Bathroom modern design with light

Bathroom modern design with light

The bathroom is nowadays rather as spa and retreat where we can be to ourselves. It should be our wellness oasis where we gloss over us and mentally relax. So that your bathroom into a luxury spa, will you need before a good planning of the bathroom. Here, materials, colors, type of tile, bathroom furniture, as well as the right lighting play an important role. Namely, the right lighting concept gives a bath the effect of a relaxation area. To make the bathroom modern, extends not only to set up modern furniture and the right color scheme according to the room size but also ample light, the illumination of certain sites and the appropriate positioning of different lights. As inspiration for lighting design in the bathroom, we have prepared 40 interesting examples and supports them with some tips.

Inspiration for modern bathroom design and the effect of light in the bathroom

modern bathrooms creative gestalten_badideen with wooden floor and roof glazing over shower area

To make a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom by lighting, you first need to know which types of lighting not use these products.

Task lighting – In the bathroom, this type of lighting corresponds to the illumination from the mirror through which you can best see in the mirror. A suitable variant for good and shadow-free lighting levels, especially when it seeketh makeup and shaving, is the use of two wall lights at eye level, from both sides of the mirror. An illumination over the mirror is ineffective, since thereby the front is strongly illuminated and shadows are formed under the eyes, the nose and the chin.

Bathroom modern design with light &# 8211; What type of lighting is best suited for the bathroom?

bathroom ideas for modern bathroom design with wall lamps and freestanding sinkThe Puli Hotel And Spa

Accent lighting – If you believe, as pictures, vases of flowers or other type of decoration in the bathroom and wall niches and installation areas such as wall shelves that you want to set the scene, use the so-called accent lighting. For a focused illumination luminaires are recommended with directed light.

Accent lighting in the shower area

modern shower with eingebaite footprint and indirect lighting as a modern bathroom inspirationArmani Hotel in Dubai / Armani Hotel in Milan

Decorative lighting – a stunning chamber depth and light effect in the room may be generated by individual pendant lamps, especially in bathrooms with a square plan. Adequate lighting in large rectangular bathrooms, insert inside the ceiling level best two or three recessed lighting. Of course other suitable solution for decorative lighting in the bathroom are the candles. They are the ideal decoration and lighting for a relaxing and romantic room effect.

Also make your bathroom modern with appropriate lighting

modern bathroom with a rustic wall hanging basin from wood and modern wall design with natural stone and wall mirror roundresidence &# 8220; Lower Foxtail&# 8220; Reid Smith Achitects

ambient light – The ambient light plays the role of side light in space. Bathroom with a greater ceiling height, buckles or consoles, a lighting along the walls, ceiling and around different areas is around, so that they are accentuated by light. To increase the effect this type of illumination, run the ambient light as indirect lighting. A pendant lamp with a translucent shade can be a light source of decorative lighting, and ambient lighting simultaneously.

the effect of ambient light and color in the bathroom

make them bad the state through the right lichtkonzept_beleuchtete wall shelves and floor-to-install light in the bathroom

Impact of lighting on the colors – In addition to the type of lighting, you need to consider the choice of light sources, since they affect the appearance of colors and therefore the spatial effect. Do not forget that most interior photos are taken using additional lighting, which changes the colors and their effect.

  • warm tones of the room – use lamps with a light color of around 2,700 Kelvin.
  • Shades of the room cool – then you need lamps with light color of around 4,000 Kelvin.
  • simulate natural daylight – the color temperature from about 5.000 to 6000 Kelvin corresponds to daylight at noon.

Bathroom modern design with textured concrete walls and warm light

pots of flowers interior modern bathroom with textured betobwänden and Pendellampe_schwarze and picture frames as bathroom decorationResidence in Moskau_Interieur Style: Kelly Hoppen (MBE) in collaboration with Yoo Design Studio

What is important in the light from the bathroom?

