21 fantastic design ideas for black and white living room

21 fantastic design ideas for black and white living room

The black and white living room will always be trendy. A black and white color scheme corresponds to elegance and luxury. Both colors form a strong contrast and emphasize mutually. This color combination is often seen in a minimalist interior design, as is accented with her in a clear and simple furnishings. In this case, the plurality of additional items should be avoided. The following 21 living inspirations show different variants of a black and white color scheme. For more brightness and for small living spaces more suitable a white wall color and furniture, only a few decorative items or design elements, such as carpet, lamps or curtains pattern can be used as a black accent. On the other hand, the strong black color brings a certain comfort with the right lighting in the room. No matter which of the two colors as the main design color you will choose the color combination is a classic design.

black and white living room inspirations

modern living room with black walls and white möblierung- modern seats and sofas white-corner window

stylish living room in white with black accents

luxury living room with white luegesofa and upholstered chairs and white parquet floor with white patchwork hides and modern ball pendelleuchte

black and white interior design for modern living dining room

modern kitchen white decorate with black pattern wallpaper-tv sideboard

luxury living room design in schwarzßweiß small living room

modern living room with cool wallpaper-modern seats and sofas and round coffee table black

Living Color design ideas

living room with beige curtains and beige wallpaper pattern

stylish living room with fireplace and black carpet

modern living room customize some armchair gray and rustic coffee table in wood in black sideboard decorate black

Furnishing idea for work in the living room

small living room set with white shelf as a room divider

Minimalism in the living room &# 8211; elegant and simple means

luxury living room with black carpets and modern leather sofas and elegant pendant lamp black

design small living room in black and white

luxury living room interior with leather corner sofa in white and modern round coffee table black and cool wall design

cool Raumgestaltung- rustic and modern

a dream cottage in wood with white interior- interior door black

Black gives the room elegance and comfort

luxury living room with white carpet and living wall black-black ceiling with visible construction-black corner sofa

simple minimalist means small residential dining room

black and white living room inspirations with cool images and modern corner sofa white with black pillow

black and white living room with wall color schwarzund white fireplace-curtain decoration suggestions-upholstered chairs black-vintage coffee table black

modern black and white living room with natural stone wall and an open fireplace-luxury seats and sofas

minimalist black and white living room with fireplace furnishings and indirect lighting wall-built cabinets white

living inspirations with strip-wall pattern and a white fireplace-modern seats and sofas wall design-ideas

luxury living room wall with black and built-in TV-cover design

stylish living room with black carpet and flower pot black cool idea for terrace design

modern dining living with wooden floor and beautiful carpet black-modern roller table from wood

minimalist living room inspirations, designer dining table and cool wall design with black wall shelves

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