Christmas decorating with DIY Christmas trees

Christmas decorating with DIY Christmas trees

The Christmas decorations already appears in all businesses and asks us for the soon-coming celebrations to prepare. As one of the symbols of this season and especially of Christmas, presents the Christmas tree, under which a gift waiting for each of us, one of the most popular decorations for Christmas. Apart with a real Christmas tree, we can decorate our home for Christmas with small decorative Christmas trees , You will be surprised by the variety of this type of decoration, which you can use as a cool Christmas table decoration or window decoration. Instead of buying these beautiful Christmas decoration, we will show you how they tinker. To inspire you, we have prepared 20 interesting and original craft ideas for DIY Christmas trees.

Christmas decorating with original DIY fir trees

creative decorating ideas christmas and cool craft ideas for decorating christmas with decorative Christmas trees and tap

for some of us Christmas decorating means Christmassy crafts! Today we will show you some fantastic examples of how you can tinker a Christmas tree decoration itself or together with your children. If you want to give a cheerful Christmas mood throughout your home that needs you do not have to cost a lot of money. With the help of your household items and a few craft materials, you can also procure a beautiful and inexpensive decoration for Christmas.

Christmas craft ideas &# 8211; creative ideas for Christmas table decoration

beautiful christmas ideas for christmas table decoration with DIY Christmas Tree

Christmas decorating with Christmas tree of spoons – Materials:

wrapping paper

Styrofoam cone

about 600 tacks

Wrap the Styrofoam cone with brown wrapping paper around, insert a thumbtack in the center of the tip to secure the paper. Attach the paper in the same way also at the bottom of the bottom of the cone shape. Catch closely to pin on the cone together the tacks from the top down. When you are finished with your decorative Christmas tree, set it on a candlestick and decorate the table with him.

Christmas table decoration with homemade Chris trees

beautiful christmas with DIY decorating ideas christmas

Also consider our other creative craft ideas for DIY Christmas trees and cool decorating ideas for Christmas.

Christmas decorating with DIY Christmas trees for Merry Xmas

creative decorating ideas weinachten and cool craft ideas christmas for table decoration with christmas tree

Christmas decorating with Christmas tree of spoons – Materials:

Cone shape Pappmaschee

plastic spoon

spray paint

hot glue

As you can tinker a modern Christmas tree made of plastic spoons as Christmas decorations yourself? Cut off the top of the spoon with the handle part and color it with the desired spray paint. You can also use multiple colors. The Spoon Christmas trees from the example are colored by the combination of black chalkboard paint with the color of gold. After the paint has dried, begin to stick up the spoon on the paper mache form from below. You can also play with the distance between the spoons.

Christmas table setting tinker plastic spoons

interesting decorating ideas christmas for happy and beautiful christmas

fantastic decoration idea with decorative Christmas trees made of felt

beautiful christmas with beautiful craft ideas for christmas decorative diy-christian trees

Christmas decorating with felt-Tannenbaum – Materials:

Cone Pappmaschee-Forme

Wooden discs as the reason for the cones

Wooden spools and round wooden sticks

Felt and Heizkleber

Tinker own decorating for Christmas

creative decorating ideas christmas diy with Christmas Tree of felt

creative and original decorating ideas for Christmas with Christmas tree DIY wooden spoons and

craft ideas christmas for cool decorating ideas with diy-christbaum

Christmassy crafts of cool Christmas Tree Decoration

christmas images for creative decorating ideas weihnachten_interessante for christmas

tinker Weihachtbäume of burlap as elegant Christmas table setting

craft ideas for creative christmas christmas tischdeko

 Christmas craft ideas and decorating ideas for a happy Christmas mood

Christmas decorating with decorative Christmas tree made of burlap

Christmas craft ideas for creative table and window decoration with pine tree forest

craft ideas christmas for cool deco christmas trees with white christian of paper

Christmas decorating with fir trees from top paper napkins – Materials:

round doily with a diameter of 11cm and 17.5cm

Wooden beads with a diameter of 2.5 cm

Wooden sticks and adhesive

Here is a great Christmas craft idea for loving full, a Christmas table decoration in white with a forest of fir trees. First you make a cut with scissors from the edge to the center of each Spitzendeckchens. Then apply adhesive to ¼ of the area laterally of the cut and form a cone-shape. Thread alternately cones and wooden beads on a wooden stick. Attach the bottom wooden ball using hot glue.

