55 creative painting ideas for wood flooring

55 creative painting ideas for wood flooring

By the following painting ideas we want to introduce the flooring as a design element in the room. Spaces that are covered with parquet or wooden boards, have a special character. In addition to the natural colors of wood, the wood flooring can be redesigned and creatively in different color combinations and different strike patterns. After a certain time a floor covering made of wood needs to be renovated. In a parquet floor, this means that he rearranged or moved and is to be withdrawn thereafter. Instead enter the typical painting as a surface coating in the end, you can paint the wood surface color, or represent a pattern. In this way, you can highlight a particular direction Still, create an interesting color scheme, creating a creative interior accent.

modern wooden floor design and kitchen interior in Ballard Residence of Zinc Art Interiors

wood kitchen cabinets Kitchen Idea for Modern Kitchen wood with wooden flooring and

When Zimmerrenovieren we want most to repaint the walls in different colors. Have you been wondering the same thing for the flooring &# 8211; Instead of a new, or completely different wall color to make an interesting floor design? If you have not thought about stuff like that, you will see how creative, modern and not so bad this can be. Perhaps many of you think that they will never embellish the beautiful wood flooring by such painters work. For your inspiration we have 55 fantastic, colorful and colorful ideas for the coloring of wooden flooring. Convert the floor in the hallway, in the living room or kitchen into an image. Use it as a center of the interior design, through various painting motifs that will make using templates easily and without much effort. In the rooms we select the furnishing of the paint, and after the color and material of the flooring. If you renovate the rooms, or want to refresh, you could take the color of the furniture in the room as a guide color in the design and use them at the bottom coating. The colorful painting the floor space you can also accentuate on the furniture. If you have chosen a floor design, you can use the walls Relaxed White leave, exposing the soil scene. Perhaps you will consider this Gestaltungsmetode next time and apply.

creative painting ideas for wood flooring in white and green

cool living idea hallway with wooden floor and white schablon stress pattern in green

Luxury dining establishment in black and white with creative flooring design

massive and sideboard black paint modern dining room interior with black dining table with flowers dekorieren_coole pattern for wooden floor with square figures

interesting idea for painting wooden floor &# 8211; Inspiration from Dodson Interiors

underline ground ideas for living dining room with wooden floor and rustic interior with wood dining table

cool Wohnidee for the corridor &# 8211; Wooden floor in checkmate pattern painted

rustic interior hallway in green and white and creative underline idea for floor

Kitchen concept with island and color design in black, white and yellow

kitchen design with black kitchen cabinets and white wooden floor with yellow diamonds pattern

rustic wooden floor design and floor painting idea with stencils

interesting interior design and interior with pattern underline idea for wood flooring

creative suggestions for color and interior design with wooden floor painting

floor design with pattern emphasize ideas in red and green as interior design ideas for the kitchen and hallway

decorate light oak floor with black motifs

Floor paint idea with black color as interior design for the corridor

bright yellow color and floral motif for creative floor design

creative painting ideas for wood flooring in yellow

interesting color combination for creative interior design with hardwood floors in white and red

creative idea and design emphasize parquet wood for flooring from

Flooring in wood look with diamond motif in white and natural Holzfararbe

Lozenges pattern in white and wood look for the entrance area

Another inspiration for Karo-strike patterns via Alvhem makléři & Interior

modern wohnideen hallway with wooden floor and rhombus pattern in white paint

Geometric shapes in bright colors for a rustic and modern floor design

cool soil underline idea for wooden floors

asymmetrical and colorful &# 8211; interesting design idea for a wood floor with Design

creative underline idea for wooden floor from asymetrsichen wooden boards

Stripe swipe pattern in white and light blue for bright kitchen with wooden floor

white kitchen with cooking island and wall color blue and creative floor design

white wooden kitchen with Kare patterns in black and wood

interesting streochen idea for kitchen and wooden floor

underline wood flooring in taupe and combine it with colors Apricot and Blue

vintage interior and colored wood flooring underline idea in gray and blue

subtle light colors in black frame for fancy sampling the wooden floor

emphasize interesting interior design and floor

Underline idea for the living room in Green

emphasize living room with sofa inspiration green and blue wall color stripes with idea

blue wooden floor as color design element in the room

underline idea bathroom and living room with wood floor in blue

Rose as a scenic art on the floor

vintage wooden floor with images of interesting interior design and vintage interior

creative wall design with white painted round wooden paneling &# 8211; Jeff Jones Photography

cool color scheme in white and gray and realizations with wall tiling and floor design with parquet and tiles

paint on the floor &# 8211; a work by the artist Alisa Burke

cool wohnideen for floor design and emphasize ideas floor

free flowing shapes as routing and floor design

presentation floor and spread ideas for modern interior design

the wooden floor as Raumgestaltungselent &# 8211; Floor-painting inspirations

wooden floor in green and yellow living room and facility with seats and sofas in orange as an accent to the wood floor with stripe pattern

Rug representation on wood flooring as a creative painting concept

with white pattern design wooden floor gray as a cool floor. and interior design in gray

Bedroom design idea with geometrical figures as an accent to the bedding with dot pattern of Oyoy

modern bedroom with sloping roof and wood flooring with Plaid pattern in brown paint

Inspiration for cool floor design a wooden terrace

Floor paint idea with schablon for wood terraces

interesting floor design in rusticated style

ideas in black and white and in red and black floor-emphasize a creative wood flooring

Karo-strikeout pattern in white and blue for the floor in the living-dining room

color design living dining room and facility with round dining table and wood window decorations with blue curtains

fresh colors and plaid pattern as a design idea for the wooden floor

cool soil emphasize pattern in green and yellow


colorful stripes as inspiration for interesting floor design

creative idea to paint the floor

Rustika means and spatial design with wood

sideboard rustic decorate and emphasize ground in stripe pattern

Back in the past with a checkerboard pattern &# 8211; Photo by Paul Duncon

cool idea for floor paint in white and green with floral motif and red frame

bright yellow and checker pattern for a bright room design

karo stress pattern in yellow and white for cool interior design and fresh color scheme

Floor design in Bedford Post Inn

creative floor design in blue

Bedroom color design in blue and black

make bedrooms with wooden floor and blue bed linen black and white

white pattern figures for floor design with geometric shapes

vintage living room with rustic mäbeln and sofa in red with coffee table round

gray wood flooring with an interesting pattern design

emphasize raumgestaltung gray with gray floor and down pattern in orange and black

Establishment inspiration in gray and white and in checked and striped patterns

living room with light gray armchairs in black and white diamonds and white sofa with round stools

scharz paint on wood floor &# 8211; a dominant floor design for the corridor

corridor underline idea with wood flooring black

Red Wood Flooring

wood floor coat with stripes or floral motif

Bedroom inspiration with wooden floor in Karo black and white

bedroom with bath and canopy in white with black wood flooring

Floor paintings with floral motif on white wooden floor as an accent to dark wall paneling

wooden floor painted with floral motifs in green and purple

Light Blue in the kitchen as a floor-sweeping idea

small eck kitchen white with bar and wooden floor blue

bright colors and luster surface &# 8211; make creative wood floor

wood flooring in pale pink and Kato pattern in green and blue

black frame with triangular motifs as a wooden floor-sweeping patterns

wood floor white with black motifs as interior design ideas for black and white interior

Neon in combination with white in stripe pattern for wooden floor

blue wall color and green furniture for interesting living room design

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