Bedroom Blue – color scheme for relaxation and stress reduction

Bedroom Blue - color scheme for relaxation and stress reduction

What color will you choose for your bedroom? Should the color be dark or light? Today we introduce you inspiration Ideas for color design bedroom in blue. Why the color blue is good for the bedroom design? The blue color reminiscent of a calm river and to the infinite sky. The bedroom color scheme of blue brings a soothing and relaxing atmosphere with it. The color blue help remove from the stress and from being an ordinary place. Blue is also used in color therapy for the treatment of migraine, sore throats, fevers and back pain.

The bright blue shades provide an optical space enlargement, as well as a fresh and inviting space. To cool off from a stressful day and for regeneration and relaxation, choose wall color blue. Be inspired by our Blue 21 examples of the bedroom. Discover different color combinations with blue, as well as different decorating ideas for the bedroom.

Bedroom design in blue

bed with headboard dark blue blue blue bedspread and pillow-blue bedside tables with white edges

Color design Bedroom Blue

wall color blue with wall design black picture frame-metal beds black with white bed linen and black pillow-curtain white black-built wall shelves white

Wall painting idea in Blue

White Ikeabett with blue linen and white coverlet curtain white

Sheep rooms Idea

White bedroom with bed and curtains blue light blue walls and white curtains and white carpet

Bedroom figures in blue

bedroom with white fireplace and light blue walls-floor pillows blue and white curtains with blue flowers

walls painting &# 8211; blue wall paint for the bedroom

Color design walls in dark blue curtain-white and gray-bedded with kopgteil beige-blue bedspread and pillow-around mirror

Bedroom Ideas figures

Setting bedroom with curtains blue and blue walls

Furnishing idea bedrooms

bedroom with walls in gray and light blue double bed black with blue bedspread carpet dark blue

Small bedroom setting

bedroom white with blue walls and blue Wanddeko- bed with blue bedding and white bedspread-guy wardrobe

Wall bedroom wall sticker flowers

bedroom with black head wall and night-Nazi carpet blue

Bedroom wall decoration idea

bedroom with walls blue and black bed linen blue with white dots and black bedspread

Color scheme bedroom in white and blue

bedroom with blue bed linen and white carpet and white curtains blue

Bedroom design idea in dark blue

Paint walls idea in white and dark blue-blue bedspread-curtains dark blue

Modern bedroom figures

white bed with headboard and dark blue walls

Bedroom furniture ideas

light blue bedrooms with black and white bed canopy chair white and small round table and blue window blinds

Fresh design idea for the bedroom

bedroom design in blue with wooden floor and white cover design carpet in beige and gray wall mirror with silver frame

Room painting idea &# 8211; Bedroom decorating ideas

strong wall color blue bedroom with dark wood floors and white carpet and white linen with floral motif in gray

Luxury Living Room Setting

Setting bedrooms with wooden floor and modern wall wallpaper in dark blue

Design idea small bedroom in blue

bedroom wall design in blue-blue bed with blue pillows

Bedroom Blue design ideas

modern bedroom set up in blue with rustic wooden furniture-curtains white and orange

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