50 cool ideas for Rooftop terrace design

50 cool ideas for Rooftop terrace design

50 cool ideas for Rooftop terrace design

Private Roof Top Terrace – a dream place, who wants each of us to have. Are you currently in the planning phase of your own home, this is also the right time for planning a small or large roof terrace. There is a spectacular view from your house roof, which want to enjoy? Will there be enough room on the property for the so desired garden after construction? Get the most of your property and the environment, and take advantage of every square inch, to create your own oasis on the roof. Whether you are planning a rooftop or those already have, here you will find terrace design 50 cool ideas for Rooftop with whom we want to inspire you.

comfortably make the small roof terrace with brick-lined seat, white parasols and flowers

roof top terrace with folding design-Nazi wood and sitting area know as ideas for small oasis on roof terrace

A roof terrace can be designed as an ideal roof garden, which makes them the ideal relaxation area. But what to look for when planning the roof garden?

  • Since a roof garden in principle represents a garden on firm residential building, you need a building permit in any case. Would you like to create a roof garden, you need to simultaneously observe the proper development of the necessary irrigation system, as well as achieving optimal thermal insulation of the residential building. For this reason, ” Roof Top ” Garden in multiple layers is established.

50 cool ideas for Rooftop terrace design

garden design ideas for roof terrace with wooden floorboard and seat benches made of concrete and holz_roof top terrace design

Roof garden types: intensive or extensive green roof?

  • The extensive green roof is lightweight due to the thin functional layers. In this case, the layer of vegetation to 15 cm can be thick and the roof construction without thermal insulation to 20cm. Suitable plants for this Begrünungsart are grass plants, moss, herbs and sedum.
  • The intensive green roof entsprich the planting of lawns, shrubs, bushes and small trees. Here, the thickness of the vegetation layer can reach up to 25cm-65cm and the total roof structure up to 30cm or 1m.

Inspiration for roof terrace design with cactus and rock garden of white concrete slabs and black pebbles with red color accent

garden design ideas with gravel and concrete slabs for modern roof top terraces

Roof garden construction – the construction except the vegetation layer thickness, is the same for all vegetation types:

  1. Leveling layer of cold bitumen
  2. vapor barrier
  3. thermal insulation
  4. Vapor control layer of polymer backing track – the first sealing layer
  5. Elastomer bitumen membrane – the second sealing layer
  6. root-resistant bituminous membranes
  7. Drainage layer of gravel einkörnigem high porosity
  8. Filter layer of glass mat
  9. Vegetation layer of prefabricated substrate or other Substrate- Schichtöhe depending on the degree greening

make the Rooftop Terrace as a comfortable living room and roof garden in a

roof top garden design ideas with plants and furniture designer

planted roof garden:

  • Choose low-maintenance, hardy and wind-resistant roof plants such as ivy, bamboo, Buchs, pyracantha or roses.
  • To make a green roof, you can use potted plants. In this case, the terrace is laid with wood or natural stone and decorated with planters. The best way to get to those tubs, are provided with an integrated drainage system. A beautiful rooftop terrace design with flowering ornamental plants is another advantage of using buckets.

revive the roof terrace with colorful cushions patio furniture in summer colors

apartment with roof terrace and bogenfenster_roof top terrace with wooden floorboard and modern pad-terrassenmäbeln

make rooftop functional and properly &# 8211; When the construction of a roof garden is too expensive for you, then you make a really nice roof top terrace.

  • Define different functional areas, such as Dining, solar or seating area, with the help of plants and pots.
  • Make sure that the screening reduces the space visually. The ornamental plants provide in this case a good solution for the demarcation and planting.
  • Is Your Roof Top Terrace large enough, point it then with spacious lounge terrace furniture. A day bed with thick cushion or a hammock are also impossible to imagine if you have the space for them.
  • When it comes to shading the roof terrace, you have a choice of umbrellas, awning or pergola with slatted canopy.
  • Would you like to create even more distance on the roof terrace, then select white as the main color in the color scheme.
  • Small accessories and fresh color accents are a must for the right summer mood. Such design elements can be for example a small fire pot and a pond, pool for light and water reflection or different flowers in bright and bold colors.
  • Make you part of the roof terrace with real grass or rock garden.

make terrace with light and color accents

modern roof top terrace with greening and make holzsitzbänken_dachterrasse with terrassenmäbeln in black and red

Landscaping and lighting as Gestaltungselemte a roof terrace

roof top terrace design ideas with lighting and column-greening

Lighting design terraced roof garden with lighting and stuff built garden lights between the plants

garden design ideas with lighting and wood for roof top terraces

Chimney on the roof terrace as inspiration for cozy and romantic terrace design

cozy and interesting terraced design with chimney on roof top

minimalist Rooftop terrace design in white and wood with outdoor fireplace

modern roof top terrace with fireplace and wood bänken_exklusive roof terrace design ideas

make a small living area on rooftop

roof top terrace with dining facility and sitzecke_dachterrasse customize flower pots made of wood and grease plant

modern design rooftop terrace with boxwood for blinds and black patio furniture

roof top design ideas for modern design roof terrace with boxwood and tulips as an accent to the black garden furniture

covered roof terrace with day bed to rest and relax

oasis around Holzern on roof terrace with cushion-daybed under tarrassenüberdachzng from

