27 unusual DIY Gifts for HER

27 unusual DIY Gifts for HER

The following 27 cool craft ideas are 27 suggestions for creative, homemade gifts not only for Mother’s Day, but for every occasion! Do you want to surprise your mother, sister or girlfriend? Then you create yourself a fantastic and original gift for her! We offer different gift idea that you can tinker quickly and easily. Whether you want to give something for the household cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, and we have prepared different inspirations for you. They look for creative DIY gifts or a fancy gift idea, then view our sample images with manual. Mother soon will be, and you want to please your beloved mother with a small gift? The following gift ideas are also ideal for Valentine’s Day and the birthday. Here are our DIY gift idea for YOU:

DIY unusual gift idea for you and for Mother’s Day

muttertagsgeschneke tinker and interesting DIY Gifts for Her

cool craft idea for confetti cups as a mother’s day gift

tinker kreatibe gifts themselves

interesting gift ideas for yourself tinkering as a gift for you and for Mother’s Day

diy mother's day and creative craft ideas for DIY Pillow red

Another and easy craft idea! This time we will show you how to craft DIY pillowcase without troubles himself. A fantastic idea not only for your home, but also as a gift for the upcoming Mother’s Day.

DIY pillow case with no seams

DIY pillow case in just 3 minutes! All you need is felt and scissors. Cut two pieces of felt which are larger on all sides of the pad with about 13cm. (E.g., the pad 16 is&# 215; 16 cm large, the felts should be large 29x29cm) Place a felt part under the pillow and the second above. Cut two pieces of felt into equal strips, which are no more than 12cm, and start to make knots. Leave all four corners in the form of a square, so you can at the exact spot also make a node that is larger.

DIY earrings with crystals as unusual gift idea

gift ideas for you and for Mother's Day with DIY earrings

creative craft ideas for DIY vase as a gift for women

cool gifts handicrafts for you

DIY vase metal tube and alumina

If you do not narrow copper vase, how can they find, cut off an about 15-16 cm long section of a metal tube. For this you can use a hacksaw. With a sandpaper sand from the surface. Knead and roll the clay on a clean surface, until you reach a thickness of 6-7 mm. Then cut out a circle that is larger than the diameter of the pipe. Press the clay around the pipe down. Thereafter, cut from a larger, rectangular part of the alumina that you will roll around the pipe. At the point where the two meet the edge of the rectangular portion, a fold is created. Print his fingers on it. Then form the base and roll the vase with hands. Using the modeling tool or a knife, cut a desired shape, symbol or letter.

Craft idea for sewing notebook as fantastic gift idea for him and her

interesting gift idea for women and men with DIY notebook

DIY broschiertrer notebook

Cool craft idea for a creative gift! Design your notebook or make a gift. They need little notebooks with soft cover, needle, colored threads or twisting, Letter stamps and ink pad. Once the desired color combination, the place where you will stamp the letter or a word, make a weak impression with the stamp. Choose one color of ink for the stamp that is easy to wipe off, or will be mixed with the color of the threads. Use the needle to make small holes along the pattern of letters. If there are wider lines, simply make two kingdoms of holes along the edges. Then you begin to Binding on the thread.

cool surprise for any woman &# 8211; DIY necklace as a gift idea for Mother’s Day

cool DIY necklace as a Gift for Mother

interesting gift idea with DIY tea bag for bath &# 8211; Ideas for Mother’s Day

DIY tea bags with lavender for the bathtub as a gift

DIY tea bags of lavender and oatmeal for the bath

A simple and creative gift idea with DIY lavender tea bags for a relaxing bath! What ingredients you’ll need for the tea blend: 2 cups of Epsom salt (Epsomite), 2 tablespoons of dry lavender, 15-20 drops of lavender oil, 1 cup of oatmeal and 1 cup of milk powder.

Mix together the Epsomitsalz with dry lavender and lavender oil in a bowl. Then enter the milk powder to it. With the blender you can grind the coarse oatmeal and add to the mixture. Stir the mixture again and fill the oversized tea bags with 2-3 tablespoons of the mixture bathing one. As decoration you design the bags with labels using the stapler.

fantastic gift idea for YOU with DIY chain earrings

craft idea and mother's day with DIY earrings made of chain

DIY chain earrings in just 5 minutes

Do you want to surprise your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day or give her a creative DIY jewelry gift for your birthday? They are tinkering these cool chain earrings for no more than 5 minutes itself. What you need for this: wire cutters, jewelry pliers, two ear picks, two loops and 12 “chain of your choice. First you measure how long should be the chain Earring. Cut the two earring chains to the desired length and make the eyes in order to hang the chain. Close to the eyes. You can unmount 2-3 different chains of various lengths on a loop.

Tinker own colorful flower pots in textiles

tinker cool Mother's Day gifts

 unusual gifts &# 8211; DIY container of ceramic with chalkboard sign

idea for mother's day itself tinker with DIY twitching hack container

fantastic gift idea with DIY medallion metal

creative craft ideas for DIY gifts

fantastic Mutertagsgeschenk &# 8211; DIY Zitronpeeling for the face

DIY cosmetics as a cool gift idea for Mother's Day

DIY cosmetics – face and body scrub from lemons

Fantastic gift idea that will love every woman. A DIY lemon peel for body and face. Ingredients: 1 cup sugar or baking soda (baking soda), ½ cup coconut oil or olive oil, 1 teaspoon of grated lemon rind and 1-2 drops of lemon extract. Simply mix all ingredients together and pour the mixture into a glass container. If you have sensitive or dry skin, put baking soda instead of a sugar. If you use the lemon body scrub, enter a sea salt instead of sugar.

