beautify the old kitchen with new tile mirror

beautify the old kitchen with new tile mirror

The backsplash is an important part of the overall interior design of any kitchen. Except as protective wall above the kitchen worktop it also plays the role of the accent wall between the upper and lower set of kitchen cabinets. But how is the kitchen back wall to make in order to give a new look to the old kitchen? The variants and the materials for this are numerous. In today’s post, we have prepared 10 original ideas for a DIY backsplash in the kitchen.

Pallets in the kitchen &# 8211; Great idea for Wangestaltung and DIY kitchen back wall

design ideas for kitchen with white kitchen cabinets, kitchen top wood and tiles mirror of pallets© circadee

DIY tiling pattern of pallets

When it comes to building with pallets, then determined is a great delusion. In this case, pallets are used to modern cladding the kitchen back wall. In this example, a mounted already on the wall plastic sheet is used as a template and reason for the backsplash.

In order to give a rustic look of the kitchen back wall, you need weathered pallets of oak, to disassemble into parts. Then, the individual boards to be cut in the same or different length. For the kitchen backsplash in the picture 50cm long pieces of wood are used. Once you have cut the required parts, make them clean from dirt and dust using a damp cloth. Then simply glue the boards on the plastic plate and stain the wood surface.

a tile panel made of wood as an accent wall and natural detail of the kitchen

modern kitchen with cooking island and black kitchen back wall wood as accent to the white and black kitchen cabinets© Dana Miller for House * Tweaking

DIY Memoboard tiled backsplash

To transform the kitchen back wall in memo board, you need a 3mm thick plexiglass plate, latex paint as desired, waste paper for tile mirror template and colorless glue for sealing.

Step 1: With the help of paper you tinker a template in the size of the kitchen back wall that you want to turn into memo board. Do not forget to mark the exact location of the existing outlets on the template and cut out for it. As far as you are finished with the template, place it on the plexiglass plate and secure it with tape. Let the protector of the plexiglass on it, so you do not damage it when cutting. With a pen wear on the outline and the openings of the stencil onto the glass plate.

Step 2: Remove the template and repeat the drawn lines so that they are straight. Using scoring knife and straightedge catch the Plexiglas along the drawn outline to be cut. Andre way the plexiglass to cut into the desired shape is the use of jigsaw. Before you get to cut the holes for the sockets from Plexiglas, check again whether the subscribed interface fits. If everything is correct, then you first drill the corners of the drawn shape with Bormaschine and a 6mm drill bit. Then make jigsaw or scoring knife out to cut the opening.

the tiled backsplash in the kitchen as a memo board for recipes, news and shopping lists

interesting wall design for the kitchen with diy memoboard tiles mirror plexiglass© Susan Teare Photography


Step 3: Before you install the ready-cut plexiglass plate on the wall, you can paint the wall of any color to set a beautiful accent to the kitchen cabinets. Let dry the latex paint well.

Step 4: Remove the protective film from either side of the plexiglass plate, put it to the wall and enter colorless silicone adhesive along all edges to secure the Plexiglas. The next day, you can make your new and creative kitchen back wall with funny sayings or a new recipe. For this, you will still only need a chalk marker.

beautify old kitchen with new tiling pattern of colorful tiles Rollbrett

cool wall design with colorful wall tiles from rolling boarded the idea of ​​original tiled backsplash kitchen

Tiling pattern with DIY tiles Skateboards

Here is a fantastic idea for fancy embellishment for your kitchen back wall with decorative tiles made of 100% recycled dollies. These cool wall tiles can be made of wood, porcelain and ceramics and make a design product of the brand Art Of Board represents.

colorful wall tiles with original designs on wood, porcelain and ceramics

Flisenspigel and wall creative customize design tiles from recycled dollies

creative wall design for bathrooms and kitchens with tile mirror DIY Glass Mosaic

chic bathroom ideas for modern bathroom with DIY backsplash of glass mosaic blue, wood vanity with sink white white glass and large mirror frame

DIY mosaic tiled backsplash

Would you dress with mosaic like the kitchen back wall? Here is a great example of how you could do that with pieces of colored glass dish. For the goal you must first gently break some jars and if you have not found colored mason jars to color the broken pieces of glass from the inside with paint for glass. Only then the individual glass parts are using to stick the tile adhesive to the wall.

fantastic idea for homemade kitchen back wall from broken glass

fliesenspigel kitchen of mosaic in blau_verlegen they themselves mosaic of broken glass

of course you have to apply to the wall and then glue the glass mosaic pieces on it the tile adhesive first. Start with a wall surface of 1m² and wear a 6mm thick layer of tile adhesive using a notched trowel on. Then apply some of the adhesive on the inner side of each piece of glass and push it slightly to the wall. Try to keep the top of the glass parts free of adhesive. You can either remove the adhesive residue either the same with a cloth or alcohol when the tile adhesive has been dried. After you have completely decorated the kitchen back wall and the glass mosaic is clean, you will have to wait a few days until the tile adhesive has dried well.

