6 Simple Fall craft ideas

6 Simple Fall craft ideas

6 Simple Fall craft ideas

Autumn is back. The season’s beautiful landscapes in passing over the yellow, orange and red hues, the fallen foliage, acorns, cones and pumpkins. For some, a season of nostalgia, for others the season for colorful and creative crafts. Today, we have in fact simple autumn prepared six craft ideas for a great autumn decoration that you make with your children können.Colorful Acorns

6 cool autumn ideas for crafting and decorating

creative autumn craft ideas for cool autumn decorations using natural materials

Herbstdeko with DIY cotton bushes

The decorative cotton bushes are not exactly the typical autumn decorations in bright colors, but provide a major craft idea for this time of year, because few bare twigs and fallen cones are used for them. You will still need cotton tops and some hot glue.

First you must bit of hot glue in the middle on each cotton ball and glue the cotton tops on thin branches. Then plucking from the scales of a pin and fasten 3-4 of which with the outer side around each cotton wool. The best way to glue the individual scales at the point where the cotton ball is attached to the branch.

Fall craft ideas with natural materials &# 8211; DIY cotton shrubs

interesting decoration idea with metal bucket and decorative cotton bushes from branches, cone scales and cotton buds

Herbstdeko with DIY pumpkins wooden discs

The second autumn craft idea shows how to make the popular decoration with pumpkins in a creative way. Except thinly sliced ​​wood plates of various sizes that you can find on Amazon, you’ll also find Balsaholzstäbe, or need other flat wooden sticks, brown and orange acrylic paint, floral wire, wire cutters, brush and craft glue.

Decorative pumpkins in autumn tinker

cool decoration idea with DIY Herbstdeko and creative autumn craft idea for pumpkins wooden discs

Just paint on one side of the wooden disc with the orange acrylic paint. Until the paint dries, paint the wooden sticks in brown. Once the brown bars are dry, you saw two or three pieces to the desired length, depending on how wide are the bars. To form the pumpkin stem, glue the cut wooden bars on the back of the colored in orange wooden disc. Finally, cut part of the floral wire that you can tie around the stem and curl with a finger. Additionally, you can decorate the DIY pumpkins with some leaves of burlap.

colorful autumn craft ideas for colorful autumn decoration

colorful Autumn decoration with acorns itself tinker in autumn

Herbstdeko with colorful acorns

Do you happen to an oak tree in your garden? Then the garden is certainly littered with many acorns. Here is a fun and easy autumn idea for crafting colorful autumn decorations. All you have to do is as many acorns as you want to collect and bake this long to 170 degrees for about two hours. Then you paint the acorns with acrylic paint in various colors.

beautiful idea to Hebstbasteln with children

cool Herbstdeko selbermachen with acorns and color

Herbstdeko with owl wooden

Another cool autumn craft idea with wooden discs shows how to decorate the wall or your door in autumn interesting. For the destination you need about 25 x 38cm large wooden wheel, two jar lids with a diameter of about 12cm and two normal-sized, two bottle caps, two forks, a spoon, Picture Frames Hangers, branch, craft glue and optional stain.

What is an owl to tinker quickly and easily from wood?

owl tinker with wood as a cool autumn craft ideas and herbstdekoidee

You can leave the wooden disc so and make a bright owl, or swipe stain to tinker a darker owl. After you have made your decision, you can attach the hanger on the back of the wooden disc. Only then can you start the owl to the other side to make. First, stick the branch on top of the bottom of the wooden disc and then the two forks as if the owl has gripped the branch. Now stick the spoon in the middle of owls forehead. Attach the two larger jar-lid to the timber. Then glue the smaller cap and finally the two bottle caps.

Fall craft ideas for unusual Hebstdekoration in pumpkin color

diy wood pumpkins as an idea for cool autumn tinker with children and interesting Herbsdeko

Herbstdeko in orange and white

For this beautiful autumn decoration you need only few timber pieces, orange and get white acrylic paint and tape. Let the best cut to the desired length, the pieces of wood in the construction market. Then you grind them well on all sides. The next step is to coat even some pieces of wood in antique white and the other in orange. If the coating has dried, sand the painted surface with a sanding block. Then make each piece of wood with different pattern, what you can and emphasize the woods again, this time with the other color quickly and easily make with tape. Once the paint has dried thoroughly, you can remove the tape pattern carefully and grind all the pages again. Finally, the pieces of wood stain brown.

creative decoration with gourds tinker in autumn

deco herbs ideen_ great bottle pumpkin deco tinker for the autumn

Herbstdeko with dried gourds

In many countries, the immature fruits of bottle gourds are often cooked. but the ripe fruit can be ideally used as Gefäse for storing Flusigkeiten, or as creative decoration. Here is the last and inspiration of our simple fall craft ideas for which you need dried gourds, colorful glass stones, craft glue, lint marker, glitter glue and creativity.

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