Balcony ideas - interesting decor ideas from small balcony

Balcony ideas – interesting decor ideas from small balcony

Balcony ideas - interesting decor ideas from small balcony

Many of us want to have a small garden or terrace large enough where we can sit comfortably in the summer, in the morning drinking coffee and evening to enjoy the warm weather with glass of wine and nice food. A dream of many people who have small apartments in the city inhabit. To realize this dream, you do not only have a small balcony and some creativity. The small balcony does not mean in any case that it is impractical. The narrow and small balconies also offer many opportunities for a cozy interior with seating and green oasis. Be inspired by our balcony ideas that we have to stimulate your creative thinking, collected.

Important in setting up small balconies is not the surface, but the colors and the small decoration, as well as the components that you can use for seating and positioning functions. Take the windowsill as an example, it can be wish to convert the counter. The wall allows the installation of folding tables and interesting design with hanging flower pots. With the help of cushions for chairs, use directly the balcony floor as the seat and the railing as a backrest. Our balcony ideas you will find other examples of how you can except for flower decoration also use the railing functional.

The view to the outside is sometimes not fantastic. but that you should not bother. Revitalize the balcony with fresh and bold colors, such as pink, green or blue. Little things like colorful decorative pillows, small rug and a pair of candles or tea light holders are still spice up the interior.

If the balcony is glazed, do not lose your dream for garden and coziness. We also have some ideas lined up for closed balconies. In such a balcony you can still design a conservatory and cozy relax even during the cold winter season. Even if you need to work a quiet place, but your home does not have the space for it, you convert the small balcony into a workspace. We have worried even those Balcony ideas for you.

 The small balcony &# 8211; a variety of design ideas

Furnishing idea small balcony in black and white with wooden furniture

Furnishing idea of ​​small balcony with wooden furniture and reed mat

elegant balcony furnishings in white and blue with klenem wooden sofa or wall lighting-deco

Balcony furnishing idea with wood and hanging pillow as a backrest in green

Creative balcony furnishing idea

creative means smaller balconies cushion and artificial grass

 Cool off the balcony by bright colors

fresh furnishing idea Klener balcony with two chairs and floor in blue

means idea smaller balconies in blue with rattan

Furnishing idea for small balcony in pink with wooden furniture and umbrella

modern balcony design with wooden floor and Lounge chair and floral decoration on the wall

Vintage ideas for small balconies

vintage furnishings for small balconies

design ideas for small balconies

fresh design for balcony

small garden on the balcony flower decoration

interesting balcony with wooden furniture on gravel

gartengestaltung on the balcony

decoration ideas for the balcony

Flower Wall Decoration for the balcony

Wall design with colorful flower pots for the balcony

Balcony furnishing ideas rock garden

creative vintage floral design for the balcony

 Flower pot on the balcony ideas

balcony establishment of ideas designer flower pot for railing

balcony einrichtungsideen- folding furniture

 Creative Balcony Ideas

creative ideas for Mljet walking Balcony

 Conservatory balcony

Balcony device - winter garden on the balcony

 The small balcony as a multi-purpose room

balcony establishment ideas-glazed balcony with workplace

glazed balcony as a small dining room

small balcony design idea

modern decor small balconies with corner sofa and kleinformatigne mirrors

modern Balkoneinrichtung- glazed balcony design

simple and cozy balcony furnishings in white with bar stools and seat

small balcony with terracotta and hinged wooden table

Study on the balcony

elegant balcony decor with brick walls and steel furniture

small balcony as multipurpose room-einrichtungs ideas

small balcony conversion ideas

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