Ceiling design with sound insulation panels

Ceiling design with sound insulation panels

What makes us feel when we enter a room – the establishment, the materials, the dimensions of space? Often we look at the ceiling as a rumschließende, usually painted in white space above our heads. When it comes to sound insulation and room acoustics, the ceiling one of the most reflective surfaces in a room. The equipment with sound insulation panels is part of interior design of different spaces in office buildings, schools, restaurants, and in our own homes. We have some interesting solutions for modern ceiling design prepared with acoustic panels of different companies. Today, under sound protection no longer the boring suspended ceiling with perforated ceiling panels is present. There are already creative solutions for an elegant ceiling surface in different colors, the design and function combined.

modern ceiling design in black and white with soundproof panels Flexi Wave

modern living room with ceiling design in white with modern 3D sound insulation panels

Vicoustic offers innovative acoustic solutions with exceptional design, which are specially designed for hi-fi and home theater. Today we will propose but an interesting solution to the company for sound insulation in the living room. You know the usual sound insulation panels for the ceiling, which are mostly used in offices, but the offer by no means a beautiful design possibilities of your home. With its unique acoustic panels Flexi Wave, Vicoustic allows an elegant and modern interior design with the corresponding requirements for sound insulation. The innovative acoustic panels are adapted to the standardized profiles for suspended ceiling. They can be freely grow on the ceiling and walls also by two other fastening systems. The modern acoustical panels play the role of absorber and diffuser simultaneously. They are easily mounted by chopping, or directly adhered to the flat ceiling surfaces. The panels are made of wood in the color of black, white and natural color of wood and filled with acoustic foam. The acoustic foam is covered with colored fabric and available in 8 different colors. Also, before brushing the acoustic foam parts can be removed. They can be replaced in a different color and give a very different look of the room. Flexi Wave Panels enable designers ceiling design, ideal for your home theater or hi-fi room. You can create a creative design by combining two sizes of acoustical panels.

Luxury interior design with colored acoustic panels for modern ceiling and wall design

Ceiling design with acoustic panelen

modern acoustic panels TOPPERFO Graphic of Topakustik

creative wall design with sound insulation panels white

Topakustik is one of the leading brands in the field of interior design with acoustic ceilings and walls. The acoustic panels TOPPERFO among the most expensive sound insulation panels made of wood, which enable a unique and versatile interior design. The series TOPPERFO® Graphic converts ceilings and walls in elegant space-closing elements, thanks to various variations of the drill diameter or Fräsformen. The combination of ceiling lighting with a creative hole pattern gives a fantastic, by flowing light and ceiling design.

get the sound insulating board for a spectacular design

Ceiling design with modern acoustic panels for optimum sound insulation

spectacular room and ceiling design &# 8211; Sempachersee Golf Club in Sempach

Color design in red and white with modern ceiling design with overhead lights and red soundproof panels

red acoustic panels for chic interior in white and red

modern interior design with red ceiling and ceiling lighting for catering

Ceiling design in Graubünden Kantonalbank

Ideas-for-ceiling design-with-sound-proofing of-TOPAKUSTIK

“When wood and architecture form a symbiosis, great things can happen.” – so we can make the product range of the company LIGNATUR briefly but accurately describe. When it comes to sound insulation, Lignatur has the perfect solution &# 8211; which was patented in 2001, the Lignatur Silence system. The flat partition ceilings allow an effective sound insulation and solve the problem of low tones with vibration absorbers. Would you like to get a good room acoustics with reduced Nachhalzeit and improved space-evident namely in wood look? The Lignatur acoustic ceilings offer a dynamic design with wood. Thanks to the free wahlbaren parameters of the perforation, results in a dynamic design with a non-repeating pattern. You can choose from 13 types of different hole and slot pattern of supporting acoustic wood panels.

minimalist interiors and contemporary bedroom design Lignatur

ideas for furnishings mezzanine apartment with wooden panels for perfect room acoustics

modern room acoustics with supporting wooden panels for creative ceiling design with wood

realizations with acoustic panels made of wood with slit pattern

“Everything moves in depth and changes on the surface” is the motto of Oberflex &# 8211; provides a firm that interesting and modern solution for elegant room ceilings. The ceiling collection tectonique 5.5 allows a broken ceiling design with breastfeeding. The idea behind the design of these panels is to be brought the ceiling in motion. A new manufacturing system that shape and relief of the ceiling. The numerous models make a movable ceiling surface of panels that break be split, tear and can meet again. Modern interior design and luxury interior design made by a soundproof ceiling, the acoustics and innovative ceiling mounting system combined.

moving acoustic panels of 5.5 tectonique collection of Oberflex

innovative-moving ceiling panels-for-modern-ceiling design

Ceiling design with movable wooden panels Seisme for modern soundproofing 

innovative design ceiling with sound insulation panels made of wood

white acoustical panels soulèvement for elegant broken ceiling surface

Ceiling design in white with soundproof panels

Derive ceiling panels for elegant acoustic ceilings

creative ceiling design with wood panels

Idea for chic ceiling design with ceiling panels-Affaissin 

luxury interior design and acoustic ceiling design in gray

Inspiration for modern interior with acoustic panels Volcan

suspended ceiling with movable soundproof panels for modern ceiling and interior design

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