6 tips for selecting the right dining chairs

6 tips for selecting the right dining chairs

We help you in choosing the right chairs for the dining room. Lessen 6 tips that you must consider when buying dining room chairs. We also show some modern and interesting examples of creative room design and elegant Stühlmodelle.


1. The choice of dining table and chairs – You can use the dining room chairs and the table with the same finish or select separately in different colors and style. If you choose the second option, which can quickly turn into a challenge for you. On the other hand, so you have the freedom to design your dining room creative.

upholstery Esszimmerstüle - white leather chairs

dining room design in white with Holzstülen and designer chairs - black carpet in the dining room

Modern wall design for the dining room with designer dining chairs and wooden dresser

Wood dining table with metal feet, and modern upholstered chairs in white leather

modern dining-room establishment in pink

2. Check the depth of the seat – the fact that the chairs are comfortable is important. You need to ensure a comfortable reach when you sit at the table. You need to check the depth according to the height of your dining table. The chairs should not be too deep, so your feet do not hang in the air. but they should not have a small depth, so that the seat edge will not cut into your legs. Therefore, the purchase of chairs, put first on the chair and try it out, whether the seat fits you.

padded wooden chairs in white and black on wood flooring

modern upholstered chairs for the dining room in beige and blue

Wooden dining chairs with upholstered seat and colorful painted

3. Select Model – The dining chairs are not necessarily padded. First, decide whether you want to upholstered chairs or not. If you opt for the upholstered dining chairs, you must also maintain carefully. To protect them, take advantage of chair covers. The chairs with carvings are also in need of care, because you need to attract the dust constantly. Also check whether the chair-feet will be easy to glide across the floor surface in your dining room.

Upholstered chairs in red, gray and beige with wooden legs

Wooden chairs with hand-carved front legs and rounded backs

modern dining chairs in purple with higher backrest

Spyder &# 8211; Esszimmerstuh Paul Case

Desinder wooden chairs in bright colors Your Diner

4. The weight of the chair – Choose dining chairs that are easy and let the easily dislocate.

plastic designerstüle in gray and red

DIABLO &# 8211; Designer Dining Chair

Designer dining chairs in dual color of Compar mobile

Designer chairs for dining &# 8211; KARINA

Designer upholstered chairs of Kompar mobile

dining room chair &# 8211; DÉJÀ-VU 

compar mobile designer dining chair in red with wooden dining table

ergonomic dining chair

Design chair for dining in black with metal compounds

5. The seat height – Observe the dining table height. The optimum height of a dining table is between 73cm and 75 cm and the perfect seat height for chairs is 45 cm. Do not forget that every person is supposed to have a clearance with a depth and width of 60 cm.

contemporary wood chair with upholstered seat and wooden backrest

leather upholstered chair in orange and green Your Diner

6. chair legs with rung connection – Chairs with leg-rung connection are more stable and increase the seating comfort.

wooden chairs with colored painted rattansitz

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