An exceptional tea table with water-table

An exceptional tea table with water-table

A fascinating combination of wood with one of the four elements, namely water. The combination alone is actually common when it comes to the interior design of a wet area. But in this case there is a table, which makes them exceptionally beautiful. Of the ‘Ripple effect’  Tea table having a gradually expanding action of the water table, was part of the master’s thesis of the Korean Industrial Designers Jeonghwa Seo. The former student of the prestigious Design Academy of Eindhoven creates in collaboration with designer Hanna Chung a, at first glance ordinary wooden table, whose fascination is hidden behind the movable table surface. An exceptional table, which is the reflection of the Eastern mentality to the social conditions. After Eastern countries the small alternations of the individual and individual object lead to a major impact on society as a whole, resulting in a modest and totalitarian culture. Namely this setting is embodied by a simple and creative design in a tea ceremony table.

a spectacular tea table as a result of the combination of culture and design

modern wood coffee table with modern water surface for minimalist interiors and living room furnishings

The two designers wanted a value lying on the project by introducing the relevance and importance of social mentality and social context in the background of their work. They achieve this by converting the resulting tea culture in the East in source of modern product design. The unique coffee table made of ash wood has a black table surface made of ceramic, which is covered with pure water. The 50-kilo coffee table has the following dimensions: 120cm x 50cm x 35cm. Each time the cup is left on the table or received by him, the water begins in the form of small annular waves to move on. The interesting idea and the creative design of this spectacular table are determined at all, love to drink the tea, bring joy and in a special, soothing Zen ambience. If you want to create the style and feeling of Asia in your home, the modern tea table “ripple effect” a brilliant solution. This spectacular product design alone speaks for itself, like a standard piece of furniture a moving and exciting effect by its simple design may have.

the creative designer table with a water table &# 8211; tea table &Ripple; # 8222&# 8220; of Jeonghwa Seo

design coffee table made of ash wood and ceramic plate black for modern living room furnishings

a common wooden table with creative design

modern tea table wood with black table top in ceramic

Tea table made of ash with exceptional ceramic top and water

modern coffee tables made of ash wood with water surface on ceramic tabletop

Designer Hanna Chung and her project &# 8222; Ripple Effect&-Teetisch; # 8220

modern wooden table design with ceramic and water

a fascination with circular wave motion of the water a table top

water-table top for modern coffee table and tea table wood

The unique tea table with water surface that moves when setting up and taking the cup.

tettisch design with wood and ceramic water for creative living room furnishings

Industrial designers and Hanna Chung Seo Jeonghwa &# 8211; when the culture meets design

minimalist wooden tables for minimalist furnishings

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