36 Balcony summer ideas

36 Balcony summer ideas

For those who have balcony, we have 36 cool ideas balcony for fresh and summery design. Decorate the balcony with lots of green plants and small design elements, such as wooden boxes, lanterns, carpets and all kinds of pillows. We show you 36 different variations on how to make your small balcony modern and chic. Convert to entertain the balcony in a cozy place to sit, read, and with friends. Does your apartment is a small balcony? Perfect! Then take a Blich in our picture gallery and get inspired. You can also make your balcony so cuddly and cozy. For that you do not have much space, but through a few colorful things. Have fun in the summer on the balcony!

cool balcony ideas for a fresh and green design with plants

balcony with wooden floor and black bamboo chairs with rattan stool around

DIY wooden bench as a table for the balcony

creative coffee table in wooden board and two wooden chairs

balcony ideas for romantic design with flowers and wooden crate

make balcony with lights and wooden box as next table

Wooden bench for comfortable seating area with cushions and carpet on the balcony

balcony ideas with wall color yellow and carpet

make small balconies &# 8211; sit comfortably on the balcony

small balcony ideas for sitzecke of pillows

Color design balcony in gray and white

make balcony with balcony furniture rattan in gray and white seat mat with white pillow

Ideas for balcony planting

make balcony with wooden boards and suspended blumentäpgen

balcony ideas with DIY bench and design with metal shelf for flowers

balcony customize carpet in black and white and DIY wooden bench black

balcony design in black and green

balcony modern carpeting and black planzenkisten with bamboo

cool wall design balcony with ceramic cups

balkonpflanzen idea

rustic Balcony design in white with a balcony carpet in black and white

make balcony with DIY coffee table in pallets and sofa white with white pillow

fresh color design in green and blue for summery ambience Balcony

balcony ideas with wooden floor and hammocks in blue

balcony ideas with sofa

balcony with rustic palette table and sofa in gray

make balcony with artificial grass and white garden furniture made from pallets

pallets cool idea balcony with wall shelves made of wood and furniture from

DIY decoration balcony with wicker baskets for flowers

make balcony with wooden ladder white and green face protection made of textile

Wall decoration with plants for the balcony

small balcony make with fresh colors

fantastic combination of bricks and wood &# 8211; cool balcony ideas

set small balcony with folding table

Balcony with beautiful design idea of ​​DIY roundtable wood and white lanterns

small conservatory on the balcony

great summer design for the balcony

balcony terrace with wooden floor and sitting area of ​​cushion

Balcony terrace make in white and purple

balcony ideas with pink colored carpets and purple cushion

white folding chairs for the small balcony

balcony idea with wooden floor black and white garden furniture

balcony ideas with wood bench black and white fur

carpet on the balcony

Setting balcony cozy

make balcony with rattan furniture in white and black

black seat cushions for comfortable sitting on the balcony

balcony with wpc terrace hallway black and creative flower pots from bags

creative Sitchtschutz for the balcony with white shower process

balcony ideas for the small blakon

simple and chic design for small balcony

balcony ideas for the summer with wooden boxes and wooden folding chair with white blanket

DIY seating area for the balcony

make balcony terrace

small balcony Setting

balcony ideas for little balcony with brick wall and white wall shelves

modern color schemes in white and blue for the balcony

make balcony in wei0 with blue rattanhockern

modern balcony design idea

balcony ideas with lamps and white wooden bench

Sitting room decoration with green and purple colored cushions

balcony terrace customize sitzecke white and wood coffee table

Balcony ideas for balcony glazing

make balcony with coffee table round and upholstered seating furniture white

Inspiration for balcony design

balcony ideas with seat cushions and branches

functional solution with folding table

white folding table for balcony

romantic Belauchtung with globes for the balcony

balcony design with sitting furniture

Idea for shading on the balcony

balcony design with flowers

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