Black walls – 48 living ideas for modern interior design

Black walls - 48 living ideas for modern interior design

Black is the color of the night, the mystery but also the ceremony. They represent elegance and class, style and power. In the residential facility, the color black, either designing a modern and contemporary interiors corresponds to or is associated with a Scandinavian interior design. As interior design element in this color we have selected the wall. I agree! Black walls – a bold idea and elegant way for an unusual but ingenious transformation of the ordinary Interiors of your whole apartment or only one room. Are you sufficiently self-confident and ready to show your passion and focus in the transformation of your four walls by these powerful wall color? Before you say no, you look at our 48 interior design ideas for modern and minimalist interior design with black walls first. Probably your feelings and imagination will change and maybe you will also find some interesting and inspiring examples.

modern set bedroom with white brick wall and black accent wall

Bedding: Matouk, lamps: LE Lampade, carpet: Beauvais and Mark Nelson designs

small bedroom modern set up with white bed and designer wall and pendelleuchten_moderne realizations with wooden floor and wooden ceiling as an accent to the white brick wall and black wall colorSconces Apparatus Studio_Design Team: Tamara Magel Home_Foto: Rikki Snyder

Advantage of the black wall – The advantage of this paint is its depth, are emphasized by the arbitrary interior details. For this reason, often, the Painted in black wall is an accent wall in the room.

Scwarze walls &# 8211; 30 interior design ideas for modern interior design

emphasize wall ideas with wall color schwarz_schwarze walls and white door frame residential idea as a cool living room with coffee table glass and large glasvasse with green leaves as table decoration

Black walls as an accent wall – If you want the black color not conquered the whole room, the design of an accent wall is a suitable variant. The dark accent walls, e.g. in the wall color Black, allow furniture, lighting, artwork, glassware, as ideal to highlight and frame or decorative bowls and set the scene. The black paint is the perfect backdrop for presenting white or bright colored objects with subtle texture.

set up modern and functional small apartment &# 8211; creative wall design black accent wall with round owl pattern

small apartments modern and creative design with brick wall white and accent wall schwarz_moderne pendant lights black and white pendulous lamps above the wooden dining table in the small dining room with living soffa gray and white coffee table

Black walls and chalkboard – To shew a classic look, you can paint the walls with black blackboard wall paint and use them as a real chalkboard, which is ideal for a modern yet functional wall design in the kitchen, in the hallway and of course in the nursery can be.

make black walls in the kitchen with chalkboard wall paint

white kitchen with black wall paint and wall shelves from holz_kreative device ideas for small kitchens and cool wall ideas emphasize and wall design kitchen

Inspiration for modern and rustic kitchen design and creative wall design with chalkboard wall paint

cool device for small kitchen wall and wood letters as a creative wall design küche_rustikale kitchen design with wood dining table and ratanstühlen with black

Color combination: black and white – If you want to paint the walls black, then you combine the black paint with white seat covers while you could combine the white walls with white upholstery and black accessories such as pillows, blankets, table lamps and vases.

Wohnidee small bedroom with accent wall in black and white painted walls and ceiling wood paneling

Setting bedroom with white bed linen and gardienen_schwarze accent wall in the bedroom with white wall lights

black and white color combination with brass pendant lamps as modern decor idea

living dining room with wood dining table set up modern massive and klappstühlen_seats and sofas with stripe pattern in black and white and cool coffee table from round wooden blocks

5 tips for successful black walls:

  1. If a bold interior design want to make with the wall color Black, begin best with smaller wall surface. The bathroom may be the perfect space for it. Other suitable areas for experimentation are also door and window frames, built-in shelves, and wall coverings.

black wall with dot patterns as creative wall design smaller full window

wall paint ideas for bathroom with wall color black and white dot pattern

interesting bedroom design with black-painted window frames

small bedroom design with black wänden_holzfensterrahmen in black paintPhoto: Ashley Batz

2. See the black walls made equally well who they are smooth or textured. You can, for example, make a wall pattern using stencils in shining black color and leave the rest in black matt. Vintage floral or geometric pop art pattern also fit perfectly with the black painted walls.

Black paint for smooth or textured wall surfaces

living room design with black walls and sofa weiß_moderne wall design with wall color black for glate and textured wall surfaces

Modern wall design in matte and glossy &# 8211; black walls with patterns and indirect lighting

Modern bedroom black tv device with black walls and white wandregalen_wohnideen for modern interior design in schwarz_coole bedroom spreadable and device ideas with wandeingebautem

3. Other options for successful wall design with the wall color Black, is painting the entire wall in black and display them with painted in gloss frame or bars as a picture. Another cool idea for creative wall design black walls is the hanging of black-painted pre-tensioned screens or picture frames. In this way you will give texture and shade of the wall.

creative design black wall and set the scene in a white frame as art

dining room set with dark parquet and black wood dining table chairs with cream-colored dining room damst_farbgestaltung in black and white with black wall color and white door frameJane Lockhart Interior Design

black walls as Kollise for black picture frames

modern and creative wall design for black walls with black-painted picture frames

