a modern kitchen island for luxury kitchens

a modern kitchen island for luxury kitchens

As now looks a modern kitchen? The kitchen no longer represents a separate room of an apartment. It’s a region of space that belongs to the open living rooms, especially if they are small. The modern kitchen is no longer to remain hidden, it must be planned as part of the living room furniture and designed. The cooking area can be defined by modern handle-free kitchen cabinets, built-in wall by kitchen appliances and a refined kitchen island. Mobility, simple design and functionality by automating put the kitchen in the limelight as a work of art. High-quality materials and kitchen appliances ensure a luxurious, yet easy-care kitchen equipment. Innovative technical equipment of sensors and mechanisms facilitating the use of the kitchen and convert cooking in an easy and fun-making activity by. Today we want to introduce 22 inspiring examples of fine cuisine with cooking island. For that have such different chic and elegant designs of different manufacturers lined up as inspiration for a spectacular kitchen equipment. See how Italian, German and Swiss design can add new dimensions to a kitchen. Interesting and creative cuisine concepts with cooking islands of concrete, natural stone, wood or stainless steel for exceptional establishment of a dream kitchen.

a modular kitchen with island &# 8211; Italian style and elegant design

modular kitchen with cooking island and built-in wine rack wooden wall

Luxury design, mobility and function convert the modern kitchen into a work of art that can be positioned open space in the middle. The kitchen model The Cut namely embodies this new vision of the kitchen. An island with 1.5m long, hidden wooden tabletop, pushes outwardly and rotates to define a dining area. The ceiling-mounted hanging shelves can be pushed downwards by means of sensors.

island &# 8222; The Cut&# 8220; Alessandro Isola

luxury interior design with white brick walls and modern kitchen with wooden wall and island with dining table wooden top

To show you the new dimension of modern kitchen design, we want four extraordinary and creative examples of fine cuisine with island of Timbered house kitchen ideas imagine. We begin with a kitchen concept that forms two cooking islands. The two blocks are cooking with 17cm thick kitchen countertops made of coquina stone. Each island is equipped with a 1.6 m long, out milled stone sink. As a complement of luxury design and stainless steel handle-free extracts used.

Cooking island with kitchen countertop stone plate

modern kitchen concept with island in stainless steel with a kitchen countertop of natural stone for modern loft apartments

An interesting design idea for cooking island with steel beams. The designer kitchen is a fantastic example of ultra-modern kitchen design. The island is designed around a steel beam that is weighing several tons. The drawers made of brushed stainless steel can be controlled electronically. Among the modern kitchen equipment Bora hobs with integrated extractor.

Cooking island with Stahtträger &# 8211; STEEL BEAM KITCHEN Werkhaus Kitchen Ideas

cool interior of a loft apartment with cooking island off I-steel beams with wine rack

A spectacular kitchen equipment with the Baumstamm- design kitchen. The extraordinary kitchen concept, the floating kitchen work surface in front of a dining table. A 7m long tree trunk oak supports the function plate made of stainless steel.

spectacular kitchen equipment with the Baumstamm- design kitchen

modern kitchen with cooking island made of stainless steel kitchen top and dining table made of solid oak

The factory house also offers massive designer kitchen island made of Italian granite. The modern kitchen island is equipped with handle-less drawers and elements from walnut, and with four BORA cooktops. This can include a natural stone pool is provided.

massive kitchen island granite Werkhaus Kitchen Ideas &# 8211; Marble Kitchen

luxury kitchen with concrete floor and cooking island, of natural stone with eingebaiter vitrine for wine bottles

The island ‘Marosi’ is like a magic box. Behind the peripheral edges of the waveform is sufficient space for storing products and kitchen utensils in hiding. The handle-free drawers provide enough storage space in front of the island. A built-in kitchen cabinet as a wooden shelf with different subjects allows extra space in the middle of the island. Using a remote control can be pushed up and all the necessary things you need for cooking, are suddenly in front of the stove the hidden wooden shelf.

stylish kitchen facilities with cooking island MAROSI of Cubo Design

cook island with white schibbarem Wooden rack for luxury kitchen design

Cooking island with hidden center console as wooden shelves and drawers for storage

modern kitchen facility with eingebaiten küchenskränken with wooden doors and cooking island with drawers

The luxury kitchen series “Angon” of Doca UK provides modern furnishings for kitchens with cooking island. The island of Moocca-wood veneer is provided with Domino positioned hobs. The width of the island may be 60cm, 90cm or 120 cm. Various combinations of types of wood, such as walnut, chestnut, oak or ebony with materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, or polished and frosted glass, allow a rich palette design for modern kitchen design. 32 paint colors offer up to 300 different combinations for a unique kitchen color scheme.

contemporary decor in dark wood kitchen with central island of Doca UK

black kitchen with cooking island made of wood with black kitchen top and range hood black

modern kitchen island MT 701 S luxury collection of Cubo Design

modern kitchen design in white and red with a small cooking island for modern furnishings small kitchens

elegant design with rounded lines for small and compact kitchen island in the kitchen

kitchen white with cooking island white

Idea for fancy kitchen equipment in White 

small kitchen white with small cooking island

fresh color scheme for the kitchen with island Lucida Schröder kitchens

kitchen drawers green with cooking island and kitchen cabinets made of wood with green and cabinet doors

handleless kitchen with island and kitchen cabinets in Orange &# 8211; Schröder kitchens

orange idea for kitchen colors and fresh color scheme with cooking island and wall color gray

Are you looking for a modern concrete kitchen, or you want a kitchen countertop made of concrete, the Swiss manufacturer Dude Design has a lot to offer. What advantages does a concrete slab? The work surfaces of dude are provided with a surface coating containing up to 12 hours before moisture and acid agents protects the panel. This means that you do not have to worry if you spill red wine drops on it. In addition, the concrete panels are lighter than granite or marble slabs. The kitchen countertop of the island is made seamless and equipped with concrete tanks and flush-mounted ceramic hob.

