Bad hold in order: organize towels

Bad hold in order: organize towels

What makes our bathroom comfortably? Save the appropriate color and equipment that we have to choose according to the room size, the organization also plays an essential role. Under of all possible decorative and organization ideas for the bathroom, we have made today on the creative organization of towels and bath towels carefully to show you, how can you keep your bathroom thereby simultaneously in order and make cozy.

make small luxury bathroom stylish with integrated and illuminated towel wooden bookcase

luxury bath black with round sink, bathtub with glass wall and built-in wood shelves organize bath towels and wall Africa for kerzendeko

Besides of all possible modern solutions for the organization and storage of towels in the bathroom, there are also numerous and original ideas for DIY hand and bath towel rail, as well as for creative storage of towels on the wall by the door, in baskets, under and on vanity, as well as the shower and next to the bathtub. The following inspirations will show you not only how to keep order in the bathroom, but also how to use the bath and hand towels as decoration and color accent in the bathroom.

Bad hold in order: organize towels

modern bathrooms modern equipped with hang-towel holder above the bathtub and modern basin aufsatswaschbecken round of stone and storage space for hand and bath towels

Especially if you are a big family with children, several towels in the bathroom are already hang and store. But if your bathroom is not big enough, or arranged so that there is almost no room for the necessary bathroom cabinets, you need to find another solution for the storage of all towels. And if the bathroom is spacious, well then towels next to the sink basin and the shower to find. In this regard, the wipes are an important part of bathroom design.

modern solutions for the bathroom with DIY hand and bath towel holder made of wood and leather

modern hang-towel holder itself tinker with round wooden rods and leather to keep bad ok

Towels organize on the wall

Typically, we arrange the towels in a bathroom cabinet or in a detached shelf. Another elegant organizing idea would be put in the open wall shelves that we could also do it yourself. Take for example a simple DIY hand and bath towel shelf of wood, and has no back. You need only assemble a wooden frame, paint and attach to the wall. The best way to get cut directly at the hardware store to the desired length, the wooden boards to make this home just another nail and coat with suitable wood preservative stain and anti-fouling paint.

Bad in grain size maintained by DIY cloth wooden shelves

towel shelves tinker with wood as a creative organization of ideas for modern bathrooms

Other craft ideas for original cloth wall shelves turned round hat boxes in creative and colorful storage solution for your towels. They should be about 25-30cm deep and are easy to nail to the wall. As an alternative to the round boxes you can use large cardboard tube which color you desired and mount to the wall with L-brackets.

create more storage space in the bathroom means of round boxes and boxes

hand and bath towels organize diy wall shelves of round hutschachteln_idee for wall design in the bathroom

When it comes to DIY wall shelves, we can not be contrary to the great ideas with various baskets and boxes. The variants herein are also numerous because of the diverse range of baskets made of wood or metal in of all possible shapes and sizes. Would you like to lend a rustic touch to the bathroom, which is a suitable solution for tidy bathroom in vintage or shabby chic style.

creative storage ideas for the towels in the bathroom

hand and bath towels organize in wooden boxes at the wand_originelle design ideas bathroom

tinker and use baskets made of wire, to organize the towels in the bathroom creatively

hand and bath towels organize drahtkärben on the wall and diy cloth regals wooden shutter and wire

creative organization ideas for small bathrooms in rustic style 

towels in the bathroom holding ok thanks diy cloth shelves of wooden crates and baskets

transform wicker baskets in space-saving wall shelves in the bathroom

little bad in order to chat with diy wall shelves from grazing baskets for storage of cloths

DIY Bathroom shelves and towel holder made of wood

Apart from the usual high-shelves and mirror cabinets, various wall and DIY are to use hanging shelves for storing towels and bath towels. Who wants to bring nature into the bathroom, can transform an old wooden ladder in towel shelf, or make an original towel holder from branch.

the small bathroom in order keep thanks selfmade hanging shelf for the necessary accessories

make small bathrooms as luxury bath with elongated wall tiles imitation wood and diy trailer Egals swish of white and black metal chop

put towels in baskets and on Wall shelves

small luxury bathroom design with wall color gray, wall shelves black, washbasin cabinet black and red hand- and bathing cloths

fantastic bathroom design and organization idea with self bathroom shelf made of wood

modern high-bay for bad build yourself from some wood, white wooden boards and metal rods

