build incandescent coffee table itself

build incandescent coffee table itself

Make your living room or your garden with a spectacular wooden table that will glow at night. Here is a craft idea for DIY glow from the Designer table Matt Brown. You can build the table as a dining or coffee table itself. For this you need wood boards, resin and shining photoluminescent powder. The material used for this craft idea is known as “pecky cypress” and provides wood of cypress is that is naturally damaged by fungal growth in the interior. This damage leads to wood rot, which can be easily removed from the soft wood and then the wells resulting in the boards.

Photoluminescence powder with synthetic resin for a glowing DIY coffee table

diy coffee table made of wood with powder photoluminescence

craft ideas for wooden table with glow effect

DIY coffee table made of wood with glowing effect

the raw wood panel for your home-made coffee table

build coffee table itself

Cut the boards corresponding to the selected dimensions you for the table (latitude and longitude). Then remove the pits with plate head screwdriver. Connect the individual boards with wood glue. After the glue has dried well, edit the surface with sandpaper having a grit 80th The bright photoluminescence powder and the transparent casting resin are mixed 1: 1in paper cup without wax coating. There are different colors of the luminous powder, here powder is used with a blue color. Pour the same amount from the resin in a beaker and trigger in a second beaker. Add glowing powder to the two liquids and stir. After you mix the two liquids together, you have to produce only 5 to 7 minutes a homogeneous mixture and fill the timber wells. Since the casting resin is absorbed by the wood, the wells are to be nachgefült. They cover the filled areas with masking tape and leave so the plate on the night place to stay.

Craft idea for DIY luminescent coffee table

diy coffee table with luminescent surface

DIY coffee table glowing &# 8211; cool ideas Basteltraum

coffee table itself baen made of wood with powder for glowing effect photoluminescence

The next day, remove the masking tape and edit the surface again with the grinding machine. Use sandpaper with different size of grain, so that you can achieve a smooth and glossy surface. Then treat the surface with a high-gloss polyurethane for longer shelf life. When covered with polyurethane wood panel dried well, you can, as a last step for high-gloss, spray the resin surfaces with water and edit them with sandpaper (grain 1200). For the legs are retro in this case “hairpinlegs“Used. Case you want to hide connecting the table legs with the wooden disk, you can delete the anchor plate in black.

Finishing the surface of luminous coffee table

DIY coffee table with instructions

cool lighting design in the night with the Glühtisch

DIY coffee table glowing

The fantastic glow coffee table is ready. Place the table near a window During of the day or just outside under the sun rays, so he can create a spectacular lighting design evening.

build dining table and coffee table itself

DIY coffee table in wood with glowing efekt

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