20 great decoration ideas for crafting with leaves

20 great decoration ideas for crafting with leaves

Discover 20 great inspiration for crafting with leaves and liberate your creativity on weekends. Who wants to bring nature into his house, make a homemade decoration, or something interesting with his children take can enjoy the colorful, delicate leaves of trees and plants for many creative craft projects. They will remain surprised at what is to tinker for great DIY decor with leaves.

Walls stylishly decorate with eksotischen plants and large leaves in picture frames

device for modern ideas white living room with wallpaper brown, sofa, coffee table black coffee table in metal and cool wanddeko with green leaves in picture frames

simple and creative Herbstdeko tinker with leaves and punch

cool decorating ideas with stamped shapes in leaves

punching tree leaves instead of paper

With help from a Motivlocher you can in a few minutes tinker a fantastic and creative decoration. The punched shapes can be ideal as confetti, or use in various craft projects. The leaves with different stamped designs can be used for decorating gifts and candles to put in picture frames, or fix, as in the example above, just with clothespins on a bunch of branches. To keep the blade shape straight, let the leaves for a few days between the pages of a thick book.

great inspiration for original gift decoration with tree leaves

gift package creative and decorate with tree leaf

embroider leaves

As another fantastic inspiration for original tinkering with leaves, we present the creative miniature artworks by artist Hillary Fayle. It combines in a special way the visual arts and their love of nature in an exceptional and attractive series of hand-embroidered sheets.

interesting miniature art tinker with leaves 

cool bastel idea with leaves to the crochet© Hillary Fayle

make true leaves preserved with wax

Who wants to tinker a simple and durable leaves decoration, he just needs to dive previously in wax sheets. As an example, you see a beautiful window decoration idea with DIY wind chime made of tree leaves. For as an autumn decoration following is needed: colorful leaves, colorless beeswax, twine and clothespins.

How to make a DIY decoration of leaves last?

deco- and craft ideas with blättern_gefallene trees leaves preserve and get more

Melt the beeswax in a double boiler without bringing the liquid to a boil. Dip each leaf in wax and using clothespin let it hang until the wax has dried. If you want an even brighter look, dip the leaves again into wax. Finally, tie the leaves on different length binding threads.

the cake creatively decorate with leaves pattern

interesting decoration idea for cake with powdered sugar and scroll

Tree leaves template for creative cake decoration

If you have to bake a cake before? Here’s a great idea, how to serve it creatively with powdered sugar and a leaf pattern. You just have to put the leaves on it and sprinkle the cake with powdered sugar.

beautiful Herbst Deko with pumpkins without chips

Scroll pumpkin without shredding dekorieren_coole herbstdekoideen do it yourself with

simple craft idea for original decoration with dried and painted leaves

cool Herbstdeko idea scroll with dried© Bicocacolors

with some color and sparkle can be quickly a great autumn & winter tinker

DIY Hanging Decoration tinker with colored leaves and glitter© House of Jade Interiors

So you can skeletonize leaves

Another interesting, but little more elaborate craft idea shows how you can make decoration with skeletonized and colored tree leaves a fantastic DIY. For this, ¾ cup of washing soda (sodium carbonate) is required. If you do not washing soda there, you can just let baking soda for 30 minutes in the oven to bake at 200 degrees to convert the sodium bicarbonate into sodium carbonate. Use best waxy leaves such as of magnolia, gardenia, or hydrangea. Another important thing is to wear gloves when handling the processed with washing soda leaves.

fantastic decoration idea with seashell and colored Leaf Skeleton

cool craft ideas for DIY leaf-skeleton and original decoration idea with pink colored leaf in seashell

Step 1: Enter the collected leaves in a large saucepan and pour ¾ cup washing soda and 4 cups of water about. Once the water is brought to a boil, reduce the heat and let the leaves for an hour and 40 minutes to cook slowly. Because the sheets are to be covered with water, you will also have to refill water.

Step 2: When the cooking time is up, fill a baking pan of gas with cool water in which you give the leaves with a blunt spatula. With a fine brush to remove remaining pulp. Change the water to rinse the leaves gently from the remains. Using the spatula place the leaves on paper towels and let it dry. If the skeletonized leaves are dry, you can immerse them in food coloring to dye it arbitrarily.