Once the drying time has expired, you can fugieren the glass mosaic. Prepare the grout according to the instructions and wear them on using of spatula. Once you have all joints between the pieces of glass well filled, let the grout to dry for about 10 minutes and then clean the mosaic with a damp sponge. When you are done with the cleaning, polish the glass parts with cheesecloth or a lint-free cloth.

the accent in the kitchen on the kitchen back wall set with Hexagon wall tiles

ideas for kitchen design in white with white tiled backsplash tiles marble

DIY marble tiled backsplash

An elegant solution for modern and creative design of the kitchen back wall with self-cut hexagon tiles of white marble borders.

small hexagonal wall tiles made of marble &# 8211; the perfect solution for Fliesenspigel in kitchen with gray walls

ideas for kitchen design with wall color gray and fliesenspigel kitchen marble white

beautify the white Fliesenspigel with other white tiles

wall design kitchen with DIY fliesenspigel of small square wall tiles

DIY 3D tiled backsplash &# 8211; Here is an interesting idea for the original design of the kitchen back wall above the other in layers more tiles laid in a square shape

make the backsplash colorful and creative with tiles wallpaper or adhesive film

cool wall design with self-adhesive wall tiles adhesive film

DIY adhesive film mirror tiles

You can use the boring kitchen back wall fast, easy, creative and playful design using self-cut tiles patterned wallpaper. In the following example, different wallpaper adhesive films are used with a great design by Nina Ribena. You will still need a ruler and cutter for this project.

great idea for DIY wall tiles wallpaper

craft ideas for colorful kitchen back wall with DIY tiles adhesive film

Step 1: Measure the kitchen back wall. Choose the shape and size of the tiles that will later cut out of the wallpaper. The tile shape can be rectangular, square, or even hexagonal. Make yourself a sketch beforehand and calculate roughly how many portions of each sample are required to know how to buy many rolls of wallpaper.

Step 2: Once you have worried the desired wallpaper, draw the parts on the back of wallpaper and cut them with scissors or cutter out.

Step 3: Make the kitchen back wall clean before draufzukleben the parts. Then simply pull the cut tiles and stick. In the example shown, the wallpaper tiles are glued in a distance of 6mm to the wall.

Vliesenspigel of painted borders &# 8211; great painting idea for any kitchen

kitchen paint ideas for Fliesenspigel

Simple String idea for border-tiled backsplash

Is that laying tiles too expensive? Then you get with tape, different wall colors and of course a great idea for wall decoration. In the following example, the kitchen back wall is first painted in white and then lined with 6mm wide tape and divided into narrow elongated parts. After that, everything depends on your idea of ​​matching color combination. Dig out the brush and start coloring the single box on.

the tiles mirror paint instead embarrassed

kitchen back wall creative design in tiles with different wall colors

Kitchen backsplash itself make wine corks

cool craft idea with cork for creative wall design and fancy tile mirror@ Create.Craft.Love

Now we come to a great inspiration for all collectors of wine corks. Here is the list with everything needed for a remarkable kitchen back wall of cork:

  • Many wine corks
  • scroll saw
  • Plywood panel d = 6 mm
  • box cutter
  • Contact adhesive
  • brads
  • colorless seal Spray
  • colorless silicone

 creative craft idea with cork for DIY backsplash in the kitchen

kitchen back wall with wine corks verlegen_toole idea for kitchens

Step 1: want to make Measure the kitchen back cover, the Si with wine corks and cut such a large sheet of plywood. After you cut the hole, check again if it fits the desired location. Do not forget to mark the corresponding openings for the sockets and cut the plywood.

Step 2: Cut the wine corks in half. If some edges of the plywood remain open, you can also hide with cork. For the destination you need the halved corks also cut by a carpet knife (see picture below).

Step 3: Arrange the sliced ​​corks on the wooden board. Once you have the desired pattern found, you can glue the corks on the wooden board.

Step 4: After you have completely covered the plywood board with wine corks, you have to seal it with colorless seal spray. You make all windows and enter necessarily face mask. Spray two or three layers and leave to dry each layer seal well.

Step 5: Attach the cork tiles mirror on the wall by means of brads and seal the interface between the counter and the kitchen rear wall.

creative idea for colorful tiles levels by combining different wall tiles

green tiles mirror kitchen from wall tiles in different sizes and farben_retro kitchen with wall color pink and vintage wooden cabinet© Mikkel Adsbøl

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