44 Ideas for amazing 3D wall covering

44 Ideas for amazing 3D wall covering

The new trend in interior decor is modern wall design. The diverse range of designs and materials enables a creative, modern wall paneling that animates every room. Variations of relief-like ceramic tiles or 3D wall panels made of MDF or bamboo offer endless creative ideas and solutions that can satisfy every desire. As an advantage of the 3d wall panels is the ease of instalation and painting in different colors. No matter which way you will choose for your wall decoration, the Ergenis will be breathtaking and elegant. In our picture gallery you will find 44 ideas inspiration for a unique, elegant and modern wall design with different 3D wall panels of different materials.

Moder Interior of Italy with 3D wall panel ARIDO

3D wall design in natural colors

The 3D HEX panel is available from 3d Wall Panels in a size of 2440 X 1220 mm and thickness 18 mm. The wall panels are sanded and finished to emphasize in any popular color.

elegant wall design with white 3D MDF panel HEX

Residential facility with wall decoration

The interlocking wall panels of modular arts consist of minerals us are durable and safe for health because they contain no harmful substances such as urea resin foam. By means of steel-reinforced compounds can be connected with the dreidimensinalen pattern.

creative and inspiring idea for wall decoration with wall panel link from modular arts

Puzzle wall decoration

Love Around the forms? Then here is a solution with flat circles as a suggestion for your walls. You can find these 3D wall panels of high-quality polyurethane at 3dwallpanels. They are fire resistant and waterproof and therefore can be used both indoors and outdoors. The panel size is 500x500mm and a packaging including total of 12 panels. Compared to the Eko-wall panels, the panels are made of PU little crushierbar. Our example is but made out by mywallart and are made from plant fiber.

Wall panels with flat circles &# 8211; ELLIPSES of mywallart

3D Wall cladding with ellipses

so see the 3D wall panels Craters in brown deleted from

dark wall decoration with circles

 Design with 3d wall panels puzzles

3D wall panels in beige

Inspiration with 3D panels Circle

3D wall covering

3D wall covering for living room

We provide you with some suggestions for wall decoration with 3D wall tiles made of gypsum plaster from livinghouse. The panels have 600mm size of 600mm x. The 3D tiles are waterproof and can be used outdoors Berein.

beautiful mural painting with 3D wall tiles in the form of buttons TIME

Bedroom furniture with buttons Pattern Wall panels

Luxury Living inspirations with 3D wall panels MOON

ellipses 3D wallcovering concave

a discreet wall design with three-dimensional panels SOLAR

3D wall panels with related parties

chic wall design in black with the wall panels Quilted

Black 3D wall panels and minimalist sofa in white

Inspirations with 3 D wall panels of Muraspec

3D Wandtextuten

MyWallart offers a fantastic range of designs for a creative and interesting Wandgestaltunf with 3D wall panels. As an example we have chosen the Dundee motif. The three-dimensional panels are 50 x 50 cm and environmentally friendly because they are made out of plant fiber. With 12 3D wall panels, which are in a pack, you can publishing houses a wall area of ​​3 square meters.

Wall panels Dundee from mywallart

attractive wall design Design lamp

Another suggestion of mywallart are the panels TETRIS

Wall panels with Tetris-design

cool wall design idea of ​​mywallart with 3D wall tiles BRICKS

Yellow 3D wall panels

Wanddeko with a square pattern with various sizes tiles SQUARES

Residential facility with design chair and 3D wall panels

Ideas for creative wall design in the wall color green

fresh 3D wall decoration in green squares and white wall niches

Wandgestaltingsidee with 3D wall panels for the modern kitchen

3D wall design in white for the kitchen

a cushioning motive for modern wall design with 3D wall panels Capitonné

3D wall covering in white for bright bedroom

white 3D wall panel with cube

Wall panels CAOS of 3dsurface

interesting 3D wall covering in gray

Bedroom inspiration with dreidimensinalen wall panels in white

white 3D wall covering in the bedroom

creative home idea for a textured wall decoration with the tiles SAIPHS

Modern 3D wall decoration combined with wood cabinet

3D Cubes wall panels in uneekwall

white design chair and 3D wall panels

Decorative 3D Marble wall panels that we have gewäht as Beispeil, provide relief tiles of white limestone. Thanks to the CNC technology, different patterns can be cut into different types of stone. You can choose from marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, onyx and limestone. With such a decorative stone wall is a dreidimensinale wall design interior, and exterior is made possible. The stone panels can be painted in different colors. Lessen more on the side of Stone Contact. The following figure shows the collection Le Pietre Incise by Lithos Design.

a great wall design and integrated wall lighting with 3D wall panels

modern lighting design to 3D wall covering

red walls for slegante dreidimensinale wall design with panels PIEGA

3D wall panels in red and design floor lamp

3D wall panels In the Groove

Wall decoration with decorative niche and 3D wall panels in green

flowing shapes with 3D wall panels WAVE

dark brown interiors with wall panels

Designer WAVY wall panels of gypsum plaster

Lighting and wall design with 3D wall panels

Wall design with elongated 3D panels ONDA

3D wall panel and white design lamp

modern bedroom interior design with 3D panels

3D Wall texture in the bedroom

BAMBOO the wall decor 3D Wandpanellen

white 3D wall covering

purple wall color as brushing idea of ​​3D wall panels ARIANNA

elegant dark purple wall panels with texture

Inspiration for black wall with texture

creative black 3D wall covering

Wall design with panels of LIPS livinghouse

Partition with texture

Wall painting idea in silver and wall decoration with 3D floral pattern wall panels GARDEN 

Wall decoration with floral pattern and design armchair on black Tepich

Floral design for 3D panels

bright wall decoration with 3D wall panels

Wall design for a stylish living room with sandstone

light shades in the living room

Example of fireplace wall design with wall panels BLOOM of modular arts

3D wall lining of the chimney

The following interesting Wandpneelen are available here.

unique wall decoration with textured panels 

Modern 3D wall panels for luxurious design

interesting idea for wall decoration in the bathroom with parts of 3D wall panels

3D wall paneling idea for the bathroom

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