Tinker own elegant gift bag for small DIY gifts

DIY gift bag of fabric with painted hearts as an idea for Valentine's Day

You already have a gift concerned and you need the appropriate gift wrapping for it? Here is a cool craft idea for DIY gift bag with heart print.

DIY gift bag with heart pattern

The materials that you will need are: calico, textile paint, stamp. Cut a 30cm long section of calico with a width of as you wish. Then cut the textile patrol in half. On one of the two parts to make the desired pattern: dots, zigzag patterns, letters, etc. and allow it to dry the paint. You can cut the painted textile part in 2 or 3 parts with which you will make only one or both sides of the bag. With a stamp you can stamp your name or something else in the middle of the gift bag. If you decide how and which side of the pocket are decorate with the painted textile, you are the textile parts together and sewing them together with each other, along the edges of the inner side or the back.

DIY Ipad holder wooden cutting board &# 8211; cool crafts and gift idea for her

tinker creative mother's day

Craft idea for embellishing your ballerinas with white lace

tinker creative craft ideas and Mother's Day Gift

DIY sleeping mask with rice as a quick gift for Mother

craft ideas for sleeping mask as DIY gift for you

give you selbsgemachten lip balm of vanilla and brown sugar

DIY lip balm vanilla and sugar as a cool gift idea for you

Super cool gift idea for your mother or girlfriend! Tinker a vanilla lip balm for you Selbs!

DIY vanilla lip balm

Required Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of organic honey, ½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract, 1 capsule of vitamin E and 1/2 cup brown sugar. Stir together the coconut oil with the honey, vanilla extract and vitamin E. If the mixture does not compromise easily, you can heat it for a few minutes in the microwave until the honey and the oil are well melted. Mix together the brown sugar. Fill a small container with your DIY lip balm.

chic DIY necklace with beads as Mother’s Day Gift

craft ideas for pearl necklace as a gift for you

quick and creative craft ideas for DIY glass vase with golden dot pattern

tinker mother's day and DIY vasegestaltung

tinker elegant necklace of beads itself

chic necklace hair tie with balls as a cool craft idea

redesigning old clothes and beautify &# 8211; interesting gift idea

craft ideas for DIY shirt with Munktmuster as gift idea

DIY Sofadecke with white dot pattern &# 8211; Gift ideas for Mother

craft idea for Sofadecke with white dots

DIY duvet with dot pattern

Still a fantastic craft and gift idea for your home! Whether you are tinkering this DIY duvet for himself or as a cool gift. For that you need a sheet or old sheets, fabric paint, brush and a sponge or carton board. Cut the desired fabric size and share the textile in squares by means of a tape. Cut a circle pattern from the carton board or from the sponge with which your Kreisdiameter. Before you start dyeing, let the cloth lying on paper, since color can pass through the fabric. With the brush you wear the textile color on the circle template and press it into the template. After the paint has dried, you can sew seams along the edges.

give you spring flowers on Mother’s Day as an addition to your gift

decorate Mother's Day and give Frühlingsblimen

Bouquet with spring flowers

A fresh decoration with flowers of spring. Such a small bouquet of flowers you can arrange yourself and give along with a gift to your mother or girlfriend. Which spring flowers are used here: tulips, pink colored freesia, frangipani, white asters and goldenrod yellow.

 Pillowcase sewing as cool Mother’s Day gift

craft ideas for DIY pillow case with close motifs

give you DIY tea towel with stripe pattern for Mothers

craft ideas for tea towel with stripe pattern

Do you want to beautify your kitchen, then you embellish their tea towels. Case, your mother needs a new kitchen towel, use the following cool craft idea as a Mother’s Day gift!

DIY tea towel with stripe pattern

What will you need it? Buying white flour bags or tea towels. You will also need fabric paint, flat brush and tape. Make so many and such great distances with tape strips that you want to paint. Wait until the paint is well dried and then remove the tape strips. Ales is just a matter of your creativity!

super cool Mother’s Day gift &# 8211; DIY small soaps with stamp

craft ideas for DIY soap as creative DIY gifts

We have prepared a last minute gift idea for Mother’s Day! These small, cute soaps are an interesting gift that you can tinker.

DIY soap as cool Mother’s Day gift

Materials: 340 grams of glycerine soap (white or farbenlos), Soap color, essential oil, oven-safe measuring cup, spoons, cookie cutters, wooden sticks (bamboo sticks), alphabetic, string (you can also rope or belt use) and a plastic mold in which the soap liquid will distribute.

First you melt the soap in the microwave, where you must take out the pan every 30 seconds from the microwave and stir the melted soap, so that the soap is not charred. Normally, a minute as total time for melting have to do. Enter the essential oil to the soap (2.5 ml oil / per 0.5 kg soap) one. Other ingredients that you still can enter to the liquid soap: dry flowers and aromatic herbs, oils, oatmeal, seeds and dead sea salt, honey, milk, etc. Fresh flowers mostly used as a dye.

Coloration of soap. If you can not find any soap color, use instead of food coloring. Other options for natural discoloration are the spices (eg cinnamon or cinnamon), as well as the tone and activated carbon. Our example is made with pink colored clay.

When the mixture with the desired ingredients is ready, pour it from best in a plastic tray. If the shape is not plastic, first insert a transparent film and only then pour the liquid into the bowl one. To be take out the soap easier to attach. Leave to cool for about 15 minutes, the liquid and take it out of the shell. Using cookie cutters to cut your DIY soaps. Make a hole by means of a wooden rod to stir up the soaps with ropes and to make a label. Take advantage of the Buchstabendtempel to say: “I love you Muti!” Or simply “Thank you!”. They will delight your mother for sure!

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