Bad modern and rustic equipped with wooden ladder towel shelf

creative organization ideas for short space bathrooms with wood ladder-towel holder

stylish bathroom design with DIY cloth holder branch

modern badgestaltungsideen with diy cloth holder from holz_baumast-towel rail tinker from tree boughs

cool ideas for homemade cloth wooden shelves

hand and bath towels organize and towel shelf build wood itself

interesting solutions for organizing towels and bath towels

rustic cloth shelves themselves are expanding pallets and hufeisen_coole craft ideas for DIY wooden wall shelves

creative design ideas for more order in the bathroom

hand and bath towels organize using strip with hooks and wine rack for wall

rustic touch the bath impart through rolled towels in basket or wooden box

cool organization ideas for small bathrooms in rustic style with wooden boxes and feed baskets for towels

Handund towels creatively organize in a wine rack or magazine rack

original organization ideas for hand and bath towels in small bathrooms

How can you organize the towels in the small bathroom?

cool ideas for manual and organize bath towels

Hand and bath towel rail on the door

A suitable for small bathroom idea is the attachment of towel holder on or behind the door. In this way you will keep the bathroom in order, without the otherwise required wall hooks to mount at different places in the bathroom. your shower or bath is next to the door, you can use the same towel holder for bath and hand towels.

space-saving bathroom organizing towels and bath towels

towels in the small bathroom ok hold thanks towel holder on the door or behind the door

Original wall hooks and towel rails

The holder and wall hooks for towels are a common bathroom facilities, which can be considered a unique bathroom decoration. Here you will find some original inspiration for DIY towel rail. Simply dig the cabinets at home for old and no longer usable items that you can reuse for individual wall hacking.

Towel ring as a wall decoration in the bathroom

creative bathroom wall design with towel rings

Photo frame as wall decoration and towel holder

Cool bathroom design towel holder with bildderrahmen as DIY and wanddeko to robe hook

interesting craft ideas for DIY robe hooks and towel holder

cool wall design in the bathroom with bathrobe hook diy from old locks and stones

authentic bathroom design with DIY cloth holder Rope

towel rack itself tinker with rope

tinker vintage bar with hooks for the bathroom itself

cool craft ideas for rustic wall shelving wood and afford with hook

fresh color accents in the bathroom make by colorful beach towels or wooden box towel racks

cool bathroom color design with colorful hand and bathing cloths or wooden boxes with colored cloth from shelf

Towels organize in wall niches

Is there a niche in the bathroom, they can always be useful. The alcoves are the ideal storage space because they provide space for built-in wall shelves and cabinets and allow small storage spaces to occupy the space at no additional floor space.

Hand and bath towels organize alcove with wooden shelves

cool organization ideas for small bathrooms with wall-American

transform niches in useful stowage and storage space

wall African and bathroom cabinets built as a space-saving organization ideas for bath towels

Shower rods and sink with towel holder for space-saving organization in the bathroom

small bathroom equipped with a space-saving double-slide bar for bath towels and wash basin with towel rail

organize towels next to the washbasin

Where is the best place for the towels? Of course, near the sink, but not necessarily on the wall. Those who have no wall hooks for towels on the wall or will be mounted, it can easily fold or roll up and place directly on the sink, or arrange in a matching shell.

organize the towels on the bathroom counter

cool organization ideas for towels on the washstand

If you have home empty cans, you can use this in the bathroom as DIY hand ink shelf with compartments for individual towels creative again.

turn empty cans in colorful towel shelf

cool craft idea with cans for DIY towel shelf

Towel holder on the basin are another organization idea for the towels in the bathroom. These storage idea you can do it yourself and true to different original ways. Old wider handles, as well as DIY handles made of leather or rope you can tinker and fix themselves to the washstand.

Hang towels at the basin

luxury bathroom in rustic style with wooden vanity, round stone sink, wall mirror in wooden frame and diy wall lighting wood

original idea for DIY vanity with basket for towels

cool bathroom ideas for small bathrooms and diy bicycle basin

Other suitable place where you can organize the towels, the open space under the washbasin. For the destination you can put the towels, for example, in a large wicker basket or wrapped in magazine rack.

Keep towels under the sink

cool organization ideas for the bath towels under sink

Bath towels as decorative element in the bathroom with tub

cool ideas for cozy bathroom design in bathrooms with bathtub

Bad keep in order and comfortable design using wooden wall shelves

luxury bathroom with small bath free-standing and dark wood for wall shelf decoration and storage of wipes

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