30 creative decorating ideas for the basement

30 creative decorating ideas for the basement

The cellar and the attic spaces are the most popular of all children in a house – a cool place where they can hide and do their stuff in Rühe. Often it is the basement but no dream place in the house, but more or a few a storage space. Many people are of the opinion that if there is no natural light in the room, this room is no suitable living area. And they have more or less right. see the cellar most inhospitable in the fact. Some of them even have no windows, or only one or two small window openings, penetrates through the little daylight in the room. Many of you who already own a home with a basement, have transformed this underground part of the house in a gym. Other stack where thousands of boxes of old and nutzlösen things. But there are people who find the cellar as a function room, only this time in the sense of residential living space. Do you want your basement as another living room, or a luxurious media and freedom modern and cozy set up? Then take a look at our examples of creative living ideas for the cellar.

Luxury interior with wood and natural stone cladding for a modern guest rooms in the basement

cool living ideas for small living room with black corner sofa and natural stone wall tiling with TV Wandpanell wood on the wall

To inspire you, we have collected 30 cool decorating ideas for modern storage facility. You will not believe how smart this room can look like. No matter how big your basement, you can use it more functional as another living and entertainment area. Under the following sample images are inspiration for the elegant furnishings and design small living room, basement creative conversion to games room with pool table, with bowling or card games. Other appropriate role of a completely underground cellar without windows is its transformation into a luxury media room with a wall-mounted flat screen TV and a large sofa for all friends with whom you can together watch the football championship in full comfort. They love music and sometimes you want to play guitar? They would like to have an entertainment room where you can have fun with your friends, without disturbing the rest of the family? You want a wine cellar, or have a guest room yet? A basement room offers the perfect opportunity for this.

Wohnidee for establishment of Unterchaltungs- and games room in the basement

wohnideen living room with wall color purple and round bar table pool table made of glass next

bright colors in combination with wood flooring for a small living-dining room in the basement

modern living set dining room with sofa beige and round table stool in front of the TV on the wall with wall color Light Blue

creative home ideas for basement with a modern interior in gray and interesting ceiling design

modern living room with wall color gray and cool wanddeko and modern gray leather stools table

cool color scheme of gray and red for the modern game room with a bar in the basement

armchairs creative living ideas for travel with a bar in the basement with carpet gray and red

modern living room in the basement as inspiration for modern living ideas

small living room with cool wall design with wallpaper and corner sofa gray as creative living ideas for basement

luxurious interior with red leather chairs as a color accent to the brick walls

living idea of ​​luxury living room and wine cellar with wooden floors and brick walls

fresh green color combined with light wood as a living idea for basement design

creative living ideas for small living room and modern furnishings with sofa green and gray upholstered armchairs with black Beisteltisch

 a small and cozy living room with fireplace and elegant design in pink and beige

basement living room modern set up with corner sofa and fireplace with beige creative wall design

creative home ideas for modern living room design in the basement

creative living ideas cellar with modern living-dining room furnishings in black and white

Living in the basement &# 8211; Wohnidee music room with comfortable seating area in the basement

Setting small living room as a music room with a TV wall panel and dining table around

Persian carpet and masonry walls for authentic atmosphere in the basement

creative Wohnidee for travel in the basement with carpet and brick walls

creative color design for an underground room Media

wall color red as a living idea for modern living room with white sofas in the basement

interesting Gestaltungsodee and designed interiors for small living room in the basement

cool idea for residential living room with wall color gray and living room color scheme in white and gray

Sofa for comfortable Situ area and a bar counter as a creative home ideas for the basement

living idea living room with bar and wanddeko with picture frame on the corner sofa beige

Another idea for basement conversion to games room with bar

Wooden bar and a pool table as a device for the cellar

modern living concept for a luxury media room in the large basement room

cool idea for keller device as a media room with tv wall panel and floor pillows in green and red

set up a your own casino with a small bar and TV wall panel in the basement

creative wohnideen for play and party room in the basement

interesting painting idea and elegant wall design for small basement living room

Setting small living room with sofa white and cool wanddeko with wall shelves made of wood

transform the small cellar in small and chic living area with fireplace

basement living room ideas for modern living room furnishings with leather armchairs brown and TV over the fireplace

cool Wohnidee for bowling alley in the basement and creative wall design with graffiti

creative living ideas for bowling alley in the basement and cool wall design and wall color blue

Keller as a dream space for men &# 8211; Luxury Interior and comfort for football fans

creative living ideas for the cellar with upholstered sofa brown and TV wall panel and ceiling design in gray

luxury furnished and decorated in blue as modern living idea for the basement as a media room

luxury living room ceiling with blue sofa and blue with round leather stools and round glass coffee table

Inspiration for light and elegant basement interior design with wood and wall color combination of white and beige

luxury living room in the basement with wall color beige and bar with wooden bar and bar stools made of wood and leather

 I entered the atmosphere in the basement with natural materials and colors

modern set storeroom as a living room with a small kitchen and a bar made of natural stone

chic interior design and white interior design for a lounge in the basement

cool living ideas for modern living room in the basement in white with living wall made of wood and TV wall panel

Inspiration for a modern media room in your basement

modern living room furnishings with a pool table and TV wall panel before leather green sofa

Range furniture for cool basement room facility as a home theater room

creative living ideas with palette furniture and white tv wall panel of pallets for modern media room design with wall color black

Cellar inspiration for a billiard room with white interior and simple Wanddeko

living idea for party room in the basement with white seating area and a pool table

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