33 flower varieties for the cottage garden

33 flower varieties for the cottage garden

The cottage garden, also known as Cottage Garden, is one of the most popular garden forms that fascinates with its beauty and creates a romantic retreat and forms, using various colorful ornamental plants and flowering shrubs. When you want a Cottage Garden Create -a own oasis for the senses? Then you need to know what features are typical for cottage garden figures. A key feature is the wooden fence, and the rose arch. The typical picket fence enhances the rustic overall impression of the garden. At this garden form includes the fruit tree that is located either on the edge of the garden, or right in the middle of the cottage garden. In principle, the cottage gardens are a mixture of useful and ornamental plants represents. Flowers, such as bleeding heart, hollyhocks and much like summer flowers are typical of a cottage garden. To create a dream garden of this style, we will help you with 33 kinds of flowers for a fantastic garden design and garden of a cottage garden.

33 kinds of flowers for colorful design of your dream cottage garden

Iris blumen in white and blue for perfect cottage garden design

1. bellflower (Campanula percisifolia) – We start with the bluebells that are perennial and bloom in early summer to mid summer. They love lots of sun, but can be bepflanz well in partial shade and in well-drained soils. The Bellflower enough height to about 90 cm and is perfect for designing the cottage garden with its white and blue flowers.

bluebells in cottage garden

Create baerngarten with bluebells blue and white for romantic garden design of a cottage garden

2. columbine (Aquilegia varieties) – the columbine a beautiful flower that can grow easily. The colorful, colorful flowers are very popular world of the hummingbird and all gardeners. These flowers are beautify your cottage garden already in spring to early summer. They also love well-drained soils and not much sun, so you plant boil prefer partial shade.

make cottage garden with columbine flowers

Create bauerngarten with cottage garden flowers

Third Purple (Heuchera varieties) – the purple bell flowers in spring and early summer and has branches with white, red or pink colored flowers. These flowers are very popular by the hummingbird. They grow 90 cm high, need well-drained soil and sin ideal to plant in partial shade.

Heuchera for applying in Bauerngarten 

make beautiful garden idea for bauerngarten with ornamental plants

4. Daisy (Leucanthemum varieties) – the popular Daisy us of the love game “she loves me, she loves me not” remembered is ideal for anyone Cottage Garden. These flowers are perfect for planting in flower beds as separation in the garden and as cut flowers. They can grow up to 90 cm equally well in partial shade and full sun.

 Daisy as a reminder of the first Libe as white floral decoration 

bauerngarten customize white cottage garden flowers

5. Nachtviole (Hesperis matronalis) – the Nachtviole, is a beautiful, old-fashioned annual plant that is made similar to the Phlox white or purple colored bundle. It blooms in late spring and reaches a height of up to about 122 cm. the Nachtviole grows in full sun or partial shade.

white and purple colored Nachtviole the cottage garden figures

bauerngarten customize cottage garden flowers in purple and white

6. Larkspur (Delphinium varieties) – the delphiniums provide a colorful floral design of your cottage garden in white, blue, purple or pink. Depending on the variety, they can grow up to 183 cm and for this reason it needs a stake in support of the stem during labor. The delphiniums love sunny and partially shaded locations.

blue delphiniums blue accent for your Cottage Garden

bauerngarten customize high-growing flowers

7. foxglove (Digitalisvarieties) – thimbles are also high-growing flowers that can grow up from 60 cm to 180 cm. They are two years old and typical of the forest area. The unique, bell-shaped flowers can be found in purple, pink and white. The thimble sows itself off and appears every year. Some of them are to be planted in the sun and love humidity.

beautiful garden idea for cottage garden design with thimbles

cottage garden customize cottage garden flowers

8. hollyhock (Alcea rosea) – the Hollyhocks are one of the most perennial flowers. They range in height from 120 cm to about 244 cm. Its flowers are white, yellow, purple, red and even black. The hollyhocks love sun and moist.

one of the typical cottage garden flowers &# 8211; hollyhocks

cottage garden design with hollyhocks

9. Iris (Irisvarieties) – the fragrant iris make a stunning garden design mostly in a blue shade. The Siberian iris with its delicate petals has a wax level of 50 to 120 cm. She likes plenty of sun and the flowering period is from May to June.

the delicate blue iris as an ornamental flower for the Bauerngarten

Create baerngarten and Iris

10. carnation (Dianthus varieties) – the carnation, with their sweet scent, are the ideal solution for cottage garden figures in white, red, and in various shades of the color pink. They love to grow in well-drained soil in full sun and Earth. The carnation can be up to 60 cm high.

