Concrete in the garden – a modern garden design

Concrete in the garden - a modern garden design

The material Concrete as an interesting solution for modern garden design. The concrete is a diverse construction materials with special properties, which allows you to create all sorts of shapes and volumes that you imagine. Due to its plasticity, impermeability, different design options in the surface formation and its reconditions at high temperature and chemical attack, the concrete, the perfect solution for a modern design in the outdoor area. Each kind of furniture, flooring, and creative DIY items for decoration namely, made of concrete. In our article: Crafting ideas with concrete, you will find lots of cool ideas for DIY art and today we want to introduce some interesting designer furniture made of concrete for exterior use.

cool terrace design with concrete garden furniture collection DRILLIUM of opiary

make wood terrace garden and set with modern garden furniture made of concrete

The concrete is perceived basically as a cold material. The things you can tinker with it, can create an optical illusion of softness by a textured surface. As an example we have selected the garden bench “Buenos Aires” and the “Chesterfield” sofa. Every wrinkle and every detail of the typical upholstered furniture is picked up by concrete and every detail embodies. see made out of a stone textile concrete furniture and still give the feeling of a soft and comfortable seat. Another example of “busy” concrete pieces are the wooden stool “Knotty” of Hardgoods. The designer pieces of cast concrete are cast hollow and make imitation of stumps is, painted in white or gray and can be used as a side table, stool or footrest. A fantastic idea for designing the garden or terrace with garden furniture made of concrete imitation wood.

Garden furniture Inspiration &# 8211; garden bench &# 8222; Buenos Aires&# 8220; bondi grupo

cool ideas for garden design with concrete furniture

Landscaping creative with concrete &# 8211; Concrete pads and concrete stool by grupo bondi

concrete in the garden as an idea for creative garden design with concrete furniture

Interesting idea for garden design with DIY garden furniture, offer the molded bricks cinder block. Thanks to the holes, you can use the concrete blocks not only as a vegetable bed, but also for simple DIY garden benches and sitting areas. For that you only need a few wooden slats and your garden bed is ready. Another creative idea for garden design with concrete in the concrete tiles by Ivanka Store. The concrete slabs are small, orthographic gaps provided on the surface, where moss can grow to form a spectacular, playful floor design.

fantastic idea for DIY garden table with garden benches made of concrete

DIY wooden garden furniture and concrete cool garden equipment

creative idea for DIY furniture made of concrete and wood &# 8211; Craft idea for DIY dining table

DIY concrete table with wooden legs

Interesting decor for the garden with the concrete bed Chesterfield from grayconcrete

concrete sofa as garden furniture asu concrete for interesting gartengestaltung

creative idea for garden decoration with DIY garden bench made of concrete of Solso

craft ideas with concrete for DIY garden bench as a plant bed

Another idea for designing with concrete &# 8211; Concrete flower pots of 66 pottery bali

concrete in the garden as a garden decoration idea

DIY sofa shaped stones for the garden

creative craft idea with molded bricks for DIY garden furniture

Idea for concrete in the garden with DIY fireplace open concrete in round shape

gartengestaltung with DIY Ate fireplace Open round

beautiful garden idea for a cool garden setting with the concrete stool KNOTTY STOOL

modern garden design with concrete stool

The rocking chair of concrete &# 8211; SWING paul mountain

Concrete rocking chair as garden furniture

intreressante solution for garden design with furniture made of concrete &# 8211; mobilier a jardiner

landscaping with garden bench concrete as a flower pot

round garden furniture made of concrete for modern decor in the garden

creative garden setting with round concrete furniture

innovative concrete tiles for outdoor use &# 8211; ORTO LIVING COVERING Ivanka Studio

gartengestaltung with innovative garden tiles made of concrete

fantastic garden design with puzzle concrete tiles by Ivanka Studio

concrete tiles for outdoor use

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