Color design for optical space enlargement

Color design for optical space enlargement

More and more people live in small apartments, whether they are alone with partner, or a small three-head family. And even if an apartment has enough room for everyone, these are often small. What can we do if our bedroom is a small, confined space, or if we cozy living room and make greater want? In this case, the colors are one of the best and simplest solutions because they cause our space-sensation, the feeling of comfort and of course the optical space size. Each color can bring about different psychological effect with it, which also plays an important and essential role in the interior design. The wall color is actually the most effective method for redesigning a room. When painting with the matching color accent, the space effect can completely change.

bright pastel colors for bright color scheme

kitchen paint ideas and design wood dining table with chairs and white dining room

Since we want to reach an optical space magnification, we should turn our attention to the bright colors. Recently, the pastel colors are very popular and offer a fantastic wall-painting facility for a bright interior design with warmth. They have a great color brightness and low color saturation and can not only with the color white, but also combined with each other very well. By the pastel wall colors, you can create a romantic, modern and fresh colors. Take, for example, the bright yellow and blue shades, the color pink or mint green, cream tones of brown, and the beige shades – they all lend a certain lightness and unique living being in any room.

small spaces and rooms by bright paint visually enlarge

emphasize modern bedroom idea with wall color pink and creative device idea for shoe shelf on the wall

creative painting idea for small bedroom in light purple

emphasize small bedroom in purple

The wall color pink is well suited for coating large surfaces and when combined with an orange color accent, there is simultaneously a sensual and relaxed color scheme.

Color design for optical space magnification using bright color palette

modern bathroom with gray floor tiles and rustic bathroom furniture gray

fresh color combination of pink and orange for more vitality in the living room

furniture modern living inspiration for fresh color scheme in pink and orange with white

If you want to bring the sun in space, then the yellows are ideal for this. Matching color combinations in this color direction are lemon yellow with bright color and quince ockerigen shades, as well as mustard yellow with aniseed and Mimosa colors. The light wall color yellow also fits perfectly with a white furniture and creates a friendly and bright atmosphere.

Color scheme in shades of yellow for a color early and cozy atmosphere

cool idea underline living room with wall color yellow and modern living room furnishings with leather sofa yellow and white photo frame with wanddeko

yellow wall color for bright ambience in the bathroom

modern bathroom design with wall color yellow and and bathroom mirror with lighting

fresh color combination of yellow and white for a larger space effect 

small living-dining room with wall paint color yellow and set with rattan sofa and side table

If you want to create a relaxed, quiet and fresh atmosphere of her apartment, the green wall paint or interior design is the best solution. A bright green wall color gets along perfectly with a decoration in blue, dark green and pink. Thus, the decorative accessories are staged.

soothing greens for relaxed and comfortable exploiting Dende interior design

small living room modern set up with upholstered sofa in light green and modern round metal coffee tables in grüm

White and Green as a suitable combination and painting idea for the living room

modern living room interiors with wall color green and modern furnishings with ramsessel green and beautiful carpet white with green flowers

Wall color green as a background for white furniture

color design with wall color green and cool wall design with wooden panels for the dining room with wood dining table white and green wood chairs

 fantastic color scheme of greens for small bedroom

cozy interior design with wall color green and cool bedroom furnishings and window decorations with green window blinds

Light green as an accent color in the bedroom for optical space expansion

wall color green modern bedroom color scheme

 combine green and blue for more humor and a fresh interior design

emphasize modern bedroom idea with wall color green and blue Wohnaccessoires_blaue duvets and bed linen and carpet

the combination of different green Farbnüancen can the room and visually enlarge

small living room look larger by wall color green

The blue color also acts soothing and relaxing. A combination of soft blue with yellow tones gives a summer feeling. If you choose a wall color in light blue, you can underline this with furniture and home accessories in dark blue and mustard yellow.

Inspiration for optical space magnification by a light blue color wall

furnishings modern living room and color design in blue with parquet floor and light pink curtains

fantastic color combination of light blue with light yellow for a cozy space effect

radiant color design living room in blue and yellow

Blue and beige look fresh and invigorating

small living room white-blue carpeting and light blue stripes in blue armchair

Idea of ​​Design small living room with furniture in bright pastel colors

ideas emphasize small living room and design in blue with upholstered sofa and pale blue curtain-window decoration with floral motif

combine Soft blue hues together to visually enlarge small rooms.

small living room paint ideas with wall color blue and fresh furnishings with upholstered furniture in light blue

a modern yet rustic Wohzimmergestaltung in blue and light gray

living room emphasize ideas and color design in blue and white for optical space enlargement

Underscore Idea for small bedroom in blue

bedroom color design with wall color light blue and white bedroom-furniture

light blue walls are white and dark blue decoration in the foreground

living-dining room underline idea in blue with wooden dining table and white dining room chairs with blue seat cushions

a wall-stripe pattern with bright colors can provide creative wall design and space expansion

small bedroom look larger with blue stripes and blue curtains

interesting living room painting idea in bold blue

underline idea living room in blue and weiß_kleine living room with fireplace furnishings and upholstery in beige

fantastic idea for optical space enlargement and interior design with wallpaper

modern bedroom idea and wall design with wallpaper in white and blue

The combination of light gray with delicate peach color creates a cozy and warm atmosphere. Other colors that match a light gray wall color, pinks and various shades of blue are.

creative color combination between the wall Light gray and accessories apricot-color

Modern bedroom interior with light gray walls and color design in orange and gray

Raumvergrüßerung miittels combination of pastel colors

modern living room with wall color gray and cool color design in light blue and light pink

Wall colors light pink and light gray as an idea for optical room extension by brushing

interesting color design living room with wall color light gray and decoration in light pink

The beige and sandy hues have a discreet appearance and provide the ideal background for white furniture. Another nice color combination also results between the delicate brown color and pastel lavender color.

cool wall-painting idea in beige for light living room with a simple touch of color

small living room look larger by bright brown wall color with white sofa and modern coffee table white

Wall color beige for small living room

small living room with wall paint idea color beige and furnishings with white wall shelves and a small corner sofa brown

Purple and brown as the color design idea of ​​modern living room with kitchen

modern living room inspiration with brown walls and white kitchen with bar

warm natural colors for more comfort in the living room

modern living room idea with wall color beige and cool wall design with wallpaper and mirror

combine white furniture and curtains with wall color light brown and accented in blue

wall color light brown color as the wall in the living room with white armchairs and leather stool-table in beige

interesting solution for bright interior design and probably exploiting a founding ambience

modern make small living room with wall color beige and cool wall design with puzzle-wall panel in yellow and light brown

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