Bamboo furniture – modern furnishing with bamboo

Bamboo furniture - modern furnishing with bamboo

The bamboo is one of the many types of bamboo plants. The fast-growing raw material covered huge area of ​​million hectares in China and India and offers a wide range of applications. Except as food, bamboo is used as a building material for furniture and construction, in the production of textiles and biomaterials, as well as in the manufacture of cosmetics and toiletries. For example, mats, baskets and jars, narrow veneer similar strips of different species of bamboos are braided. With the help of these yarns such as wood can be hard strip and connect to floor coverings or blinds and roll up like a fabric.

Bamboo is not only a beautiful exotic look, he is also ecologically and easy to maintain. It grows very quickly and because of its cavities remains light and elastic. In the furniture industry of bamboo is popular due to the optical refinements particularly with its capacity of noble feel. The bamboo furniture have namely about the fantastic nature of the first-class surface treatment. So bamboo can be silky soft ground and polished so that almost a glossy reflection arises which causes you to constantly touch. See our suggestions and examples with various modern and interesting bamboo furniture for an ecological setting up your apartment.

bamboo furniture &# 8211; bamboo lamp

modern bambusmäbel-ceiling light from bamboo

Bamboo in the bathroom

Small bathroom set with wall made of bamboo and metal basin

Modern faucet design in green Edvin-Sjöberg

Water tap in the form of bamboo

Chairs made of bamboo &# 8211; Union Elemental

Designer bamboo chairs with monkey print pattern in red

Designer bamboo furniture &# 8211; Bamboo Cell of Fanson Meng

Designerstühl from bamboo stool with bamboo feet and white seating surface cut with impression bamboo tube

Living room setting with bamboo furniture

white chest with cabinet doors from bamboo parket gray

Coffee table in white bamboo

rectangular white coffee table with bamboo surface

Idea for outdoor furniture made of bamboo &# 8211; Zuarq Builders

modern bamboo chair with back and arm rests of cut bamboo sticks

Modern lighting design 

modern table lamp made of cut bamboo sticks

Bathroom furniture made of bamboo

Bamboo furniture for Bathroom- stone water table with bamboo sink

bamboo furniture &# 8211; Deck design of bamboo 

modern deck of bamboo rings

Unique lighting design with the light garden of bamboo sticks

Garden lighting from decorative bamboo sticks-Post Modern Zen garden

Coffee table bamboo &# 8211; Lucky T Table

coffee table with round glass plate and base from various like bamboo canes

Dining table and chairs made of bamboo &# 8211; green school classic chair

Round table and chairs made of bamboo

Barhocker bamboo &# 8211; Z Bar Stool

modern stool made of bamboo

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