3 homemade gifts as gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

3 homemade gifts as gift ideas for Valentine's Day

When it comes to gifts, it is increasingly difficult to find the right. Especially for Valentine’s Day, we always want to give special thing but is not trivial. And what could that be? Here we have prepared three simple craft ideas for homemade gifts for you, you can not take as gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

original gift ideas and creative craft ideas for gifts you can make yourself

simple craft ideas for homemade geschenke_kreative gifts for men and women



small wooden box

Wood Stain and Color


Black paper or thick paper


Ruler, cutting mat and craft knife

Brush, pencil and double-sided tape

3 homemade gifts as gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

original presents itself machen_einfache craft ideas for homemade gifts for girlfriend and friend

Step 1: The wood stain evenly subscribe to the box with a soft cloth and allow to dry.

Step 2: Paint the Boxinnere with a color according to your desire.

Step 3: After the colored interior is completely dried from the box, start with the external design of the box. You can paste the whole box with wrapping paper in a matching pattern or write something using Brandmalkolben such as Initials or favorite saying.

Gift ideas for lovers

simple craft ideas for homemade gifts _ Valentine's Day Men gifts and presents for lovers

Step 4: Cut strips of paper from the black cardboard, or paper that are as wide as your wooden box. Then fold the strips in a zigzag shape so that they fit in the box.

Step 5: Cut the selected photo in a square or other desired shape and fasten it to the zig-zag strips using double-sided tape.

Step 6: Form a loop of colored ribbon and secure it with tape to the back of the top end of the strip, practically where your DIY zigzag photo album begins. Cut an additional piece of cardboard out, with which you will hide the bonded loop.

Step 7: Attach the lower part of the photo album to the inner base of the box. just stick the box with the last photo to the box with double-sided tape.

make gifts to themselves &# 8211; 3 simple craft ideas for homemade gifts

gifts for men make themselves and homemade gifts for girlfriend

Our second idea for creative homemade gift is a cool craft idea for DIY Bulb for Valentine’s Day. To tinker this original gift, you will need about an hour. The Valentine’s light bulb is perfect as a handmade gift for men and for women. Here are the materials you need for crafting:

thin wire in red or another color

Light bulb (not halogen lamp or fluorescent bulb)

Wire pliers, screwdrivers and pliers

Wooden blocks / wooden cubes

2 needles, paper and pen for sign

Hammer and nails (not necessary if you use soft balsa wood)

Hot glue gun and goggles

Valentine’s Day gift itself make light bulb with heart-wire

gifts themselves machen_coole craft idea with light bulb and wire to tinker from Valentine's Day gift

Step 1: Prepare the work area where you will undermine the bulb. This should be big enough, since small chunks can navigate the process.

Step 2: bulb hollow (see figure below)

Step 3: Cut approximately 25cm long piece of red wire. Fold the wire in half to give a sharp crease and then unfold the wire. Then wrap about 3cm of two loose wire ends around to form the two halves of the heart and pull it in an overlapping of the folds center back down. The width of the heart should be approximately 1,30cm so you can pull it through the opening of the bulb.

Step 4: Insert the heart-wire into the bulb to measure how long it should be. Cut the rest of the wire with the pliers and attach it to the wooden block. If the wood is soft, the wire had to just leave stuck. Otherwise, make small pilot hole with the help of nail and hammer to insert the wire and also to insure with hot glue.

Step 5: Now you can adjust the light bulb to the piece of wood and fasten them together with hot glue. Finally Takes a sign that you can attach to the DIY Valentine light bulb with two pins or directly adhesive.

tinker gifts themselves &# 8211; Bulb hollow for an original gift

cool craft idea to tinker with light bulb for Love gift for valentinstag_kleine gifts themselves

hollow bulb: First, clamp the plumb with the pliers to remove the small foot contact to the threaded base of the bulb and rotating take him out. Then try using a screwdriver as long herumzuwurschteln in the glass of the socket contact until it crumbles and falls out. Now, the interior should be freely accessible, which we now break off with a small screwdriver without destroying the entire glass bulb. The dissolved content is to take a pair of pliers out or by shaking. When you are done, make the light bulb from inside and outside clean and place it on the side.

gift ideas simple craft ideas for homemade gifts and original Valentine’s Day

original gift ideas and simple craft ideas for homemade gifts

The third craft idea for homemade gift is super easy and very creative. If you want to make photo gifts, here’s a cool idea for it. All you need is a glass jar in which you use the photo and vegetable oil präserviert same time the photo and creates a yellowish aging effect. Additionally, you can also add dried lavender for a stunning fragrance.

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