Whirlpool as an alternative to a swimming pool on rooftop terraces

roof top roof terrace in a Mediterranean style with wooden canopy and whirlpool as inspiration for design

high-growing grass plants as a solution for screening a rooftop

roof top ideas for landscaping with tall grasses and wood bench

getting the optimum from your roof and make you small rooftop me dining area for the summer

small roof terrace customize wooden hallway and wood table round

a circular seating area on rooftop terrace offers seating for several guests

round sitting area with a round table for roof top terrace with wooden batten

the dream Wonzimmer in summer &# 8211; when the roof terrace is furnished with slatted canopy and curtains

covered roof terrace in vintage style with wooden batten and fensteladentüren

use the terrace railing for vertical gardening

terrace railing greening as landscaping idea for roof top terrace with wooden batten

fresh terrace design with white seating area from pallets and pads and orange Pillow and flower pots

roof top inspirations for modern design roof terrace with sofa white and orange Throw

Wood for flooring and wall covering a Rooftop Terrace

modern house with roof terrace holz_minimalistische roof top terrace with wooden garden wall and built-in wall lights

Idea for Rooftop Terrassengestaltug with a cottage garden and rectangular floor lights

design inspiration for roof top terrassen_gartengestaltung ideas with floor lights and greening for fdachterrasse

Color scheme in brown and pink for the roof terrace design in style metiterranem

roof top design ideas for sofas roof terrace design and seats in brown decorated with pink colored pillow

What need to make a cozy sitting area on the roof terrace? &# 8211; Rattan sofa with cushions and pair of flower pots

small roof top terrace customize wood flooring and rattan sitting area

black rattan furniture with white cushions for elegant terrace design

Setting roof terrace with comfortable sofas and seats from rattan

Tree branches for decoration idea and screening for Rooftop terraces

device roof terrace with rattan sitting area and esstisch_roof top terrace customize canopy and branches of birch

Inspiration for community urban garden

roof top garden terrace ideas

spacious roof top terrace on two levels with pool

inspiraion for roof top terrace in the city with pool and glass railing

Swimming on the roof &# 8211; Rooftop inspiration for rooftop design with water instead of planting

roof top pool as idea for roof terrace designthe Zurich Thermal

transform your terrace into small oasis with pond liner and pair hedge plants

roof top terrace with water and make kies_moderne roof terrace examplesRoof garden in Bermondsey, London_Andy Sturgeon Design

beautiful roof garden with a seating area to small fireplace around and overlooking the Thames

roof garden ideas with wood batten and teichbecken_roof top ideas for terraces with hearth of stone and wood stoolsRoof Garden in Isle of Dogs, London_Andy Sturgeon Design

Ideas for Feng Shui garden with a pond on Rooftop Terrace &# 8211; Flooring made of cedar and Eramosa limestone

roof top terrace make Japanese-style with pond and flowers rectangular bucket of concrete for intensive roof greeningTerrace design in Fashion District, Toronto_BOX Design

Terrace design with Ipe wooden plank on two levels with Corten steel flower containers and illuminated pond

my beautiful garden on roof terrace with built-in lightingTerrace design in skyscraper Market Wharf, Toronto_BOX Design

Inspiration for Rooftop terrace design with pond basin and small fountain made of white Corian 

roof top ideas for rock garden with water and sitting area with celebration put on roof terrace skyscraper in

Roof garden design with water and wood 

feng shui garten ideas with wood and water for roof top terracesRoof garden in the East Village, Manhattan_ Melissa Baker and Jon Handley of Pulltab Design

Rooftop terrace design inspiration &# 8211; Japanese rooftop garden with different areas defined by water and stones

feng shui garten create on roof top terraceRoof Terrace in Chicago, Illinois_Kurisu International

make roof terrace with Japanese accents and wood pergola with curtains

roof top design inspiration for Japanese garden with pergola and Dzen motivesCrosby Street Rooftop_Gunn Landscapes Architecture

Grass on the flat roof &# 8211; a fantastic idea for green roof garden design

make roof garden with lawn on flat roofAxial Symphony of Design Systems

a beautiful course from the bedroom in Rooftop terrace with curved railings with planting

make roof terrace with wooden bench and flowers containerized plants in einem_dachterrasse face protection withThe Hirschkron apartment_Manifold Architecture Studio

enjoy the summer days in the roof garden with a small dining area

roof top design with intensive greening and wood batten for roof gardenRooftop terrace in Hotel Mandarin Oriental, Paris

If you are planning to build a minimalist house with a flat roof, you could also are planning a rooftop same.

modern house with flat roof as a roof top terrace

add fresh color accents to the green roof by the garden furniture

roof terrace plan and gestalten_ modern roof top design ideas and picturesRoof garden Great Ormond Street Hospital_Andy Sturgeon Design

Combination of wood and natural stone as inspiration for patio flooring 

roof terrace design ideas for flooring from wood and natural stone floor with built-in lights

Penthouse with rockery

images and ideas for roof top design and roof gardenRoof garden in Greenwich Village, New York_Dirtworks PC Landscape Architecture

Pergola with climbing plants greening as an idea for Rooftop terrace design

roof terrace make as a green roof and oasis with plants and lanterns and rattan furnitureRoof terrace in Gramercy Park Hotel, Manhattan

creative design of a small garden terrace with built-circuit wall light and transparency through slatted blinds fence

small roof terrace customize corner seat, bamboo and lattice fence rustProject Moon Garden in Hampstead, London_Andy Sturgeon Design

share the rooftop into different areas by benches and flower pots on

roof top design with rows of seats and flower pots made of woodRooftop terrace design of New York roofscapes, Inc.

make roof terrace with wooden platforms as sitting and sleeping area

roof garden ideas for roof top terraces with pergola and wooden trestle with pillow than sitting area

Inspiration for a simple but beautiful Roof Top Design

50 cool ideas for rooftop terrace design with palettenmäbeln

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