the bedroom, the decoration mostly concentrated around him. You can set the bed scene by either an accent wall in different wall paint or wall covering behind him, or by the headboard. The headboard is a piece of furniture that can be used as a backrest and wall decoration at the same time, especially if you build it yourself. Such cool bedroom decoration with a DIY headboard can be reached in different ways. As an example, we have prepared some interesting variants with books, pallets, old wooden doors and even pillows. In addition, a homemade headboard provides the perfect design surface for wall lights and lamps that are required in addition to any bed. Further decoration with images and photos can also fit well at this point and contribute.

cool decorating ideas for the bedroom with DIY wooden headboard with blue wall lights

creative bedroom design with black ground and DIY wooden bed with a green bedspread and home-built Kopftbrett with platform

creative ideas for bedroom design with cool Abstelfläche for clothes

creative wall design and bedroom furnishings idea white with closet

Other popular decoration surface are of course the walls, the endless possibilities for interesting and creative, as well as offer a modern and stylish wall decoration. On one hand, you can accept as colored wall design the wall color, as well as a combination of different colors and wall-painting patterns. On the other hand, you can leave the walls white or subtly emphasize in light pastel colors and embellish by wall design elements, such as picture frames, wall mirrors and lighting fixtures. With the help of wall tattoos and wallpaper will create the color scheme and wall design with print simultaneously. You can also reach by suspended behind the bed curtains the same. Other creative solution for wall decoration in the bedroom are different wall shelves that buy directly into bright colors, or as a DIY wall shelves made of wood, cardboard boxes and shoe boxes could tinker. A fantastic decorating idea for the bedroom offers the renovation of sideboards and wooden furniture, which they can reshape color and paint. Creative inspiration for that you are in our article: &# 8222; Interesting furniture painting ideas&# 8220; Find.

cool decor ideas and color schemes for the bedroom

creative inspiration bedroom for bedroom furnishings with DIY cupboard and clothes hanger

modern bedroom interior design and interesting wall with mirror and fishing

bedroom luxury furnishings and decoration bed with pillows and bedspread grau_coole wanddeko idea with indirect lighting and spiehel in the bedroom

Bedroom decoration idea with mirror frames and DIY wooden headboard

cool bedroom deco idea with bedside tables and headboard wooden rods themselves bauen_idee for mirror in the bedroom

fresh bedroom color design in yellow and modern decoration with a round mirror

round mirror in shock room white with image-wanddeko and decorate bed with yellow pillows and bedspread yellow

Bedroom with wall color red and elegant decor with white pendant lamps and cool Wanddeko

bedroom red with DIY wall decoration and bed decorate with red bedspread and pillow red

colored wall tattoo Tree for interesting wall decoration bedroom

bedroom with wandfabe bright yellow and black and white photography as wanddeko and blue bedspread with floral motifs

Bedroom color scheme in gray and white and wall decoration wall tattoo flower

bedroom furniture design with Ikea bed white and desk weiß_wanddeko idea with white ikea shelves and carpet with stripes motif in white-black

DIY Wall painting and decoration ideas for the bedroom

small bedroom with wall color blue and cool wall design with white square motif

 creative wall design and decoration with rustic wooden bedside tables

underline bedroom color design in blue and orange with sliding door wood in white and cool wall idea

elegant wall design and simple decoration with modern bedside

small bedroom gray wanddeko idea with wall color gray and white picture frame

Wanddeko idea for the bedroom with red wallpaper for elegant color scheme in white and red

means small bedrooms and cool wandgestaltung_bett deco with red pillows and bedspread

creative design and decorate the nursery with old wooden cupboard doors

old türe deko headboard idea for DIY and cool wall stress pattern in gray and white

cool color scheme of blue and orange and creative decorating ideas for the nursery

children's bedroom furnishings with DIY head share blue and orange curtains as an accent to the blue linen with stripe pattern

Letter Wanddeko-idea for the bedroom

modern decoration bedroom wall with plant color green and bedside tables with wood

Inspiration for a modern decor rustic nursery

cool deco ideas bedroom with wood wall covering and maritime bed linen

DIY wall decoration Nursery Box

bedroom wanddeko itself tinker as ideas for creative nursery design

elegant bedroom furniture idea with color accent in blue &# 8211; Maison C Oliver Chabaud

modern bedroom and nursery idea with wardrobe blue and cool wanddeko with blue box and modern deco with balls

