an eco-friendly dream house by the sea

an eco-friendly dream house by the sea

&# 8222; Casa Till&# 8220; is a dream home in Chile, which was designed by WRM Architects. The house is located in Los Arcos, and is built on a rocky hillside with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The one-story residence stands alone in this beautiful place where no other houses disturb their existence and the surrounding countryside. As the owners want to keep the natural horizon of the hill, the house remains hidden and practically invisible from the road along the coast. Seen from this page, you can only see the flat roof, the role of a sun terrace .. It looks like that the house is dug in the ground. Compared with this cautious view, clean lines and rectangular shapes the house from the other side draw significantly.

a beautiful and environmentally friendly house in Chile &# 8211; Casa Till

minimalist dream house overlooking the ocean

a dream home on a slope with a flat roof as a sun terrace with solar panels

Holzskeletbauweise for modern house by the sea

a modern house made of wood with glass walls and glazed main facade

Dream house made of pine wood with wooden decking and patio roof made of wooden slats

The seamless design of the house resulting from the rumschließenden elements &# 8211; Wooden floors, wooden roof structure, and sliding glass walls, which simultaneously provide a spectacular panoramic and a flexible space division. The open floor plan is a square on which a large drafty living-dining room with kitchen and 2 modern bedrooms, each designed with private bathrooms, are housed. The transparency between the bedroom and the living area, as well as the transparency between inside and outside, gives the feeling of endlessness, freedom and hover in the air. The house is smartly decorated with wooden furniture, which also emphasizes its natural character and created a cozy and romantic ambience. The flat roof is cantilevered on three sides and forms a canopy made of wooden slats which are held creative with wooden blocks at the same distance and which produce a pleasant shade. The U-shaped wooden terrace is covered with a simple but elegant glass railing and connected by a grand staircase to the beach. Thanks to the use of locally produced pine wood as a building material and solar panels used for power generation, the small minimalist house is recognized as an ecological construction.

beautiful panoramic view from the wooden house on the Pacific Ocean

Wooden terrace with canopy wood and leaf wooden chair

modern house with minimalist decor and large wooden deck

Dream house with modern furniture and wooden canopy with wooden supports and glass balustrade

Inspiration for modern bedroom with wooden flooring and glass walls

modern bedroom decorated with wooden bed and glass walls

Luxury bedrooms with breathtaking views through the glazing on all sides

luxury bedrooms with wooden floor and large terrace overlooking the sea

inspiration small bedroom with access to a covered wooden terrace

Setting small bedroom with bed QuinSize

built a small spectacular dream wooden house on a slope

eingeschoßiges dream house on a hillside of pine wood

Plan of Casa Till

skelletbauweise for open floor plan

View of East and West

Plans from Casa Till

View of North and South

views from the house Till in chile

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