Concrete Brown – Great brown surface of concrete

Concrete Brown - Great brown surface of concrete

Thanks to the colored concrete, we achieved a more lasting color results than with a subsequent paint. The colors are more intense than discoloration by colored aggregates alone. The desired color of concrete to meet the requirements, but experience and expertise in the production of concrete are needed, because it applies different influences to control properly. Even if the concrete is colored with pigments, the brightness of the cement used is very important because it determines the base color of the concrete. With bright cements, as they are usually with Portland composite cements or blast furnace basically educated intense, purer hues. These cements are highly recommended, especially in bright colors such as pastels and of course white. Dark red, ocher, brown and black can be adjusted well with darker cements. Pigments for selectively dyeing concrete in different delivery forms such as powders, granules, pearls or liquid paint. With iron oxide pigments, for example, can be concrete red, yellow, black and brown color.

The concrete with brown discoloration is inserted at most in the outer region as a floor covering for patios or garden paths. A fantastic design idea for the garden, ideally combined with natural stones beige shades. A polished concrete surface forms a creative design in the kitchen. They are the following examples of concrete Braun are some suggestions with kitchen worktops brown colored concrete. In the outer walls of exposed concrete the color brown is chosen rare. By means of color pigments, such as e.g. Iron oxide powder, or by various surface coatings, different shade of the color brown are possible. For a non-fading, weather-resistant and abrasion-resistant paint on concrete, there are acrylic paints. By subjecting the hardened concrete nor a surface treatment, such as by light sandblasting, the color becomes more uniform. In this case, the natural color spectrum of the aggregate of white quartz sand on yellow limestone, brown limestone and red Kalkbrekzie extends to green slate and black basalt &# 8211; is visible, and it adds up to the viewer with the color of the cement to form an overall impression.

brown concrete exterior floorings &# 8211; House La Moraleja

the outside wall of concrete brown-minimalist landscaping with pond pools and garden walls made of concrete

Flooring Concrete for Construction of terraces &# 8211; Combination of natural stone and concrete

terraces idea with brown concrete floor and wooden canopy support of natural stone

Kitchen Interior Ideas in white with brown concrete countertops

white kitchen with cooking island and küchenarbeitspaltten of brown concrete

Ideas for garden paths of concrete in Brown

beautiful garden ideas with concrete walkway

Concrete Brown in the kitchen

modern kitchen with kitchen countertops made of concrete brown and natural stone wall white

exterior wall design with concrete light brown

the outside wall of exposed concrete brown with concrete bench

brown concrete construction of Lischer Partner Architekten

betonbau with brown concrete-minimalist house with square window openings

Concrete wall brown texture with footprint

wall color brown - brown concrete wall with leaf imprint

St. Canisius Church in Berlin

color concrete ideas for exterior wall

the outside wall of exposed concrete brown with wandbelwuchtung

Terrace Concrete Brown

covered terrace with wooden canopy and concrete floor

External walls from concrete in Brown

concrete walls brown

Wohnideen corridor with ground polished concrete Brown

brown concrete floor of concrete

modern bedroom with walls of exposed concrete

living room with floor inspirations from brown concrete

stylish living room with brown brick wall and concrete floor brown

kitchen white with cooking island and white kitchen countertops made of brown concrete

concrete braum in the interior as floor coverings

living inspirations with wood wall covering and floor made of brown concrete

exterior wall covering from natural stone and veranda of brown concrete

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