Create cottage garden with fragrant cloves

fragrant flowers for the bauerngarten

11. Lavender (Lavandula) – the saturated purple color in the garden always bring humor and romance. The Lavender is an ornamental plant and a medicinal herb with fragrant leaves and flowers. The lavender flowers grow in full sun from 30 cm to 60 cm high.

Lavender as an ornamental and medicinal plant in the cottage garden

Create Baugarten with lilac lavender flowers

12. Lady’s mantle (Alchemilla mollis) – the woman coats have bright yellow-green flowers and green leaves. They have a guard height of 30 to 60 cm and can be planted in full sun.

bright yellow-green color of lady’s mantle flowers for a green garden design

green plants for garden design in the cottage garden

13. Peony (Paeonia) – the peony, alsopeonies called, is one of the most romantic flowers. The genus includes 32 species, of which the best known variety, the perennial peonies thrive best in a somewhat sheltered location in full or slightly filtered sunlight and in a nutrient-rich and drained garden soil, such as a loose clay soil. They should be planted at a distance of 80 to 100 cm. Depending on the variety these flowers reach up to 150 cm height.

romantic garden design with peonies

pink colored cottage garden flowers

14. Multi-annual Geranium (Geranium&# 8218; Johnson&# 8217; s Blue&# 8216) – the geranium is the perfect flower for the cottage garden. The small flowers in blue-violet bring fresh color shades in the garden until the early summer. This flower grows equally well in full sun and partial shade and can reach wax height up to 45 cm.

the Geranium as ground cover for the cottage garden

cottage garden set with geranium

gartenlanschaft with cottage garden flowers

15 Phlox (Phlox paniculata) – the phlox is one of the flowers that bloom in late summer. The spherical flowers bunch in white, pink, purple and red smell wonderful and grow up to 120 cm high.

fragrant flowers balls for cottage garden figures

ornamental flowers for the cottage garden

16. hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) – the hydrangeas bloom in white, blue and pink in early summer. You brauechen humidity and not much sun. The colorful hedges can grow up to 180 cm.

Garden design with hydrangeas

purple and blue hydrangeas for beautiful landscaping

17 Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) – Bart Clove is a further two-year flower that sow themselves out. The wonderful smell of the beautiful and diverse flower colors, spreads in the cottage garden until early summer and draws butterflies and hummingbirds up. The guard height can reach 60 cm.

Design idea for the cottage garden with red Bartnelke

ideas of design with Bartnelke in bauerngarten

18. Violet (Viola) – the violets have delicate fragrant flowers that are edible. They are one of the most charming little flowers you want to plant in any case in your garden. The Violets already start to bloom in spring and often they bloom again in the autumn. They thrive in full to partial shade.

 edible violets as part of the flower design of your cottage garden with crops

Create bauerngarten with edible violets

19. Fall Anemone (Anemone hupehensis japonica) – the fall of anemone is a perennial herbaceous plant. The inflorescence stem usually reaches a height of 30 to 100 and rarely up to 120 cm. The flower blütet July to October. The location may be sunny, half shade to be shady. Humus layer, fresh ground is recommended.

Anemone as an ornamental flower for a cottage garden

make garden landscape with ornamental flowers

20 Gold sheaf (Achillea filipendulina) – the gold sheaf is yellow called yarrow. The cultivated forms &# 8218; Parker&# 8216; and &Coronation Gold; # 8218&# 8216; reach stature heights between 70 and 150 cm, and the wild-type about 70 to 120 cm. The Blützeit is from June to September and loves the Schafgabe sunny locations, permeable as well as sandy and loamy soils.

Yellow Yarrow combined with purple colored flowers as ornamental design in the cottage garden

beautiful garden landscape in yellow and purple

21 Japan-dwarf reed(Hakonechloa macra) – This plant belongs to the family of grasses. The Dwarf reeds growing from 30 to 75 centimeters. The leaf blades are lanceolate and have a fine tip. The flowering season is from August to October. The Japan-dwarf reed is used as an ornamental plant typical of rock gardens and borders, but fits perfectly well to the Cottage Garden shape.

