build or branch lamp itself simply buy

build or branch lamp itself simply buy

build or branch lamp itself simply buy

Look for creative design ideas and special for original and modern lamps? Since the term “modern” is a widely extensive total concept, we want him in this post as a definition for lamps that are built of twigs. Exactly cool and modern branch bulbs that you can either do it yourself or simply buy to set up a chic interior, creative living room design, or cozy bedrooms and shape. To inspire you, we’ll start with an example of DIY floor lamp. For those who do not have a craft machines and want to save time, we have also prepared some suggestions.

build or branch lamp itself simply buy

original and modern table lamps made of twigs

Now to the creative craft idea for your own self-built branch floor lamp. What materials you will need for them? You need a minimum 4cm thick branch in the ground, which must not be too wound not very straight and even. For the reason of your branch lamp you will also need a wider wooden disc of a thicker branch or a tree trunk. Obtain also 4-6 eye hooks (depending on how high the floor lamp should be and how long the branch), black lamp power cord, socket equipment, 15cm long copper pipe with a diameter of 1.3 cm, 90 °-copper elbow with the same diameter, a copper connector with 1.3cm large diameter from one side and 1.9 cm from the other side, another copper-fitting with a diameter of 1.9cm, glossy color of choice, foam brush, abrasive paper, drill and drill bits in the size 4 cm and 1.3 cm, and a 25W &# 8211; 40 W light bulb. And how you can build these cool branch lamp itself, we will show you the same step by step and describe.

build branch lamp itself to make a rustic and modern living room.

living room design creatively customize DIY floor lamp branch and coffee table round wood

Step 1: First prepare all the necessary tools and materials.

Step 2: Grinding off the surface of the wooden disc with sandpaper and cut the bottom edge of the branch off to get a smooth and straight base of the lamp neck. Set the branch on the round lamp stand and mark with a pencil the desired positioning point of the neck.

Step 3: Make a 4cm big hole in the lamp base with the appropriate drill bit, or course, a hole with the exact diameter of your branch. The hole should not be made all the way to the bottom. Now you drill through the second hole with a diameter of 3 mm or less in the center of the large hole. Through the pilot hole, you will attach the lamp neck with a locking screw or a nail from below.

Step 4: Apply glue for wood on the underside of the branch, and in the hole and put the branch in the hole. They can assure the place with adhesive tape in addition to or reject the branch to a wall and wait is dried to the adhesive. When the glue has already dried well, Nail a nail from the bottom of the hole in, or a screw, a flat head screw.

build cool floor lamp itself from a branch

stehlampe build your own wood with instructions

As you can build yourself a cool branch lamp?

they build themselves a cool-arm lamp

Step 5: Attach the 90 °-copper elbow on the copper pipe (see picture above) and mark the spot where the pipe is to be installed. If the tube is longer than desired, mark the place where you will abbreviate it. Now drill again by such a large hole, as the diameter of the copper pipe. In our case, the pipe and the drill bit the size or diameter of 1.3 cm have. Drill the hole slowly and carefully to avoid cracking of the wood.

step 6Now we assembled the power cord into the socket. Using a pair of scissors, you expose the copper wires of the power cable (about 2,5-3cm). You will find that one of the power cord has ribs and the other is smooth. You will also notice that the two screws, as amended from each other under translucent. The socket has a golden-brass and a silver screw. Wrap the copper wire of the ribbed wire around the silver screw of the socket and the copper wire from the smooth cord around the golden screw. Now, put the cardboard insurance supply and connect the two copper-fittings and elbow together (see picture below).

interesting and creative craft idea with wood for homemade lamps

build lamp itself with instructions

Step 7: After you have built the socket with the cable together, mount the copper pipe to the branch. Slide the pipe through the hole made in the branch. So that the pipe does not come out from the branch, you can drill two holes for a two-head screw at the rear end of the pipe and after placing the pipe, the screw set in. Attach the eye hooks, through which the cable is threaded. Coat a couple of times the lamp base with a glossy color of your choice and during the drying time you mount the plugs on the other end, in the same way as in the socket.

 Room set in a rustic style with a DIY-branch floor lamp

instructions for cool lamp in branch

You do not necessarily build an original lamp yourself, those you could buy ready and have a special and DIY decoration home again. The creative and homemade branch lamps from “Wood Wool Design,” which you’ll see here, you can see about and order from there.

cool lamps design in wood and wool as desk, bedside or equivalent table lamp 

build creative lamp itself from branch with yarn in light blue decorate

Pendant table lamp Glasgefäs Lampshade

craft ideas with branch and glasgefäs for diy table lamp in wood

original branch table lamp with Edison light bulb

tischlampe build yourself out of wood as a cool decoration idea

creative furnishing ideas and cool decorating ideas living room with designer lamps made of twigs

Buy modern branch-table lamp

 Branch with Edison light bulb combine for interesting lamp design

build lamp itself from branch and bedroom rustic decorate with DIY designer bedside

unique lamps in wood for rustic interior design

cool device ideas with DIY table lamp in wood

original branch table lamp with lampshade made of black crochet

sideboard white decorate with DIY branch table lamp and glasgefäsen

Look for modern designer lamps?

cool craft ideas build branches for designer lamps for himself

fantastic design ideas with branch lamps

craft ideas for creative branch table lamp in

build creative lamp itself &# 8211; Designer lamps wooden cozy interior

DIY lamp in holz_coole device idea with home-made pendant lamps

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