A bathroom should be bright and the key to this is sufficient application and ceiling lighting. Of course, if we want to use the bathroom as our private relaxation place, it is also possible for a discreet lighting and right lighting effect exist. This means that the brightness of the room to what is made easy with dimmers are adjustable.

modern and bright bathroom design small bathroom by indirect ceiling lighting and natural stone tiles in bright color

modern design small bathroom with floor coverings and wall coverings of natural stonePinewood of Marina_Massimo Fiorido Associati + sundaymorning_Foto © Fabio Candido

Combination of light gray concrete with warm light color gives the bathroom a cozy ambience

bathrooms ideas for modern bathroom design with wooden floor and basin system of concrete with indirect lighting and ceiling mirror lighting eingebaiterBond Street Residence _ Concrete Works East

Which areas in the bathroom should be the focus of the lighting?

Skylights and ceiling lights are important because they serve the general lighting in the room. The lighting of the whole room by natural light is always the better solution, while the bathroom has a window or skylight. Washstand unit and the shower area to be well illuminated, by the so-called workstation, or application lighting. For an even more effective light accent, you can, for example, Position the light bands with wall-mounted cabinets. In this way, a creative wall design, and the sense of a floating in space vanity cabinet gives. When it comes to the lighting of the shower or bath, most often it is thought that a luminaire ranges. Important for the shower area, the good lighting of the place where you stand in the shower. In the bath uniform illumination is better. That is, both ends of the bathtub are illuminated.

When the light comes from above! &# 8211; a small bathroom with a simple and stylish design

make small bathroom as a modern bathroom with concrete walls and free-standing bathtub

small bathroom ideas for optical space enlargement by light and mutually arranged mirrors

small bathroom modern bathroom tiles and customize holz_gegenseitig positioned mirror for oprische space large as solution for small bathroomsProject &# 8220; Grand Park&# 8220; Alexandra Fedorova

Common mistakes when lighting design in the bathroom.

  • The installation of too many built-in ceiling lights can degrade the ceiling design and the visual spatial effect.
  • The positioning of spot lights directly above the head at locations such as in front of the mirror. Spot lights on the ceiling should ideally be mounted to the movement area or the Go range.
  • An asymmetric illumination of the mirror is also a mistake, because this is a non-uniform illumination of the area in front of the mirror shows what is problematic applying makeup and shaving.
  • The so popular and popular crystal-clear light bulbs with filaments are not exactly as they put everything in the shade for use in the bathroom. Instead, use lamps, which are dull or opaque.
  • The use of lamps with fabric shade, and lamps made of bronze or brass, which are rust quickly. Lamps with a chrome, nickel and stainless steel coating are a better choice for the bathroom.

Alcoves in the bathroom as a functional footprint and part of the light concept

small bathroom ideas for modern bathroom with wood wall covering and accent lighting as a wall design

Natural light in the bathroom &# 8211; The lighting with natural light always has a positive impact on our mood and well-being. Another and very important aspect of the use of daylight is to minimize the consumption costs of electricity. Here are some tips:

  • Window in the bathroom – the textured glasses allow light transmission up to 84% and serve the privacy ideal. The regular window cleaning from inside and outside, also has a big impact. A pleasant ambience and subtle lighting, as well as an effective lighting design with natural light, can be create by different types of blinds or curtains.

Take advantage of the visible Gebeudekonstruktionen and natural daylight to modern to create bathroom design.

ideas for modern bathroom in white with windows for lighting in the bathroom with daylight

  • Large mirrors – by the correct positioning of large mirrors can ausreichlich illuminated with natural light throughout the space. The reflection of light on shiny surfaces also enhances the room lighting.

ausreichliches light in small bathroom by re-reflection and reflection

small bathroom ideas with wall mirrors and bright kalksteinplatten_modernes bathroom design make by indirect deckenbeleuchtungKaif of FORM Architects _ Photo © Andrey Bezuglov

  • Glass in the bathroom – another ploy to get as much natural light in the bathroom, is the use of wall shelves, partitions and even small accessories such as beakers and soap dispenser made of glass.

