10 craft ideas for kids in summer

10 craft ideas for kids in summer

The long maintained summer is here and the kids can finally play outside all day. but who has small children know that they are easily bored and constantly what you want to do something else. Sometimes even the well-known children’s games such as Marble Games, rubber Hopping, Hickelhäuschen so quickly no longer so interesting and you have to think of something to keep the kids busy. But what could that be? Always use to learn something new curiosity and desire. Here are some great craft ideas for kids that are ideal for the summer.

great craft idea for little artists

children tinker with wood and acrylfarbe_tolle craft ideas for kids

Let your kids great Holzdeko himself tinkering of twigs and wooden sticks. For this, let the children first looking in the garden of different sizes and long branches and pieces of wood. Then make it clean and separate the bark off. Next, highlight the pieces of wood in white, so that the other colors look even brighter. Once the white acrylic paint has dried well, let your creativity and paint extraordinary characters and colorful animals.

simple and original craft ideas for kids in summer

diy bright color lights with glass vessel as a cool garden decorations and craft idea for kids of all ages

DIY luminous paint Lights


  • Einweckglas
  • light color
  • Brush with long handle
  • wastepaper
  • sparkle

Step 1: First Cover the work surface with paper and cardboard on a splash bit of each light color you want to use.

Step 2: Make different sized dots with the brush. For your next trip to the base of the Einweckglases and use different brush for each color. You can customize the background and or cover with colorless glue and glitter.

let’s make a simple bird feeder for birds themselves your child

birdseed house build yourself with leather and preserving jar as garden decoration idea

DIY Vogelfutterhaus as a great craft idea for kids


  • leather band
  • S-hoe
  • Klebber E-6000
  • Preserving jar (preferably rectangular)
  • Round wooden stick ⌀ 1.5 cm
  • Lochzange

Step 1: Apply bit glue along the wooden stick to and only to the part of the rod that you will attach to the glass. Then just let the stick stick to the glass and dry.

Step 2: Now you fix the band in the middle of Einweckglases. Glue around the leather band around the preserving jar, so that the both ends meet above.

Step 3: Once the leather belt fitting tight, you can make a hole through the tape ends and using hanging from an S-chopping the homemade Vogelfutterhaus on a branch.

Jellyfish ind bottle &# 8211; an unusual craft idea for kids

DIY jellyfish from plastic as a cool craft idea for toddlers

Great craft idea for DIY jellyfish from plastic bag


  • Plastic bag
  • water bottle
  • Rubber band or string in white
  • Food coloring

Step 1: First cut out the handles of a plastic bag, then along all three sides cut the bag in half.

Step 2: Take one half and shape something like a balloon in the middle. Attach the balloon with a rubber band or string.

Step 3: Now cut the tentacles of the jellyfish using scissors.

Step 4: Fill the water bottle with water and add a bit of blue food coloring. Then fill the bound with thread plastic balloon with water and insert the DIY jellyfish in the bottle.

Cyanotypie &# 8211; Creative Crafts for kids of all ages

cool Bastelideen for children with printing on paper by means of sunlight and water

DIY cards and invitations with blue print


  • Cyanotypie emulsion A and B
  • Photo or handmade paper
  • rubber gloves
  • Glass containers for mixing
  • plastic bucket
  • drying rack
  • plastic tub
  • Fresh or dried flowers and leaves
  • glass plate

Step 1: Mix the Cyanotypie- emulsions according to the instructions in the package.

Step 2: Using a foam roller to paint a rectangle on the paper and let it dry in the dark Blue ink.

Step 3: Once the emulsion is dry, arrange the selected sheets or flat pressed flowers on the blue-painted box and place a glass plate on it. Leave paper so for 20 minutes under the sunlight.

Step 4: Then, a splashdown under running tap water for about 5 minutes is sufficient to produce the blue pressure. The image is held under the jet of water until all green and brown tones are gone, and a pure blue image is left. Allow to dry the printed paper until it is slightly damp. Then you can compress the image between two sheets of parchment and put it in a book to flatten the paper.

2 recipes for homemade children mucus

slime itself without making borax

Game mucus selbermachen without borax

Version 1:

  • 70g colorless craft glue
  • 2 EL Detergent Active Care + 70ml (stages release)
  • Food coloring (optional)

Adhesive shake in bowl, pass of detergent and stir until a sticky mixture. Then give even more of detergent until a smooth mixture of mucus.

Varinate 2:

  • 1 cup feed or strength Meis
  • 1 cup water
  • Food coloring

mix Eifach and then knetten. If the mixture is too LIQUID, add another bit of water. If it is too sticky, then give even more strength to do it.

great craft idea for young researchers

diy dinosaurs fossille with water and food coloring as a cool craft idea for toddlers

tinker Ice Fossil with your children


  • small dinosaur toys
  • plastic tray
  • water
  • Food coloring

Step 1: Fill the plastic cup halfway with water and dip the dinosaurs.

Step 2: You give little blue food coloring and place the container in the freezer.

Step 3: Once the water is completely frozen, add more water to it, so the toys are completely under water. Let the tank through the night in the freezer.

Step 4: The next day, take out the ice block from the plastic container. For the goal to let the bowl for a few seconds under running hot water.

Step 5: Now comes the fun part &# 8211; just let the ice block falling on the cement floor.

Mosaic of salt dough and pebbles as simple and creative crafts idea for your kids

toole idea for kids basteln_mosaikplatten selbermachen with pebbles

creative craft idea for kids &# 8211; DIY mosaics with pebbles


  • 3 cups flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 ¼ cup water
  • shingle

Step 1: flour, salt and water mix with an electric mixer until a dough-like mixture results.

Step 2: kneading the dough and shape three balls. Roll the balls of dough and form three 15cm large circles. Make the pebbles clean and arrange them on the dough. Once you have the desired pattern, press it easily into the dough.

Step 3: Heat the oven to 270 ° C and bake the round mosaic panels for about 2 hours. Remove it from the stove out and let it cool down completely.

tinker with stones &# 8211; fantastic Gartendeko- and craft idea

children tinker with steinen_diy cactus as a craft idea for kids

colorful garden decoration, which can be made by children

kids craft ideas with stones

great idea for children tinkering with natural materials

animals tinker with natural materials-cool craft ideas for kids

creative craft ideas for children with natural materials

craft ideas for children with stones and acorns

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