Air freshener - simply homemade!

Air freshener – simply homemade!

Air freshener - simply homemade!

You’ve probably many different air fresheners and room sprays tried, until you find the right fragrance for your home. but do we really money for refreshing home fragrance spend if we can prepare those by myself? In addition, the refreshing scents that we buy too intrusive, which can even lead to headaches. In reality, there are numerous natural products with which we can make a room spray itself. By combining various fruits and spices that can be found in every kitchen, is freshening and pleasant scents can be easily and quickly generate.

easy homemade recipes for fresh fragrant Lufterfrischener

space spray himself make lemons

Have you ever tried an air freshener or room spray yourself to do? Today we will present three great and simple homemade recipes for air freshener lemon fruits and herbs. To release the fragrance, you have half or to ¾ of a small pot with your desired ingredients and enough water to fill, heat to boiling, then turn the heat down to low and let it evaporate. If you want to make at once several DIY air freshener, you can freeze them for at least a week. So easy you will make your new DIY air freshener home.

air freshener &# 8211; house made of lemon, peppercorns and basil

Air fresheners haushemacht of lemon and mint

Air fresheners and Raumspry selbermachen of lime, fresh thyme, mint and vanilla

homemade air freshener from lemons and limes

DIY air freshener from limes, fresh thyme, mint and vanilla: For these natural air freshener you need to mix a pair of lime slices with chopped fresh thyme and mint and a teaspoon of vanilla extract in a vessel and fill the rest of it with water.

Air fresheners from oranges and vanilla &# 8211; easy homemade!

vanilla air freshener home made with orange

Home-made air fresheners from oranges and vanilla. This is a fantastic, simple homemade recipe for room spray that smells sweetly of mixed orange sorbet with vanilla ice cream. To enhance the fragrance yet, you can also add clove and cinnamon sticks to it.

Room Spray selbermachen from oranges and vanilla extract

DIY air fresheners and room spray selbermachen with vanilla fragrance

As you can see, the homemade air fresheners benötig only a few ingredients and costs you little time and little money. You can experiment with other ingredients and create your own combinations. Ginger, nutmeg, bowls of lemons and apples, extract of coconut or peppermint, cinnamon, sage, lavender, oregano, rosemary, and bay leaves, are other ingredients that you either as an addition to the presented by us recipes or for other delicate and refreshing use scents.

homemade and refreshing &# 8211; great air freshener recipes with lemon fruits and spices

space spray itself make lemon fruits

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