Daylight and Warbe white for creative design modern showers

modern bathroom with roof glazing in the shower area and wall tiling with natural stone whiteVilla in Andalusia, Spanien_ Architects McLean Quinlan

  • Another variant of the daylight in the bathroom to benefit provides painting walls and ceilings in light colors.
  • If you do not have a window in the bathroom, take advantage of the light that can intrude through the door. Simply replace the massive door with a glass door.

opaque glass walls and doors for discreet lighting in the bathroom

bathroom design in black with white sanitary furniture and indirect room lighting by opaque glazingPrivate residence in San Francisco Garcia Tamjidi Architecture Design_Foto © Joe Fletcher Photography

Idea for bathroom design small bathroom industrial style by the combination of concrete, glass and mosaic

modern bathroom in vintage style with shower area of ​​concrete and wall design with white mosaic and wall hang-basin of concrete

  • Bathroom, located in the attic can be plentiful and creatively illuminated by skylights or roof glazing.

creative lighting concept with ceiling lights above the mirror in the bathroom

modern bathroom with dry stone wall and recessed ceiling light as inspiration for small bathrooms

Skylight as a solution for soft lighting in the bathroom

modern bathroom with skylight and wooden floor

the open Sommerbad &# 8211; Showering under the sunbeams

beautiful bathrooms in the outside area with concrete floor and wash-driven wooden

Light over the bath combined with light and color accent of feurign candles

bathroom ideas for modern bathroom design with natural stone and window in the bathroom

modern and gemürlich make small bathroom with candles and wood accents

modern bathroom with bath and roof sloping with glass partition and built-in shelves for storage of tüchern_badideen for modern sink wood

Negative as creative inspiration for wall and lighting design in the bathroom

creative wall design and lighting design in the bathroom with built-in light bandsCO Residence in Aspen _ Hugh Newell Jacobsen Architect_Foto John Granen

Bathroom modern design and properly illuminate with daylight and modern recessed lighting

ceiling cool baths ideas for bathroom design by tageslicht_modernes bathroom with white wall and black color creative set with double washbasin separate white and reflectRecessed lighting Harbor Design 2008 by Otylight

Recessed lighting for discreet and room lighting and creative lighting design of modern bathrooms

modern shower with fitted wall lamp and indirect lighting overcame hang basin as a cool bathroom ideas for modern bathroom design with lightRecessed luminaire Dolma Kreon / Radisson Hotel Lobby _ Tanju Özelgin

Sinks with integrated lighting as a design concept for modern bathrooms

modern bathroom with wall-hang-sink with integrated lightingsink &# 8220; STRAPPO&# 8220; Antonio Lupi Design

Lighting concepts for a narrow and small bathroom

small bathroom ideas for modern bathroom design with indirect lighting

small bathroom ideas with fitted wall lights

indirect lighting for modern bathroom design small bathings

Light Bathroom mirrors correctly

bathroom ideas with bathroom mirror and spiegelbeleuchtung_moderne wall design bathroom with wallpaper in black and beigeTaylor Street high-rise apartment _ Sutro Architects / Bisha Hotel Residence _ Studio Munge

Light reflection in the mirror &# 8211; creative solutions for small bathrooms and modern bathroom design

small bathroom ideas for lighting with tageslicht_kreative bathroom design with mosaikflisen brown and schmallem Spig illuminated with two wall lamps made of woodBaulinder House of Hufft Projects_Foto © Andrew Fabin

modern bathroom inspiration &# 8211; Modern wall design in the bathroom by texture and light

modern bathroom with black make wall panels and indirect deckenbeleuchtung overcame hanging mirrorGinza Steak TAJIMA _ Doyle Collection

light bathroom mirror vertically or horizontally? &# 8211; Ideas for applying lighting in the bathroom

modern bathroom with wood wall covering and wandhängewaschtischen_kleines bad ideas ceiling with black walls and white and groundBond Street Residence _Concrete Works East / Astor Street Residence _ dSPACE Studio

indirect wall illumination through glass wall &# 8211; creative bathroom ideas for luxury bathroom design

modern bathroom black concrete basin with round bathroom mirror and decorative rock garden under theRadisson Hotel Lobby _ Tanju Özelgin