4. If the room is well exposed and especially if it has a height ceiling, you could paint the walls around the footing in black, then the second part to the ceiling in gray and the ceiling in white. In this wall Prank idea the wall is anchored by the black color and the gray wall color gives the feeling that the space extended upward to a white sky. When this coating technique is used on one or two adjacent walls of a small room, the room is optically magnified.

black walls as the ideal wall designing spaces with high ceilings

walls emphasize black in clear ceiling with high decken_wohnzimmer design with exposed concrete and set wänden_loft apartment with corner sofa and white windows with black window frames

creative color combination of black and old rose for modern wall design

Modern wall design and cool color scheme in black and dusky pink

5. What also plays a very important role in the interior design with black walls, is the appropriate lighting and the accessories. of course, are perfect for targeted illumination of black and light-absorbing wall, the so-called spot-lights. Pendantlampen with small bulbs or opulent vintage chandeliers more suitable variants. Also take into account that, that the high-gloss color reflects and multiplies the light and generates sparkle in space. Choose accessories in bright colors, such as Green or butter cream color that offer through their neutrality a fantastic setting to experiment with additional colors.

Spots lights for illumination gezielete the black walls

Modern wall design and lighting for black walls

shiny black walls &# 8211; a bold interior design

modern kitchen with kitchen cabinets in black and modern bathrooms with free-standing bathtub black

Inspiration for modern Raugestaltung small apartments

small apartment modern set up with brick wall black and small dining table with white glass esstischstühlen_coole cover design with ceiling beams crystals from wood and metal and vinatge chandeliers with

bright purple color as appropriate accent color to black walls

modern furnishings living room with wooden ceiling and accent wall in blackPhoto: Eve Wilson

interesting design idea with black wall tiles and parquet

creative wall design with black wall tilesPhoto: Frida Ramstedt

interesting color combination and color design for kitchens

Black walls in the küche_kreative wall design in black and white with black and white photography

cool idea for wall decoration in white, gray and black and creative painting idea

creative wall paint idea for checkered pattern

Bedroom inspiration and fresh design idea with black wallpaper

black wall mut floral pattern bedrooms in bright colors for modern wall design

Black paint for painting wood paneling

underline wood walls in black and customize preservation baskets

Bedroom set up in the Asian Still

Asian bedroom furnishings wall with black and wood bed

Setting minimalist kitchen in black and refresh with bright color accent in yellow

small apartment set modern corner sofa and dining table with black kitchen cabinets with dining table chairs schwarz_kleine kitchen with cooking island and blackDesign: Kasia Orwat

Schwatzer accent in the kitchen &# 8211; cool residential and wall-painting idea

underline cool ideas for modern kitchen with hardwood floor and cream-colored kitchen cabinets

indirect wall lighting as a light accent and creative wall design

living room design in black with black textured walls and modern living room wall design in gold

interesting wall-painting idea for black wall

black walls creatively customize diy-wall pattern by schablone_idee for wall design black wall with silver pattern

minimalist living room design with kitchen and dining area

Modern living room design and modern kitchen with cooking island and dining table white white with black chairsHouse DS_Graux & Baeyens Architecten

Color Black for elegant design from Rreppenraum

minimalist interior design with black walls and inner staircase wood with glass treppengeländerPyrmont Apartment_Bokor Architecture + Interiors

luxury bathroom design in black and wood

black bathroom with black washbasins and washbasin cabinets wood

the small bathroom in black and white

small bathroom ideas for modern bathroom with white bathroom tiles and walls talk

black walls in the bathroom &# 8211; the modern bathroom

black natural stone tiles for bad_moderne bathroom facility with bathtub and wall tiles with African schwazen dressed

modern bathrooms with panoramic windows are ideal for black color scheme

glass instead of tiles in bad_schwarze walls and glass partition for the shower

black door as part of the black accent wall of a small bedroom

cool device bedroom with black bed and black night-NaziDesign: Kasia Orwat

fantastic inspiration for modern bedroom furniture and creative wall design

Modern wall design bedrooms with accent wall in black and white rectanglesSOHU DESIGNS

black walls with accent wall in white combined as creative painting idea for the nursery

modern bedroom ideas with black walls and black wooden floor

black wall in combination with wood furniture for sleeping Timmer

bedroom design with black color wall and wood wall shelf behind the bed

leuchtenedes red as a color accent to the black stone wall &# 8211; Living ideas for modern living room furniture

black natural stone wall as an accent wall in the living room with modern living wall white and red and decorative elements

Black paint for accent walls or elegant wall design of the entire wall

curtain wall black color with orange and combine upholstered sofa orange

fresh green as appropriate accent to black and white color scheme

black wall as a background for white mäblierung_wohnzimmer in black and white set

make accent wall with texture by black wallpaper and set the scene with spot lights

residential dining facility ideas with black dining table round and orange lederarmstühle

black walls of elegant interior design and modern interior

living room design in schwarz_geposterte black chair with a round coffee table for modern furnishings living room with fireplace and wall shelves from concrete

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