Best cutlery for people with Parkinson’s disease, tremor and reduced mobility of the hands and arms

Best cutlery for people with Parkinson's disease, tremor and reduced mobility of the hands and arms

People with Parkinson’s disease, tremor, and with a limited mobility of the hands and arms, which is energized as a result of a spinal cord injury, stroke, or diseases such as cerebral palsy and Huntington’s disease, can again confidently eat thanks to the innovative cutlery ” Liftware ” from lift Labs Inc.

again with confidence thanks to eat an electronic smart cutlery

modern electronic cutlery for people with trembling handsPhoto: Liftware

Behind the innovative product ” Liftware ” is a group of scientists and engineers whose goal and work on the development of new technologies for assistance, proactive care and thus for increasing the quality of life of tremor patients and people with limited hand or arm mobility refers. The inspiration for the creation of Lift Labs already in 2010, the related Erfragungen with family and friends of the working teams were. Due to their specific work, the people affected by various diseases and injuries with uncontrolled hand tremors and impaired hand and arm movement can return to normal, confident, eat without help and enjoy their meal.

Best cutlery for people with Parkinson’s disease, tremor and reduced mobility of the hands and arms

best cutlery with electronic stabilizing handle for people with Parkinson tremorPhoto: Liftware

What’s Liftware?

This innovative product is a suitable for people with Parkinson’s disease, tremor and reduced mobility of the hands cutlery, with which they can bring their safety, dignity and independence while eating back. The range consists of stabilizing and leveling handles and specially designed to spoon and fork inserts.

Spoon or fork with electronic handle to stabilize the gesture of tremor and Parkinson’s patients

Electronic spoon and fork with sensors in the handle for easier eating of people with parkinson and tremor handPhoto: Liftware

For cutlery series ” Liftware Steady ” heard an electronic stabilizing handle with two spoons inserts and a fork-insert, designed for people with hand tremor that occurs in Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor. The handle will be electronically adjusted to the hand tremor, thereby shaking the plugged spoon or fork insert with 70% less than the hand alone.

The innovative cutlery for people with Parkinson’s disease and tremor, which adapts to the hand tremor

people with Parkinson tremor eat more easily with electronically stabilized cutleryPhoto: Liftware

The stabilizing handle contains sensors that detect the movement of the hand, and a small onboard computer that distinguishes unwanted hand tremors on the intended gesture. By the computer mounted in the two handle motors are operated to stabilize the cutlery and to lead in the opposite direction of the detected tremors. The battery in Essbesteck located should last at least one hour in a continuous operation, which corresponds to three meals.

the best cutlery for people with limited mobility of the hands and arms

electronic cutlery as a gift idea for people with -eingeschraenkter-agility-the-haendePhoto: Liftware

The series ” Liftware Level ” is intended for people with reduced mobility of the hands and arms. Thanks to electronic bewegungsstabilisierender technology can be the right level maintained by the cutlery, no matter how the hand and the arm rotates, bends and moves. This innovative handle fits and looks great on the range of motion of the hand. The attached under control sensors are used to detect changes expected hand movements in three dimensions.

Löfel and fork that can be leveled electronically to facilitate the food for people with limited dexterity

electronically leveled cutlery helps people more easily himself to eat with limited hand mobilityPhoto: Liftware

Here, two motors are operated by small computer under control, to level the set at this time. For the goal, the gray flexible joint which is located between the handle and the insert bends.

Innovation that brings suffering from Parkinson’s disease, tremor and reduced mobility of the hands people self-confidence and independence while eating

modern cutlery with electronic grif and leveling spoon and fork for people with reduced-arm and hand gesturePhoto: Liftware

The starter package Liftware level includes leveling handle tablespoon use, charger, hand strap and travel bag and costs $ 195.00. Another spoon and fork insert is available for $ 34.95. The price of the starter pack, and for the Eisatzteile Liftware Steady are the same.

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