Children's bathroom - modern design ideas for small children

Children’s bathroom – modern design ideas for small children

Children's bathroom - modern design ideas for small children

10 tips on how to make the bathroom of your children:

  1. Joyous colors background – because the installation accessories mostly in neutral colors, the background surface must be colored. You can paint the walls in color. Use wallpaper, wall stencils or wall stickers. Decorate the basin.
  2. Durable wall surface – ceramic tiles or abrasion resistant wall paintings are ideal for the area around the sink, toilet and bathtub.
  3. adequate lighting – the children’s bathroom is the area where the children could easily hurt. To escape this, wall, ceiling and suspension lamps are to cast no shadow in the room.
  4. Organization as a learning process – When decorating the bathroom, set washbasins with open shelves below, storage boxes for bath toys and trash one. The children should be able to reach the bathroom accessories and at the same time keep order.
  5. Children installation accessories – Today there is everything for the children, including children’s furniture for the bathroom, such as small colored sink with interesting mirror shapes and toilets. With the help of the children’s bathroom decor, the children learn only to use the bathroom.
  6. Set up after the budget – You can spend a fortune for the establishment of a children’s bathroom, but you do not. Select Accessories things like bath towels, small rug, shower curtain and maintenance support that match a color palette.
  7. choose topic – Before you start with the establishment of the children’s bathroom, choose a theme. It may be sports, animals, flowers or animated hero figures. If your kids are big enough, ask for his opinion.
  8. bathroom safety – Secure from all cabinets and installation accessories. Set the dangerous small decoration and cleaning supplies in a safe place.
  9. teen bathroom – To decorate the bathroom for teens new, select color joyful bath towels and carpet, creative wall hanging or wall patterns.
  10. Keep it simple – Important in the decoration is a clear idea. First collect ideas from blogs, newspapers and children’s stores. Select color coordinated accessories that can combine.

Be inspired by our examples. Setting up the children’s bathroom can be fun and bring your children joy.

bathroom with Fish Sticker for bad

bathroom with blue tiles and furniture for children

The blue for the bathroom

bathroom design ideas for children in blue with white wooden bench

modern bathroom in blue and orange for two children

Creative Flow-wall design for the bathroom

bathroom mosaic herzfärmiges mirror-bathroom children's furniture

flowing for children's bathrooms - bathroom Setting

yellow LED light for children's bathroom

Setting creative the bathroom of your children

DIY bathroom in blue with shell-wall pattern

bathroom mosaic design idea-bad with children-pool

wall bathrobe-trailer for children - prank idea wall in green

Colorful String idea and colored painted wall fan in the bathroom

children bath and colorful wall pockets for children

Miki Maus &# 8211; Bathroom equipment for children

miki maus-flow for bad

Bathroom design with miki maus

miki maus mirror and bathroom mosaic idea

Furniture for small children in the bathroom

bath-toy holder and child-device idea for bad


sink-cabinet with stage for children in the bathroom

shower curtain children and child stepped in bathroom

Colorful mosaic design for the bathroom

bathroom color device - emphasize wall ideas for bathroom

frog design ideas for the bathroom

deco- wall prank idea for bad- blue frog wall sink cabinet with two sinks

make children’s bathroom modern

ideas farbrausch beautiful Wohnen- bathroom furniture for children's bathroom prank

Children-wall design for the bathroom

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