build small luxury house in less than 6 weeks

build small luxury house in less than 6 weeks

Do you dream of your own little luxury house? When it comes to the building of a house that arises immediately is a long and associated with many obstacles in front of process. In addition, under a luxury home usually comes before a huge house as a model. These two statements are true but equally so not necessarily correct, as the resident of San Francisco company ” Avava System ” proved with her small, prefabricated house.

Modern micro-fabricated houses from Avava system

small prefabricated wooden terrace with a minimalist style with double glass door and tied glazed in black, wood paneling and white plaster walls© AVAVA / Sasha Moravec

The prefabricated houses are already known, and nothing new. but the construction process of small houses can last about 10 to 50 weeks, which was significantly minimized when the prefabricated houses ” Briton Space ” and the complete assembly of a small luxury house can be executed in less than a month.

leave your own little luxury house built in less than 6 weeks

little dream house with wood floor coverings, wood ceiling paneling, kitchenette with around wooden table in the dining area© AVAVA / Sasha Moravec

The small, modern houses, called ” Briton Space ”, let the prefabricated appear in a new light. The components of the prefabricated Micro-houses are supplied in flat-pack cartons, which facilitates the transport and assembly of prefabricated houses. So a luxury house consists of kitchen, living room, bathroom and a fitted wardrobe and can be prefabricated in three different sizes. Each house has its name: Model 264, Model 352 and Model 480, which is based on the square footage.

a small, bright and comfortable dream house

modern luxury house natural stone plate with a small bathroom with shower and washbasin cabinet wood and© AVAVA / Sasha Moravec

Here you can see pictures of the model 264, the smallest of all three prefab models, published in the spring 2016th The mini-luxury home is 264 square feet, or 25 square meters and is delivered in 64 boxes.

the little prefabricated house as a mode purely Court luxury house with all necessary living areas

modern prefabricated home with a cozy sleeping area and a small home office with slanted roof© AVAVA / Sasha Moravec

The house construction consists of a patented frame system made of wood-based panels and SIP panels (construction insulation panels). The sufficient natural light illumination in a compact house serve a glazed front door, and a plurality of windows which are arranged on the input facade. For cozy atmosphere make wood flooring from oak and LED lighting. The materials for the interior do not contain formaldehyde and are low in VOC materials. For the siding has a wide range of materials. Everything from the window color to the cabinets is -needs truly customizable and.

the prefabricated building can also be in a &# 8220; Smart House&# 8220; transform

small luxury houses with tesla energy storage, solar thermal system and roof solar system© AVAVA / Sasha Moravec

To minimize the environmental impact of its products, the company has provided every luxury house with electric water heaters, gray water disposal system, rooftop solar system and Bateriepack for the storage of energy produced. Another advantage is the significant reduction of construction waste. The next project Avava is to manage the fast home disassembly, the flexible housing options the homeowner is allowed.

a small, minimalist and energy-efficient luxury house

a small dream house with modern design and functional living space with space-saving device© AVAVA / Sasha Moravec

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