Decorative Christmas in White &# 8211; cool craft ideas for Christmas decorations from paper Tischdeckchen

Christmas decorate for happy Christmas

Christmassy crafts of Christmas tree made of wood as an alternative Christmas Treee

Decorating ideas and craft ideas for christmas frähliche and beautiful christmas

Christmas craft ideas with hoppers for cool little Christmas trees

craft ideas for christmas decorative christmas trees as cool tischdeko christmas

decorative Christmas trees made of paper tinker

christmas craft of paper and decorate with romantic diy Christmas tree

decorate windowsill and table with decorative DIY decoration for Christmas

burlap craft ideas for creative christmas deco christmas with DIY Christmas Trees from

Christmas decorating with burlap fir trees – Materials:

Styrofoam cone 11cm high

Burlap different colors

Pins (200-300) and adhesive

Cut so large burlap pieces from with which the cones are covered. Apply glue to the sacking and wrap the cones around. Until the glue dries use pins to insure the burlap. Cut off the excess fabric from the top and from the bottom and make sure the sacking of both sites with more needles. Then cut circles from burlap that you will fold twice in half. Secure the folded parts to the Styrofoam cone with pins. Begin to decorate the cone-shape from below, with the open side of the folded into quadrants is always right. The best way to fix the quarter burlap any other series on the distance between the parts of the bottom row. For the upper rows, you can use smaller circles to create a reduced volume up. Before the last row, wrap a circle around the top pieces at first and then attach the last quarters.

Burlap Tannenbaum as a cool idea for crafting for Christmas with children

tinker with burlap for Christmas decorate the table and sideboard

beautiful Christmas decoration for beautiful Christmas &# 8211; DIY Christmas tree made of cones as Christmas table decoration

tinker beautiful weihnachten_schöner tischdeko christmas

Christmas decorate with pine cones fir tree – Materials:

pine cones

Wire cutters and hot glue

Styrofoam or plastic funnel cone

What you need to do first is to brush the pine cones with water. Then cut the petals of the pins using wire cutters. If you have obtained a Styrofoam cone, it must be wrapped with paper in order to attach the pin leaves better and easier. That will not be so expensive if you have a plastic funnel. They can also extend the hopper by means of a metal or wooden rod, which can secure hot-melt adhesive in the hopper through hole. With the hot glue will stick the pin parts to the cone-shape.

tinker with cones &# 8211; interesting craft ideas for Christmas table setting

christmas craft ideas for cool tischdeko christmas

jolly Christmas decorate small Christmas tree made of folded paper

craft ideas christmas for cool table decoration christmas

so you can tinker a beautiful and colorful decoration to Christmas paper

Decorating ideas christmas crafts with paper

interesting idea for Christmas decoration with pine tree made of shells

creative decorating ideas christmas table decoration for christmas with shells Christmas Tree

Ideas for creative Christmas table decoration

beautiful christmas decoration ideas for christmas trees with decorative wooden christian

tinker decorative Christmas trees as a cool table decoration of flat wooden craft sticks itself

Christmas decorating with decorative Christmas trees made of wooden sticks

tinker fantastic Christmas table decoration and design with feathers

tinker craft ideas christmas and christmas tischdeko

DIY Christmas Trees &# 8211; the perfect decoration for Christmas

cool decorating ideas and creative christmas craft ideas christmas

Another cool craft idea for Christmas tree made of burlap to a Christmas table decoration

Christmas house dekorieren_deko christmas tinker with burlap

glittering Christmas decoration in silver and gold

christmas tinker Cameos christmas as idea for the table

Christmassy tinkering with macaroni

interesting craft ideas for christmas christmas tree as funny deco idea

Merry Christmas with Christmas craft ideas for Christmas decorating

craft ideas christmas decorative christmas trees as cool tischdeko

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