Japan dwarf reed as green garden design for different garden forms

green ornamental plants for the cottage garden form

22. switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) &# 8211; The switchgrass is a mehrjährigekrautige plant, which can reach growth heights of up to 2.5 m. She has reddish stems with round cross section and white hair at the base point of the leaves. It is resistant to drought.

the ornamental blue switch grass to garden figures

high-growing grass to make bauerngarten

23. Bleeding Heart (Lamprocapnos spectabilis) &# 8211; called the Watery Heart and Two-tone heart flower, Herzerlstock, Flaming Heart or Marie heart is one of the popular ornamental design for the cottage garden. The flower reaches a height of 50 cm to 90 The watery heart flowers from May to June and rarely in April. The outer petals are mostly pink and stained rare white.

White bleeding heart is typical ornamental flower for a cottage garden

landscaping with ornamental flowers as heart trenende

24 Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) &# 8211; The cornflower is an annual herbaceous plant that also called Zyane It grows from 20 cm and 100 cm high. The tubular flowers are different blue, but may be white to purple.

The medicinal plant cornflower blue accent for the garden

blue ornamental plants as a beautiful garden idea for gartenlanschaft design

25. vervain (Verbena officinalis) – vervain is beckannt as ragweed, cat blood herb Tell herb or The Real verbena grows as deciduous, rarely annual to mostly short-lived perennial herbaceous plant, which reaches stature heights of 20 to 75 cm. The flowering period extends from May to October, or until the first frost. The fruits ripen from July to October.

delicate purple colored verbena as part of the garden landscaping

bauerngarten customize verbena ornamental flowers

26 Round leek (Allium rotundum) &# 8211; is a species of the genus Allium, also known round-headed leek The plant growth achieved heights of 30 to 80 cm. The inflorescence is remarkably dense and has a characteristic, eilängliche form. The flowers are dark purple in color. It prefers moderately dry to moderately fresh, calcareous and fertile loess, loam and clay soil in warm layers.

Round leek in color purple for interesting garden design

interesting design for the bauerngarten with ball leek violet

27. thistles (Cirsium) – The thistle species are annual or biennial or perennial herbaceous plants reach a height from 5 to 400 centimeters depending on the type. The flower heads contain from 25 to over 200 florets that are pink, purple, red or yellow in color.

red thistles for fresh color scheme with bright colors in the garden

gartenlanschaft embellish with thistle

28 lupins (Lupinus) – the beautiful Lupine are also known as Wolf bean or Feigbohne. There are probably up to 300 species, of which the blue, white and yellow Lupinus most famous varieties. It grows best on light and slightly loamy soils in sunny locations, and up to 200 cm high. The flowers occur between June and August.

a more typical ornamental flower for a cottage garden &# 8211; lupins

beautiful garden landscape with colorful lupines

29 Steppe lily (Eremurus stenophyllus) – also known as eremurus that is planted in a sunny, sheltered place without waterlogging. The grape-like inflorescences are up to 40 cm long. The yellow star-shaped flowers are good for bees, thanks to the pleasant scent.

the yellow steppe lily as cottage garden flower

make fresh yellow ornamental flowers for bauerngarten

30. Rosa Gallica (Gallic rose) – also known as Gallica Rose, as a deciduous shrub, reaching a height of 1m. The flowering period is from June to July. In addition to her fragrance and her ornament for gardens Rosa gallica is used as a tea by pharmacists since ancient times for the production of rose oil, rose water, rose vinegar and its petals.

 make cottage garden with Gallica roses

roses for the farmer gartengestaltung

31 Meadow cranesbill (Geranium pratense) &# 8211; The Meadow cranesbill has a growth height of 20 to 80 cm and is a perennial Hemikryptophyt and a half-rosette plant.

make the Gartenlanschaft with blue Meadow cranesbill

ideas for arranging flowers for the bauerngarten and beautiful garden landscape

32. Marsh (Scabiosa) &# 8211; The Marsh are annual or perennial herbaceous plants that often become woody at the base.

Pincushion flower flowers for a colorful carpet of flowers in the garden

colorful flower pot for bauerngarten

33. poppy (Papaver rhoeas) – Is known as Poppy a deciduous, annual to biennial herbaceous plant with a height of 20 to 90 The flowering period is from May to July. They prefer warm summer and mostly calcareous clay soil.

a romantic garden landscape with red poppies

make bauerngarten with poppies

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