build desk itself – three ideas with instructions

build desk itself - three ideas with instructions

The desk – without him it’s not! A table, which plays the role of the computer, write or work table and even from the sideboard is required in every apartment. They need not be Schuller or student to need a desk. Many people work from home or want to have a small separate workstation. For those who need a desk and especially want to build it yourself, we have prepared three inspirations. Even if you are a beginner in this area, you should not have any concern. Let our 55 ideas for DIY Desk ‘Build desk itself’ ”: inspiration and see the following ideas with guidance on the subject.

DIY wooden desks

how do I build desk from holz_3 ideas for tusch build yourself

We begin with a DIY desk, which is ideal match a living room design and interior in rustic style. This home-built wooden table with cross feet can also serve as an elegant sideboard. Here is the list of necessary materials and work show, and the guide on how you could build the table itself.

build himself Desk &# 8211; 3 ideas with instructions

table build yourself from pine wooden boards with wood table frame

Materials and tools:

Planks of pine wood

Pickling and polyurethane

Kreg Jig bags hole

orbital sander

Drill and a jigsaw

Miter and crosscut saw Dewalt DW715

How can you build a desk or sideboard in a rustic style yourself?


Step 1: Before you start with the building, press out the plans for your desk and prepare the materials before. The table top consists of 4 boards (15 x 150 cm) and 2 shorter boards (15 x 60cm) at both ends.

Step 2: Cut the boards in the desired size using a miter and miter saw, like this from Dewalt.

Step 3: Screw the I-shaped beam supports fixed and tape the cross bracket thereto.

Step 4: Connect the two I-timber supports by means of two high-edged boards, which are screwed up and down the back of the table and in addition befestig by 2 more, V-shaped assembled boards.

Step 5: Attach the table top to the wood table frame by means of pockets hole tool.

Step 6: etching the surface of the table in dark walnut color. Wipe a layer with a clean cloth and allow to dry the surface. Then you swipe two layer polyurethane. After the second layer has dried, treat the surface with sandpaper (grain size 300). Wipe off the dust with a moistened cloth and allow to dry until the surface. Finally, apply a further layer of polyurethane with a clean cloth.

rustic table itself build from wood

table itself expanding holz_schreibtisch build yourself instructions

build wooden table itself &# 8211; Ideas for rustic desk with wooden frame

desk build yourself ideas with instructions

Now we show you how you could build a modern desk from old wooden boards themselves. Here the table top is only built of wood and mounted on a metal table frame. Such a table frame, you can, for example, get from Lingoshop. The other thing that you need is a hand grinder, wood glue and tung oil, which is also known as Chinese wood oil.

Home Office set up with modern DIY Desk

computer table and desk build yourself with old holzbrettern_home office set up with desk diy

In the following example the boards are taken from an old wooden shelf and processed with sandpaper (grain size 60). To remove the dust after the grinding work, you can first use your vacuum cleaner and then wipe the surface with a damp cloth. To wait to dry the wood surface, you can start with the construction of the table frame.

cool idea for self-built desk boards with metal table base

desk-own-build-with-desktop-from-swish-and-table frame-of-metal

Since the frame is made in this case of two single U-shaped table legs, they must be screwed to a wooden frame, which is also the reason for the boards. After you have assembled the frame, nail the cut boards to the wooden frame. Finally, the wood of oil a clean cloth.

Table build your own wooden &# 8211; Inspiration for DIY Designer table

table build yourself anleitung_ideen with for DIY wooden desks

In addition, you can equip your new, self-built desk with a cable channel (for example, SIGNUM from IKEA).

creative DIY projects for home-built desks

desk are expanding brettern_ideen furnishing of home office with DIY computer tables

Mostly we have no additional room we convert them into working area. This means that our work or our little home is Office housed either in the living room or kitchen. The third example of a DIY computer or desk shows namely how to build a small wall table itself. What is needed here are two wooden legs from the old wooden table, wooden boards, wood glue, Kreg Jig bags hole, and two door hinges and drawer slides, if they want to have a hidden pull-out keyboard tray.

How to build a small wall table itself inspiration.

desk know myself expanding holz_kreative idea for Home Office in the kitchen with DIY wall table as a small computer table

DIY computer desk with pull-out keyboard tray as a wall table

wall table build of wood as a small computer table

Creative Home Office building idea with wall table as a small computer table in wood for yourself

Desk know to build yourself as a wall table in the kitchen

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