Luxury concrete design in the kitchen with kitchen countertops Dude Design

modern kitchen facility with cooking island with wooden kitchen top concrete

Another inspiration for the fantastic combination of wood and concrete for your kitchen with island. The modern kitchen model “Phoenix” allows front individually manufactured in concrete optics, painted and handgespachtelt.

Design with arrest for simple, modern kitchen design kitchens Rempp

cook island concrete with wood African and lighting as part of modern kitchen with hanging cabinets from concrete

a minimalist kitchen in concrete look with modern cooking island and indirect lighting

concrete kitchen with indirect lighting

The series L-Line of Pronorm is a refined kitchen decor with clean lines and simple design. As an example of creative and elegant kitchen with cooking island and dining area, we have chosen the concept of LM. An interesting solution for open living space, the kitchen, dining and living areas combined. The modern kitchens are made of wood materials. The fronts are made of MDF, particle board or quality with a plastic coating of high DD coatings. The multilayer surface finish ensures easy-care and durable wood fronts. By the slight differences in structure and color of the wood materials, each timber cuisine has its own character.

fine cuisine concept for a living-dining room in the kitchen &# 8211; Y-LM of Pronorm

kitchen color gray and white with cooking island and dining table wood

&# 8222; SolidArt&# 8220; represents a modern, modular kitchen concept that transforms your kitchen into a professional kitchen &# 8211; a combination of different functions and applications according to individual wishes and ideas of customers. The fine cuisine consists of customized modules that are tailored to different functional areas. The combination of different materials allows creative design and accent that freiwahlbare dimensions and shape of the modules, as well as the selection of different surfaces, offer full freedom in the arrangement and design your dream kitchen.

modular private kitchen as a modern professional kitchen with island SolidArt of Suter

cook island with surface planes hotplates and pool

The island “Ainoa” is elegant solution for modern open-space living room with kitchen. It provides your inspiration of Italian design for modern interior design with cooking island and dining area in one. The modern design of the kitchen island and the wood-paneled niches in the front, creating a piece of furniture that combines the living room and the kitchen.

Italian design and style in the kitchen of Record Cucine

small kitchen facility with cooking island idea

simple and elegant décor for open living room with kitchen area

cook island idea for modern kitchen design in white and holoz

elegant kitchen island with bar by the manufacturer Easy

wood kitchen with cooking island and bar and glass display case with lighting

Estia island of HODE with decorative fireplace for cozy atmosphere

kitchen white with cooking island and decorative fireplace

clean design with handle-free kitchen cabinets in white and wood veneer accent 

luxuröse kitchen device with built-in wine rack

The luxury kitchen &# 8222; HOLAN&# 8220; of iostudio wins the prize &# 8222; Bronze A ‘Design Award 2014&# 8220; in category furniture, decorative objects and design of household goods. The kitchen was issued in 2013 for a private customer in Prague. It consists of a rectangular wall element that is covered with natural stone, and a 4.3m long island, belongs Corian stone in organic form. Behind pushable Corian doors, hiding the storage space of the island. The organically shaped front sets the cooking island in the scene and as a contrast to the that are available behind monoblock wall. The two design elements corresponding to each other through the dark natural stone port Laure.

 a spectacular kitchen with island &# 8211; HOLAN kitchen of iostudio

kitchen marble with modern cooking island with white kitchen work surface marble brown

noble kitchen with cooking island and parquet floor and modern 3D wall panels white

The following inspiration for modern kitchen equipment presents a cooking island ESSENTIAL series. Behind the clean lines and simple geometric form, a spectacular Italian design hidden. The island is covered with Spanish marble in dark brown and equipped with a home automation system. The hob and sink can be hidden by the sliding kitchen countertop when not in use. All cabinet doors and drawers are elegantly executed without any visible handles, so that the island looks like a monolithic volume.

ESSENTIAL island with marble trim in chocolate brown of Toncelli

natural stone kitchen brown kitchen appliances with built-in and schibbarer kitchen countertop

elegant kitchen interior with modern cooking island with schiebbarer kitchen countertop

modern kitchen facility with cooking island and chic design in brown and black floor tiles

As an option to the modern kitchen island, we want to introduce the innovative range hood “Skylift” the Italian company FABER. The modern kitchen hood is a combination of built-in models with an ascending and descending function. It is mounted on the ceiling and using 4 thin steel cables to be shut while cooking.

innovative extractor fan for the ceiling with up-down function of FABER

cook island extractor white

modern and functional kitchen equipment with Easy Rack of Domusomnia

kitchen equipment modern kitchen

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