Tinker own wall-wooden bookcase as a bedroom decoration

wanddeko with DIY books matter in light blue

Craft idea for DIY bedside tables with silver thumbtacks Decoration

bedroom gray-white with DIY bedside tables

green curtain with creative Schriftzägen as decoration behind the bed

modern bedroom with curtains and deco color scheme bedroom green

make a Buheme bedroom interior

small bedroom design brick wall with white and curtain and wanddeko idea with photos

Curtain decoration for the youth room

bed and make yourself wanddeko

creative idea for DIY wall decoration and wall lamp in the bedroom with Christmas lights

color design bedrooms with wall color blue and DIY headboard as wall lamp

interesting wall decoration and wall-painting-ideas for modern bedroom interior in black and white

stripes emphasize pattern in black and white and creative wanddeko with DIY Wall shelf white

rustic bedroom furniture and wall design with pages and mirrors

creative bedroom deco ideas for DIY wall decoration and elegant bed decoration in blue

Suitcase bedside table and piles of books as a DIY headboard as interesting decor

coolde deco ideas bedroom with wooden floor and rustic bedroom furniture

modern and creative bedroom wall decoration idea with Büchern

modern bedroom ideas for creative interior design

interesting decor idea with pillows as wall decoration and DIY headboard

minimalist bedroom white with wood furnishings and color scheme in braum and

build wooden headboard slats themselves and used as wall decoration in the bedroom

small bedroom furnishings in black and white with a cool windowsill deco and bettdeko with purple pillow

Pallet headboard as rustic decoration in the bedroom

creative device bedrooms with slanted roof white and DIY -Schlafzimmermöbel

modern bedroom with creative interior in black and yellow

small bedroom design with yellow wooden bedside tables and black wall with headboard from textil_bett decorate with bedspread yellow and black pillow

Flag Deco idea as interesting youth room design

small bedroom furnishings idea in blue and red

fresh design idea and DIY bedroom decor with a headboard made of wooden boards

DIY bedroom deco and cool craft ideas with wood

farbelhafte idea for decoration and design with wood of a modern bedroom interiors

modern bedroom with swinging lamps and DIY wall and ceiling design of pallets

Modern Wall decorated with wooden lattice &# 8211; bedroom inspiration

modern bedroom with bedstead black and cool black and white tree image as a modern wanddeko

DIY headboard wave plate and wall design with wood paneling

small bedroom with sloping roof modern set up and decorate bed with gray coverlet and pillows yellow

chic color scheme in white and light blue for the bedroom

modern bedroom blue in hellblau_holzboden stripes with blue curtains and bed with bench carpeting in gray and blue

combine wall color beige with white bedroom furniture

modern bedroom beige with rustic sideboard white and stripe stool with black and white

 interesting inspiration for the bedroom with swing

deco ideas bedroom with wooden bedstead and green color accents

Wall shelves as wall design idea and decorative shelf

bedroom furnishings idea with white bookshelves and bed linen green

interesting color combination and decoration idea in black, white and red

Modern children's bedroom furnishings with metal bedstead black and cool holzschrönke white with black handles and round red carpets

Luxury bedroom design with pendulum lamps and round Beisteltischen metal

modern bedroom with leather bed white and rustic wooden floor and wanddeko with photos

Cool Heart decoration idea for the bedroom

modern bedroom white with simple DIY wall decoration with photos

Poster wall decoration idea for Youth Room

deco ideas bedroom

creative wall design with DIY jewelry wall decoration in a girl’s bedroom

modern bedroom deco idea and design beige wall color and Barroque-sideboard

 modern youth room decor and wall decoration

cool wall design bedrooms with parquet flooring and carpet blue

cozy window seating area as a creative design idea of ​​little girls bedroom

modern set small bedroom furniture girl and make

fresh furnishing idea for girls room

girl-room set with wallpaper and pink colored accents

Wanddeko with circular stickers in zebra pattern and color Rose

girl make nursery with wooden bed and white stickers wanddeko

colorful wall decoration for the nursery in pink and orange

nursery color scheme with wall color gray and orange

blue wall color and cool wall decoration with tree Wandttatto for Girls Room

nursery design with walls blue and pink colored furniture and bedding

green star wall decoration in the nursery

nursery wall design with stars and stripes carpet green and white nursery-furniture

Girls room decor and decorating ideas

girl bedroom with wall color brown and wallpaper wanddeko_idee furnishing small nursery

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