Candles decorating ideas for more romance in the cold winter days

Candles decorating ideas for more romance in the cold winter days

The closer the Christmas comes, the romantic and festive, it is. You see brightly decorated everywhere showcases with fir trees, wrapped gifts and glowing lights that illuminate the cold and getting dark earlier nascent days of winter atmospheric. So a festive atmosphere, as well as warmth and romance during the cold winter days we can bring into the home by a wonderful and even conjured Kerzendeko with candles of all possible colors and creative DIY candle holders made of concrete, Wood, or other materials.

Candles decorating ideas for a warm, romantic and Christmas atmosphere

living room romantic customize candles and wicker basket in front of the fireplace with olive branch

give you more romantic cold winter days through creative candle decoration

cool decorating ideas for romantic Weihnachten_tischdeko with teaspoon of glass vase with chestnut and baumblettern and diy candlestick from old alloy wheels

The traditional candle decoration

Under of all possible creative possibilities of decoration with candles, presents the traditional Kerzendeko with different sized candles that are simply arranged in a dish, always a unique and stylish decoration idea. Thanks to the combination of your favorite colors, themes matching motifs and shells of different sizes and from different materials, you will tinker your individual, romantic decoration with candles.

aesthetic Winter table decoration with candles and cinnamon sticks

table festively decorate with white candles, cinnamon sticks, small Zafpen and greenery in wooden tray

Winter romance with candles in lanterns

Votives in different sizes and styles can make any area more brightly, comfortable and certainly more romantic. Not only in the garden lanterns are a wonderful decoration. Certain corners can be also in the interior by the combination of lights accentuate interesting. According to the decor of your home, you can group modern lanterns of metal, ceramic and glass, or set as individual decorative elements in the room. Those who prefer to create a rustic interior design can achieve this by decorating with old and rusted metal wind candlesticks or those made of wood. To complement this large wicker baskets filled with logs, wintergreen, or pins and perhaps arranged with additional light string.

winter and rustic candle decoration for more romance in the living room

tap winter decoration with candles and white in large wooden lanterns for romantic living room design in a rustic styleLanterns in Shabby Chic style of Blanc Mariclò

romantic Kerzendeko for Christmas with black lanterns

cool winter dekoiden with candles and black metal lanterns for Christmas GartendekoLanterns of RH | Restoration hardware

Garden and terrace for Christmas decorating with candles in glass lanterns

romantic terrace design in winter with candles and lanternsLanterns of tinekhome

Romance in the winter by the fireplace

The crackling fire in the fireplace evokes the image of a romantic, cozy atmosphere during the cold winter days. Even the fireplace defines a particularly inviting entertainment and seating area, where the mantel and its decoration turn into the center of the room. the fireplace is used especially in winter not only for heating but also as a main area for the corresponding Christmas with Christmas stocking socks, garlands, lights, pine green, and candles. Exactly, except the fire, the glowing candles lend even more comfort and warmth in the room. With its subtle lighting and playful accent lighting, the right candles decoration brings a happy mood and feel good at the same time. And if you use the fireplace in the winter not appropriately, you can decorate accordingly with logs, journals and several candle holders and lanterns him anyway.

wintry romance into the living room bring through modern Kamindeko with candles

fireplace and modern Christmas decorating with rectangular mirror in a black frame, white lanterns scroll round and gerlande of green and fairy lightslanterns &# 8220; Snow Flake Punched Ceramic Lantern&# 8220; Pottery Barn  

Weihnachtsdekoidee for a festive fireplace and romantic interior design

cool Kamindeko ideas with tealight candles for romance in winter

festive fireplace decoration with wreath of boxwood twigs and candles with staves

romantic christmas decorations for festive fireplace with candles, silver candle holders, pine green and diy wreath of boxwood

Candles Deco DIY tealight holders from jars

The so popularized lately vintage canning jars are ideal for creative crafting Christmas chandeliers. They are fire safe and easy to decorate with matching materials that you have at home, or can not find any problems. These homemade candle holders to decorate the stairs, the window sill and even the terrace festive.

Internal staircase festively decorate for Christmas with DIY Teelichthalter

romance in winter create tap with by Christmas treppendeko with diy tealight holders from jars and pine green

Before crafting your Christmas lights, you make the jars clean first. After that, you just need your creativity to make it for Christmas. As an alternative to snow use snow or sugar. Fill the jars with little sugar, then tie a loop of white lace and decorate with pine green, pin or red berries.

Winter Teelichthalter tinker from Jar filled with sugar

winter craft ideas for candle holder with sugar, thong, pine green and lace

Rustic Kerzendeko with driftwood and logs

However, anyone who does not have a fireplace can improvise to play the coziness of the fireplace. A suitable variant would be easy to arrange few branches and candles on a dark or best black bowl. Other inspiring decoration idea with candles and wood would be the grouping of different logs that you simply put candles or candle holders. The logs and driftwood can be transformed for tea light candles in candle holders or original holder. The two variants are equal suitable for a romantic DIY Kerzendeko in winter.

Romance in the winter &# 8211; simple candle decoration with tree trunks

romantic decorating ideas with candles and rustic holzstämmen_sideboard decorate with diy teelichthalter from driftwood

Window in winter decorate with homemade tea lights and candle holders

Christmas decorating ideas windowsill with candles for a romantic atmosphere in the winter

rustic winter decoration with candles and branches of the tree of life

romantic weihnachtsdeko ideas in rustic style with thujagrün, metal bucket in light blue, candles on wooden cutting board and ceramic birds

romantic winter decoration with candles and soft fruit

rustic candles deco with white candles and snow berries in wooden box and diy candlestick for Christmas with tealight candle and red berries in water

sckandinavische romance in winter

Scandinavian Winter decoration in white and grau_weihnachtliche tischdeko with DIY candle holder tree trunk and candles deco with shells, rocks and white angel figurines in white wooden box

Living comfortably and stylishly decorate the gray

modern weihnachtsdeko ideas in Scandinavian style for tischdeko with candles in knitted teelichthalter, silver candlesticks and hyacinths

modern Winterdeko ideas in gray and white

Christmas table decoration with white tulips in betonvase and white candles in rattan and diy wreath consisting of twigs

Winter comfort in gray tones with cones decoration and candles

Scandinavian Christmas ideas in gray with pins in the metal basket, hirsch.figuren and Christmas teelichthalter of glass and metal

Cake Stand festively decorate with glass balls, candle holders and snow cones

Rustic Christmas decoration with wooden cake stand, white-colored cones and acorns and glass tea lights

simple and creative table decoration with cones

Christmas table decoration ideas with wooden board teelichthalter, candlestick diy from cans, white stars and tap

simple Winterdeko with pine branch in glass with water as a candle holder

modern deco candles with branch of pine

Modern Christmas ideas with Green

cool Winterdeko with glass vases, white candles, olive branch or mini-fir

Glass bottles as candle holders for festive Christmas table decoration

glass bottles interesting and simple candles deco ideas with diy candlestick from

Miss Christmas Kerzendeko

diy candlestick for christmas from apple and cups with green, cinnamon sticks and nuts

Ideas for Christmas Hanging Decoration with candles

Pendant weihnachtsdeko ideas with kerzen_fensterdeko tap with coronary boxwood spark plug and diy chandelier, top and candles

enjoy the winter romance and outdoors &# 8211; make terrace and cozy Christmas

cool terraced design in winter with fur, black cushions, lanterns and pine green with fairy lights

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