33 modern TV wall panel designs and models

33 modern TV wall panel designs and models

33 modern TV wall panel designs and models

The TV, as inseparable part of the living room furniture, needs its own proper place and plays an important role in the design room. Namely on the basis of media technology, we are planning a place in the living room &# 8211; the entertainment space for residential wall, or sideboard, where modern appliances, such as televisions and associated Saundsystem should be placed. Lately, the modern interior transforms into a simple decorations with as less furniture. This applies, of course, and the TV cabinet, which already represent a stylish wall decoration. The modern TV sets find their new place directly on the wall. How to set up your living room and bedroom chic, we will show you with 33 elegant and contemporary TV wall panel designs and ideas. The following examples provide a collection of designer TV modules and interesting interior solutions for wall-mounted television.

Idea for modern interior with TV wall panel of ZURDO DGS &# 8211; Project Miami 2804

modern living room with upholstered sofa white and modern tv wall panel wood

They believe that a TV wall panel restricts the movement of the TV screen? Not necessarily! In addition to the creative solutions to be pushed to the elegant elements hiding a wall-mounted TV set, we have prepared some interesting proposals with mobile screens. We begin with a TV wall panel by the Italian designer Massimo Castagna. The modern TV wall module, also called Smart Wall, is a modern wall shelf with sliding element in which the flat panel display is installed. Further, modern and creative solutions for mobile TV devices also offer the company “mdf italia” and “Fimar”. Modern TV Wall Panel “Side 11” transforms the door of a closet in mobile TV solutions.

contemporary TV wall panel Design by Massimo Castagna &# 8211; TV module N.C. Smart Wall

living room with tv device wall shelf black and white sideboard for wall color light gray

TV wall panel idea of ​​NORM.Architects &# 8211; COPENHAGEN PENTHOUSE II

luxury living room inspiration with wall color black and minimalist interior in white with gray upholstered sofa

TV wall panel in wood design of Baixmoduls

modern living room furnishings with residential wood wall and white upholstered chairs and luxury interior concrete

TV wall panels with sliding elements for simple interior design

small living room idea of ​​modern furnishings with TV wall panel wood white with schibbarem paneel

simple interior design and solutions for modern furniture with TV wall panel of acerbis

decorate modern living dining room with dining table and sideboard round wood

TV wall panel and wall unit in white &# 8211; TV wall module ELEVENFIVE of mdfitalia

minimalist living room furnishings in white with modern tv wall in white and orange

Luxury bedroom interior with TV wall panel of HOLA Design &# 8211; Project Praga Apartment

luxury bedroom design in white and wood with polsterwandpaneel and bedstead white

Wall unit with TV wall panel in gray and yellow &# 8211; Side 5 of Fimar

living room interior design with wall color gray, modern wall shelves gray and yellow

Media room decor with TV wall panel &# 8211; Project BK apartment HOLA Design

small luxury living room interior with upholstered armchairs and wanddeko with fabric in orange and beige natursteinpaltten

small TV wall panel with round shape of Pacini & Cappellini &# 8211; model Miki 

minimalist living facility in white with white sideboard and carpet white-black

modern decor with the Tv modules HF2 HF3 of ALIVAR

modern living room with wall color gray and flooring natural stone gray

modern living wall with white wall shelves and black TV wall panel HF 1

modern living room inspirations for luxury interior with natural stone tiles and black furniture

Inspiration for wall design with TV wall panel of Richlin Interiors

wall design with wall panels for tv

inspiration for modern living room furniture with TV wall panel &# 8211; A-CERO

Setting small living room with sofa coffee table white and modern

Luxury interior with living wall made of wood and hidden TV wall panel of WEEE Studio

cool wall design with fireplace and wohnwand_modernes interior with upholstered seats and sofa beige

Wall shelf as a mobile TV wall panel of Fimar

living wall design in black and white with wall shelves and wall panel tv

functional device with TV SIDE module 11 for wall

modern closet black with shelves and cabinet door wall panel as Tv

Tv wall panels with indirect wall lighting

elegant means living room wall panel with room wall and tv

Luxury living wall with tv wall panel BESANA in wood design by Anna Casa

living room inspiration for modern winrichtung with living wall in black and wood

Holzlattenwandpaneel as a modern interior design and furniture TV

luxury interior in black wood and black with black sideboard and leather armchairs

Living room design with TV-wall panels made of wood

holzdesign Interieuer with wall panels for modern bedroom

Wood interior design by Wheeler Kearns Architects &# 8211; Idea for Tv wall panel made of wooden slats

set modern living room and cool wall design and cover design with wood slats

Setting basement room cozy as a media room with fireplace and TV wall panel

small living room with wooden ceiling and fireplace of natural stone with tv wall panel black

TV wall panel as a partition and room dividers for small apartments

small apartament interior design with a TV wall panel of wood as a partition

modern furniture in wood design with TV wall panels of wooden charm

modern and minimalist furnishings with wohwand and tv wall panels made of wood

Living interesting color design with a TV wall panel in yellow

luxury living room design with modern white leather sofa and TV wall panel yellow

TV wall panel as part of the room wall

make living room with living wall and TV wall panel in brown

elegant interior design with the color red as an accent to the room wall &# 8211; K2 design

modern living room and elegant interior with living wall made of wood and wall color red

elegant solution for open-space living room with fireplace as a TV wall panel

modern dining room living with kitchen white and black open fireplace as an accent to the white sitzecke

modern living wall design with pushable wooden elements

cool wall design with living wall white and schibbaren wooden panels

minimalist interior design in white with contemporary TV wall panel

modern living room with white coffee table wood and Tv wall panel with fabric coverings

Concrete slabs as wall decoration and TV wall panel inspiration for Luxury Interiors

minimalist interior and wall design with exposed concrete and metal pallets shelving system

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