A chic watch model for men with style

A chic watch model for men with style

The watch “Midnight Planétarium Poetic Complication ™ timepiece” Van Cleef & Arpels is a spectacular combination of modern, creative and interesting design. The watch model is a new, compelling chapter in the history of watchmaking. Astronomy is the inspiration for the unique watch design. Constellations as a golden glitter and moving planet from minerals appear on a dark dial. An inspiration from the historical tradition of planetariums, which decreases the sky on the dimensions of a wrist watch. This elegant and unique watch can also be a fascinating gift for a man with style.

luxury Watch for men &# 8211; Midnight Planétarium timepiece

mens watch model with dial solar system in black and gold

What makes this watch so special? For that is the thumbnail representation of the movement of six planets around the sun and its position at any given time: Earth and Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Thanks to a complex, mechanical automatic movement, the planets are set in motion. The modern watch is equipped with an exclusive module that consists of 396 individual parts and was developed in partnership with the Maison Christiaan van der Klaauw. The movement of the planets presents its real length of the track. It will take 29 years to complete circumnavigation Saturn one of the dial makes. The rotation of Jupiter will last almost 12 years, from Mars &# 8211; 687 days, Venus &# 8211; 224 days, from Mercury &# 8211; course 88 days and the rotation of the earth corresponds to 365 days.

chic watch model with leather strap and black Zifferblat

modern and chic wrist watch with black leather strap and Zifferblat black with gold stars

modern wristwatch as elegant jewelry and gift idea for men

modern hand watch with a black dial a gift for him

All six planets are shown in different colors and with different hard stones &# 8211; Turquoise for the earth, serpentine for Mercury, Venus Chloromelanite, red jasper for Mars, Blue Agate for Jupiter and Saturn Sugilite. The hand-made by size and color spheres are positioned around the sun shown in red gold. Each of these elements, along with the shooting star is secured to an aventurine own disc. All the attention was focused on the stone selection, as well as the sculpture of discs and balls to be realized this fascinating and stimulating presentation. On the back of the watch, the oscillating weight is engraved with stars composition. The calendar view is displayed through two openings on the dial. You can set the day, month and year by two keys.

the watch model by Van Cleef & Arpels with 6 moving planets

men watches from Van Cleef & Arpels

Solar System with planets Zifferblat from various gemstones

mens jewelery idea as a gift for him

Still a wristwatch with a planetarium

dial with the solar system and planets moving for men wristwatch

A shooting star in pink gold displays the time. The circuit within 24 hours is on the outer edge of the dial. By rotation of the bezel, the owner can specify a particular day as his lucky, by means of positioning of the edge, placed on the red triangle against the desired calendar date. On that day the earth will move to a position directly below the engraved on the sapphire crystal star.

Stars and planets to decorate the man’s hand

Men's black with gold and precious stones

the watch planetarium as a gift idea for men

interesting gift ideas for men with the new wristwatch with planets of the solar system

 modern watch design and astrology in a &# 8211; an interesting gift for Him

modern wristwatch as a gift for men with silent

the solar system in motion as a dial of the Men’s

current state of the planet on black zifferblatt_ luxury watch model for men

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