Accent lighting the car wash &# 8211; illuminating vanity area from below

creative bathroom inspiration for effective lighting designDowntown_Cherem Arquitectos_Foto © Jaime Navarro

make modern bathroom using light accents

make modern bathroom with 3d natural stone and modern basin grau_moderne washbasins made of concrete for modern bathroom designWall covering with gray limestone of Ownby Design / Project C-Roeselare Frederic Kielemoes

a modern bathroom in white &# 8211; Marble tiles and additional ambient lighting for optical space enlargement small bathrooms

modern bathroom in white with floor tiles and wall tiles made of white marblemarble tiles &# 8220; Roma&# 8220; Fap Ceramiche

interesting bathroom design in the attic &# 8211; Setting up small and modern bathroom with Sti

modern bathroom with roof slant and screed floor set up with free-standing bathtubProject VALEGGIO Studio Fabio Fantolino

Ambient light in the bathroom by point candlestick 

modern bathroom in the Japanese style with wooden floor and the floor built bathtub

Lighting design as part of interior design

tiles modern bathroom inspirations with free-standing bath and indirect beleuchtung_coole bad ideas in beige and blackVelton Park _Alexandra Fedorova / residence in San Francisco_Garcia Tamjidi Architecture Design_ © Joe Fletcher Photography

Wood and light in the bathroom &# 8211; Bathroom Design Japanese style

modern bathroom with Japanese bath made of wood and modern washstand plant woodGinzan Onsen Fujiya Hotel by Kengo Kuma and Associates_Foto Daici Ano

use indirect lighting properly to make a beautiful bathroom

make modern bathroom with free-standing bathtub _kreative wall design bathroom with indirect lighting and bamboo rods for Asian look

small bathroom modern design with wood, mirrors and color accent in white

modern bathroom inspiration with wooden floor and wooden wall tiling in the shower areaSkirt + skirt House_ MCK Architects_Foto © Richard Glover

fantastic inspiration for small bathrooms with wood accent and indirect ceiling lighting

small bathroom ideas with wood and indirect lighting

Lighting ideas for modern bathroom in white and black

cool baths ideas for modern bathroom small bathroom in black daylight with indirect lighting, or

modern bathroom in gray &# 8211; Bathroom design by material combination of concrete and natural stone

make modern bathroom with concrete and natural stone

Natural materials and natural light for spectacular bathroom design

make modern bathroom with natural daylight and natural materialsHouse by the lake in Valle de Bravo in Mexico by Eduardo Hernandez

Bathroom Design &# 8211; Pendant lamp and printed glass for effective lighting accents in the bathroom

modern and creative light concepts for badezimmer_kleines bad ideas for modern wall design with modern 3d black wall tiles and modern pendulum lamps black for unobtrusive lighting in bathroomBadmäbel collection &Cdesign; # 8220&# 8220; Carr Design Group for Omvivo / project &# 8220; layers of white&# 8220; of Pitsou

bright bathroom tiles and warm light with accents in wood for the bathroom

inspiration wandeckleuchte for modern bathroom with wall-hang-basin cabinet wood and indirect lighting under basin and asProject &Velton Park; # 8220&# 8220; Alexandra Fedorova

the modern bathroom in a rustic style

modern bathrooms in rustic style with vintage bathroom furniture made of wood and built-in lights for accent lighting

Effect of different light sources and types of lighting for pleasant ambience in the bathroom

inspirations modern bathroom and lighting concepts for pleasant lighting installation by light

Bathroom modern design and illuminate correctly &# 8211; You will find the right lighting concept for your bathroom

creative light concepts and modern bathroom design

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