How kan leaves skeletonize?

leaf tinker skeletonize and cool deco

great decoration idea for modern wall decoration with green leaves between two sheets of glass

original wall decoration and cool craft idea with leaves© monster circus

Leaves Footprints tinker with spray paint

Not only leaves but also their footprints look beautiful in the frame. There are already several variants on how to make a leaf imprint themselves to decorate the walls individually and chic. In this example, an artificial leaf, cold pressed cardboard, art masking fluid, brush, spray paint and eraser are needed.

simple craft idea for elegant decoration with DIY leaves imprint

craft ideas for DIY pictures with leaves imprint

Step 1: Before Tinker cover the work surface with paper or newspaper. Decide what size the picture frame should be, and cut such a large piece of cardboard out that will fit in the frame.

Step 2: For a white and clean frame around the impression around, swipe masking liquid along all four edges of the box. This will remain free of paint stains the white border. Since the liquid masking dries fairly quickly, you also need to apply them quickly.

Step 3. Once the mask has dried, place the sheet on the cardboard. It must be as flat as possible. Spray it a layer of color. Remove the sheet and let the paint dry. Then remove the mask, by deducting from the corners with your fingers. The radicals use eraser.

so you can tinker himself pigmented Leaves Footprints

cool deco tinker with leaves and petals papier_diy-footprint

Leaves Footprints tinkering by hammering

Other craft idea for DIY pictures with colored prints of leaves shows how to craft them with hammers. For the target get yourself, fresh leaves, watercolor paper or other acid-free paper, paper towels, ball-peen hammer, cross hammer and a pair of scissors, toothpicks and a hard work surface as cutting board or wooden board.

Cover the cutting board with paper and place the watercolor paper on it. Arrange the collected leaves on the watercolor paper and cover them with 3 layers of paper towels. Start with the flat side of the hammer to beat evenly. Then repeat the beating with the other side of the ball or cross hammer. Beat in rows from top to bottom and from side to side. This step can take quite a lot. Peel off the paper towel to see the result. If the leaf motif is completely printed, you are finished. If not, just hit on. Once the leaf impression is made, you can spray it with UV protective acrylic spray to make its color durable.

make wall with fallen autumn tree leaves

great wanddeko itself tinker with leaves

Windows decorate with leaves DIY fairy lights

Fensterdeko tinker with leaves and fairy lights as a cool herbst deko idea

A glowing leaf garland

An original, creative and super simple decoration you can tinker himself through the binding sheets with thread on a string of lights.

decorate Platzteller simply and with style

space teller deco tinker with blätter_diy name tags from tree leaves© James Carrier

Place cards tinker from leaves

The dried leaves are ideal if you want to stock up on the table elegant and creative with place cards. For the destination you simply need a pen with white or silver ink. Other options would be for Plate decoration with place cards if you stain the sheets before completely using spray paint.

tinker cool nameplates from leaves

cool place plate decorating ideas with diy names describe tree leaves from

tinker decorative shell made of leaves

Under of all possible craft ideas for original and ungewähnliche DIY fruit bowls, we have a great example of decorative bowl of gefalenen tree leaves that you can not just tinker in the fall as a matching table decoration here. For this, the following materials and tools are used: grüßere and thin tree leaves, a balloon, scissors, bowl, model glue, foam brush and rubber gloves.

great craft idea for shell Baumblettern-yourself

diy fruit bowl made of leaves as autumn colle tischdeko© Hello! Lucky

Step 1: the leaves are to be pressed before the first Crafts the shell. For the target let it air dry for a few days between beech leaves. Afterwards, carefully remove the stems. The same applies also to ween want to work with artificial leaves.

Step 2: Thereafter, blow up a balloon on the gewühnschte size for the shell. Place the balloon to a bowl and apply a thin layer of glue only to the portion from which the Schele is intended to provide. Start now to glue the balloon layers with leaves. It is best to start with a sheet in the middle. To attach the leaves, gently press each sheet to the balloon and carry back some glue on it. Wait about 30 seconds before sticking the next sheet on it. Once you have the desired balloon surface completely covered with leaves, let them dry thoroughly.

Step 3: When the leaves bowl is completely dry, you just let the air out of the balloon.

Decorating ideas for a beautiful and simple table decoration with autumn leaves and candles

romantic autumn decorate with candles in glass vases and leaf garland

matching Kerzendeko for a festive dinner in the fall

creative table decoration with candles and tree leaves in glass vases© Williams Sonoma

white candles with leaves decorate for an autumnal decoration

table and sideboard autumn decorate with candles, masters and scroll

autumn welcomed with a DIY ring of leaves

craft ideas for decoration with homemade leaves wreath

Inspiration for autumnal decoration and creative tinkering with leaves

cool idea for DIY wall design with leaves Case Dekoration_kamin decoration idea with pallets, fence, pumpkins and branches© Thistlewood Farms

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